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How to Go to the Gym for Free – No Membership Fees Payable

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Joanne Poh



For many people, going to the gym isn’t just about using the equipment. It’s about enjoying the steam room, working out amongst model-like people and being situated in the city rather than in the heartlands.

At least, I imagine that’s why so many people seem at peace with forking out $150+ a month to run on a treadmill. Considering most people I know barely make it to the gym once a month, they’re better off using the following tactics to obtain access to gyms at no cost. Yes, you heard that, right, at a cool $0.


1. Get free trial passes

Many of the big chains dole out free trial passes, giving you anything from one complimentary session to a whole week of unfettered access. Just fill in a form on their website or give them a ring and you’ll promptly be invited to come down and collect yours.

With a pass, you’re generally entitled to use the gym equipment, attend any number of classes and use the shower and steam room, just like any respectable paying member would. The downside is that when you first arrive to pick up your pass, you’ll be obliged to attend a tour of the gym, and at some point the salespeople are going to descend upon you and try to persuade you to sign up for a membership.

Still, when you consider that the average person barely makes it to the gym once or twice a month, if you find six gyms that dole out free passes you can satisfy your gym needs for at least half a year. In fact, here are 6 gyms that give out free passes so you can do just that:

At smaller gyms, passes can often be obtained if you know someone who’s a member or speak with staff members directly.


2. Sign up for a credit card offering gym access

Admittedly, more credit cards used to offer free gym access in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find any right now.

First, a caveat. When credit cards let you use a gym for free, this usually comes with restrictions. You’re not getting a free-for-all pass that will give you unrestricted access to the gym after work every single day. But as I’ve said before, most people do not go to the gym every day anyway.

Here are some cards that offer gym access:

  • DBS Woman’s World MasterCard – 2 free visits a month to True Fitness and True Yoga
  • CIMB Visa Signature – 2 free visits a month to True Fitness and True Yoga


3. Join the Health Promotion Board’s Sunrise in the City Programme

So, the government is trying to get people to make lifestyle changes by dangling freebies once again. Where have we heard this before? But the Sunrise in the City (SITC) programme is way more convincing than the SG50 baby bonus.

Ignore the overly chirpy tone on the HPB website as you sign up using the online form. Along with a slew of upcoming outdoor programmes located in the city area, you also get to attend classes at gyms like Fitness First, True Fitness, Amore Fitness and True Yoga when they open their doors to participants in the programme. While classes get booked up incredibly fast, new classes do get added periodically.


4. Visit a friend who lives in a condo with a gym

Even if you don’t live in a condo with gym facilities, you probably have friends or relatives who do. While condo gym facilities aren’t as sprawling as gargantuan commercial gyms, some are actually quite luxurious, such as the gym at City Square Residences, which offers a bird’s eye view of the swimming pool.

It really isn’t that hard to make a bi-monthly date with a friend who lives in a condo with gym facilities, and you have the added advantage of gaining a gym buddy, too, just so you feel less lonely as you grunt under the weight of the shoulder press. On the downside, you won’t be able to attend any pilates, Latin jam or spinning classes unless you and your friend resort to YouTube.


5. Join a company that offers employees free gym memberships

If you’re serious about going to the gym, the next time you switch jobs, look for an employer who offers gym memberships, or a workplace with gym facilities.

Here are some employers that will let you use the gym for free:

  • Siemens – There is a gym at the Siemens Centre in Singapore.
  • Singapore Press Holdings – There is an in-house gym at their headquarters.
  • Unilever – Employees get free memberships to Fitness First, which is located in the same building and has a friggin’ infinity pool.

Have you ever paid for a gym membership? Why or why not?

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