4 Budget Hotels Near the F1 Circuit in Singapore For Under $200 Per Night

budget hotels near F1 circuit singapore

If you’re a diehard Formula 1 fan, I hope you’ve been saving up all year for this year’s races, because F1 is not cheap to enjoy, unless you’re content with just sitting home in front of the TV.

If you’re coming in from out of town and are looking for a place to stay, you’ve probably already heard all the stories about how Singapore is crazy expensive and blahblahblah inflation rate, high cost of living, etc.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are three hotels for under $200 a night within 1 km of the track. You can click on the price links to head to the booking site.

1. Park View Hotel


Distance from F1 circuit: 0.7 km (81 Beach Road)

This hotel should win an award for having the plainest rooms on earth. White walls, white sheets, nothing remotely decorative in sight… which is not necessarily a bad thing when you recall some other hotels’ attempts at style. Sure, the reception area looks like something out of the 1980s, but the location on Beach Road is just a 5 minute drive from the Esplanade corner of the race circuit.

F1 Season Prices: $180 per night

2. Hotel 81 Bugis


Distance from F1 circuit: 0.7 km (31 Middle Road)

Don’t raise your eyebrows at the Hotel 81 brand. The Bugis branch is filled with tourists and business travellers. Mostly. Attempts to decorate the rooms in a welcoming manner, while not always successful, are at least interesting, especially if you fancy seeing some Botticelli on the walls.

F1 Season Prices: $165 for Fri, $195 for Sat and Sun

3. 5footway.inn

458401_403467336399270_654191988_o (1)

Distance from F1 circuit: 0.8 km (76 Boat Quay)

While the hostel beds at 5footway.inn attract lots of backpacker types, if you’re not in the mood to mingle, they have private rooms and twin rooms which consist of a bunk for two. The rooms are stylish and minimalist, with a mostly white colour palette, but bear in mind that they are pretty small and bathrooms are shared.

The location is excellent, as you can simply walk along the river by Boat Quay to Raffles Place and then the Esplanade.

F1 Season Prices: $100 per night for a Twin Private Room

4. Oxford Hotel

Junior Suite

Distance from F1 track: 0.9 km (218 Queen Street)

While the reception area looks a bit dated, the recently refurbished rooms are quite presentable, although you might want to check if the one you’re booking has windows. The rooms at Oxford Hotel don’t have that desolate look that budget hotel rooms tend to have, especially if you open the curtains.

F1 Season Prices: $188 per night

Where will you be staying this F1 season? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credits:
Romain Pontida, Park View Hotel, Hotel 81, Oxford Hotel