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The Best Travel Credit Cards of 2015 and the 3 Types of Singaporeans Who Will Benefit From Them

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I go into malls and already Christmas music is playing nonstop. It’s only NOVEMBER, people. There’s like over 40 more days to go! However, if you’re planning to travel overseas during this Christmas season, then there’s no time to waste. Not only do you need to book your flight tickets early to get the best prices, if you’re planning to sign up for the best travel credit cards, then you should do so now to get them as soon as possible. But which travel credit card should you get? Glad you asked. Here’s how to decide which is the best one for you.


1. The “What Can You Give Me If I Sign Up” Auntie

"Where is my free luggage??" (Source)
“Where is my free luggage??” (Source)

You may have heard of this unique species of Singaporean. They stalk credit card roadshows. They lurk on Internet forums like HardwareZone. All this effort just to find out which credit card company is giving away freebies to people who sign up for their credit card. And we’re not just talking about tiny, cheap sign-up gifts either. Free luggage bags, cash vouchers, even cashback promotions for new customers who don’t have any credit cards with the bank.

When it comes to travel credit cards though, it’s more important to find out how many miles they’re offering as a sign-up bonus. For this type of Singaporean, here are the 3 travel credit cards with the best sign-up bonuses.

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold – 5,000 miles after making your first transaction of any amount.

ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card – 2,000 miles if you charge a minimum of S$500 within the first 30 days.

UOB PRVI Miles Platinum Card – No miles, but a Samsonite luggage bag that’s supposedly worth $560, and you don’t have to hunt down a credit card roadshow to get it.


2. The “I Wish I Had A Vacation From This Vacation” Parents

Me? What did I do? (Source)
Me? What did I do? (Source)

It almost doesn’t seem fair, does it? You’ve sacrificed and set aside your jetsetting for a couple of years in order to settle down and start a family, and now that your kids are old enough to travel, you’re faced with a new challenge – the death glares and judgemental looks of your fellow travellers when your child decides to make you public enemy number one.

The best travel credit cards can help make your family vacation a little less stressful. A good travel credit card will often come with substantial travel insurance, provide car rental services so your family can get around as well as other benefits. Here are the 3 travel cards that give you the best travel insurance and other family-friendly benefits.

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card – up to $1 million travel accident insurance when you buy your travel tickets with the card, which can be extended to your legal spouse and children below 18. The insurance only applies to major injuries that occur on your mode of travel, so that is perfect if your child is causing your fellow passengers to contemplate murder.

ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card – up to $1 million travel accident insurance when you buy your travel tickets with the card, and up to $100,000 for your spouse and children below 18. This insurance policy covers baggage loss, flight delay and trip cancellation as well, up to $1,000 each. So at least if your child’s favourite toy gets lost with the rest of your luggage, you can buy them a more expensive one.

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold – up to $350,000 travel accident insurance when you buy your travel tickets with the card, Hertz privileges worldwide including 10% savings on published rates, and an Emergency Card Replacement within one business day, just in case your child decides that your credit card is not meant to remain in one piece.


3. The “I Want To Travel But I Also Want To Maximise My Money” Jetsetter

Who needs Uber? (Source)
Who needs Uber? (Source)

These are our favourite kind of Singaporeans because they not afraid to spend. At the same time, they understand that if you’re going to spend that much anyway, you might as well get something out of it.

There’s no end to the potential rewards that a credit card can give you. If you’re going to be splurging upwards of $1,000 on your flight and accommodation, especially if you’re spending it online, then here are the credit cards that you should be using.

ANZ Optimum World MasterCard – 5% cashback rebate if you spend on a category of your choice, such as travel. However, while this card can earn you unlimited cashback, there is a rebate limit of $30 per transaction, so be careful when you use it for buying big ticket items. You earn the $30 maximum on a $600 transaction, so try to split up your spending where possible.

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card3 miles for each $1 spent online on hotel and flight transactions, up to $10,000 per month.

OCBC Frank6% cashback rebate for all online transactions. However, you can only earn a maximum of $60 in cashback per month. So if you’re going to be spending much more than $1,000 a month online, this might not be such a great idea.


Do you have any other travel credit card recommendations? Share them with us.

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