Jewel Changi for Kids: Admission Prices to Canopy Park, Sky Nets, and More

Jewel Changi Airport Rain Vortex Kid-Friendly Canopy Park

By now, you must have already seen pictures and videos of the iconic rain vortex and hyped-up first-in-Singapore shops in Jewel Changi.

Or, you might have posted some yourself, under the well-marketed hashtag #jewelthroughmyeyes.

Well, the Jewel that I see through my “mum eyes” is a tremendously kid-friendly mega mall. It’s not just that there are nursing rooms on every level. It is actually designed for children to simply go nuts.

So parents, load up the kids in the stroller and visit this June holidays. I’m sure after a day trip there, your child will expend all their energy and sleep super soundly. (Yesss.)


Canopy Park on level 5 is a mega Jewel Changi playground

Jewel Changi is an airport mall on steroids, as NYT writer Sanjay Surana puts it. But what I appreciate is how they have prioritised the children (and thereby the parents) by having many fun-filled activities, especially on the top floor, overlooking the rain vortex in the Forest Valley.

Unfortunately, the Canopy Park and other attractions on level 5 are no longer free.

Admission prices to Canopy Park

Admission Standard Singaporeans Capitastar and Changi Rewards members
Canopy Park  $5 $4.50 $3
Canopy Bridge (30min) $8 $7.20 $6.85
Hedge Maze* Adult $12
Child / Senior $8
Adult $10.80
Child / Senior $7.20
Adult $10.25
Child / Senior $6.85
Mirror Maze* Adult $15
Child / Senior $10
Adult $13.50
Child / Senior $9
Adult $12.85
Child / Senior $8.55
Manulife Sky Nets – Walking* Adult $15
Child / Senior $10
Adult $13.50
Child / Senior $9
Adult $12.85
Child / Senior $8.55
Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing (60min)* Adult $22
Child / Senior $16
Adult $19.80
Child / Senior $14.40
Adult $18.80
Child / Senior $13.70

Children: 3 to 12 years old. Seniors: 60 years and above.

*Minimum height requirement is 110cm. Children below the height of 140cm must be accompanied by an adult.

If you want to enter the park and do absolutely everything, definitely get a bundle package, as you save around $15 to $20, and more if you’re not a Singaporean resident.

Bundle packages for Changi Jewel Canopy Park and Sky Nets

Admission includes Adult Child/Senior
Bundle 1 Canopy Park, Canopy Bridge Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets – Walking $38 $27
Bundle 2 Canopy Park, Canopy Bridge Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets – Walking, Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing $54 $39
Bundle 3 Changi Experience Studio, Canopy Park, Canopy Bridge, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets – Walking $55 $38
Bundle 4 Changi Experience Studio, Canopy Park, Canopy Bridge, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets – Walking, Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing $71 $50


Canopy Park 

The $4.50 admission to Canopy Park enables you to enjoy 4 attractions.


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The Topiary Walk consists of several animal structures that provide photo opportunities for trigger-happy Singaporean parents. I can imagine toddlers being mesmerised by the larger-than-life orang-utans; there’s even a Dumbo-lookalike elephant spouting out water from its nose.

jewel changi foggy bowls for kids

Another facility that will really enthrall the children are the Foggy Bowls. There’s something about fog coming out of a hole in a bowl that feels so magical to the little ones, I guess. It can get a little rowdy when too many children gather in the fog, so use common sense and don’t let an unstable toddler loose in there.

jewel changi airport discovery slides

Within the Canopy Park you’ll also find the Discovery Slides. You’d get a higher view as you walk at that 6.5m height. Designed as an art sculpture and a playscape, it’s the most exciting feature out of the 4, but it’s only for older children taller than 110cm. A child below the height of 140cm must be accompanied by an adult.

The last of the 4 included in the basic admission price to the Canopy Park is a Petal Garden, which is nothing much to shout about unless… you really really love flowers.

Opening hours: 9am to 3am


Canopy Bridge

The Canopy Bridge is the closest and highest point to the vortex, which will give you amazing views of the iconic water vortex. Experience what it feels like to “walk among the clouds” and of course, take many instagram-worthy shots.

It costs $7.20 for Singaporean adults, children and seniors to enter for 30 minutes.

Don’t want to pay? You can walk up open staircases winding along the walls of the Forest Valley and see the rain vortex from different angles. It’ll be like hiking, but indoors with air-conditioning.

jewel changi staircases


Hedge Maze and Mirror Maze

Apparently, the Hedge Maze on level 5 of Changi Airport Jewel is Singapore’s largest. If you manage to reach the watch tower in the middle, you will be able to look over the intricate windings of the maze at an elevated height. At $10.80 for Singaporean adults and $7.20 for children, I feel it’s pretty expensive for what it is.

There’s also the Mirror Maze for people who find the idea of getting lost in an endless maze while surrounded by your own reflections thrilling. It costs $13.50 for Singaporean adults and $9 for children.

For both mazes, children under 110 cm cannot enter, and children below 140cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Opening hours: 9am to 3am. From 10 July 2019, 10am to 10pm


Manulife Sky Nets – Walking or Bouncing

These nets that stretch over the Canopy Walk will probably send a shiver down an acrophobic parent’s back, but children are fearless when it comes to heights so they’ll probably love it. They need to be at least 110cm to enter and children under 140cm will need to be accompanied by adults.

Of course, these things are not only for children. Know a full-grown adult friend who would love the heart-stopping feeling of walking in the air? Share this article with them!

There are two types of sky nets that you can go on, one that is just for walking and the other that will enable you to bounce like on a trampoline.

The walking sky net costs $13.50 for Singaporean adults to enter and $9 for a child or senior to enter. The bouncing one is more expensive at $19.80 for Singaporean adults and $14.40 for children.

Opening hours: 9am to 3am. 10am to 10pm (from 10 July 2019)


Dining options on Jewel Changi Canopy Park Level 5

On the Canopy Park level, there are some dining options for parents and grandparents. If you feel safe letting your older ones explore Canopy Park by themselves, you can have a nice meal and watch them from a distance.

  • Aloha Poke (L5-200)
  • Arteastiq Bistro (L5-201)
  • Burger & Lobster (L5-203)
  • Herit8ge (L5-206)
  • Prive (L5-204)
  • Rumours Bar and Grill (L5-207)
  • Tanuki Raw (L5-202)
  • Tiger Street Lab (L5-205)


Changi Experience Studio

The Changi Experience Studio is located one floor below level 5. The theme of this interactive museum is, of course, aviation. You and your children can play interactive games and enjoy immersive shows for all for grand price of $19 for Singaporean adults and $13 for children or seniors.

Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm


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A kid-friendly cinema hall at Shaw Jewel

One major lifestyle change of becoming a mother was the end of spontaneous movie dates with the husband. There’s just no way to keep a baby or a toddler still for 2 hours straight in a dark room.

But now, parents with children in tow like us can go to the kid-friendly cinema hall named Dreamers Theatre at Shaw Jewel. There’s a ball pit, slides, soft cushiony bean bags, and they dim the cinema just halfway.

Shaw Theatres Jewel’s Dreamers Theatre cinema ticket prices

Monday to Thursday Friday to Sunday
Adults $9 $14
Children above 90 cm $5 $8
Children under 90 cm Free Free

The tickets are slightly more expensive than regular movies, but cheaper than some indoor playgrounds. For me personally, the prices seem absolutely worth it.

You don’t necessarily need to bring a child to go in, but you do need a minimum of 2 persons before you can purchase tickets for the hall.

Toddlers under the height of 90cm watch free, and do not have a reserved seat. Each parent can bring a maximum of one child under 90 cm. Subsequent child (regardless of height) will require a ticket for admission.


Shopping options for children and parents

After you’ve taken a bazillion shots with your children against the backdrop of the Jurassic Park-like indoor greenery on level 5, you may want to tarry on level 4, because parents and children are well catered for here.

Window-shop at Fila Kids, Seed, carter’s, BloomB, Mothercare, Petit Bateau, or The Better Toy Store. You could even send your child to a haircut at QBHouseKids. The entire level is dedicated to child-friendly options.

Oh yes, Pokemon Centre is also here! Read Pokemon Center Singapore Price Guide – Nope, Not Everything Is Cheaper In Japan!


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After shopping, take a short break at these eateries on level 4.

Dining options on Jewel Changi level 4:

  • Cafe Amazon (L4-225)
  • Cafe Morozoff (L4-200)
  • Fun Toast (L4-246)
  • Hot Tomato (L4-229)
  • Jack’s Place (L4-219)
  • LENU (L4-244/245)
  • PARADISE CLASSIC (L4-244/245)
  • Pizzamaru (L4-222)


Baby care facilities at Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel building is adjoined to Terminal 1 and there are link bridges to Terminal 2 and 3, so you will find that the usual baby facilities such as free-to-use strollers, nursing rooms and changing facilities are available here as well. Private nursing room, hot and cold water dispensers and changing facilities are available at every level from B2 to L4.

There’s a huge family lounge on level 5 that has a TV, child-friendly feeding chairs, hot & cold water dispenser where you can rest in comfort.

baby care facilities at jewel changi airport

Have you visited the Jewel Changi already? What do you think about the Canopy Park?