This is the Only Credit Card You’ll Need for the Whole Family

This is the Only Credit Card You’ll Need for the Whole Family

It’s December again and you know what that means – it’s the holidays! That time of the year where most people spend more time with their parents and children – whether you want to or not. After all, there’s nothing like relatives to really push the limits of your patience.

If your family is making your stress level rise, here’s one way to feel the joy of the holiday season again – with the highest cash back on all your everyday transactions when you use the Citi Cash Back Card. And trust me, you’ll be thankful to your family for helping you save more.


But first, let’s meet our family…

Let’s take the illustration of this family of five. Meet Adam, Sarah and their three kids. Singapore’s encouraging people to have more children, you know? They’re doing their part. Both Adam and Sarah are working professionals. As a family, they try to eat at home on weekdays although they will go out to eat on weekends. Their eldest kid, Suzannah is old enough to spend time hanging out with her friends, without her parents worrying too much, though she does make the effort to come back for dinner.

Adam is a Citibank Cash Back Cardholder, and uses it for his everyday spending in order to enjoy 8% cash back on dining, groceries and petrol all year long. To earn cash back at that rate, however, he will need to spend at least $888 each month. That seems like a lot for him alone. Actually, it’s not – but Adam gave up his expensive golfing hobby once he realised he wasn’t going to become the next Tiger Woods.

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Here’s how Adam’s family helps him earn more cash back on his Citibank Cash Back Card

Adam drives the family car to work daily, and chauffeurs Sarah and their kids to work and school respectively. On weekends, the entire family goes out to discover new restaurants and cafes. This costs him about $250 on petrol, and spends about $250 on dining each month. That’s $500 a month.

Knowing that he can help her with the monthly expenditure requirement for the Citi Cash Back Card, Adam applies for a supplementary card for Sarah. The cash back that Sarah earns on her supplementary card will count towards the minimum spending requirement.

Sarah is the self-proclaimed health and wellness IC of the family. She spends about $250 on groceries a month. That organic food doesn’t come cheap. She also spends $100 online each month on health supplements. However, between both of them, their monthly spending only comes up to about $850,that’s just shy of the $888 minimum spending requirement for the Citi Cash Back Card. Adam wants to maximise the cash back he can earn each month, and knows exactly how to do it.

Because their eldest daughter, Suzannah, is now 18 years old, she is also eligible for a supplementary card. Suzannah often hangs out with her friends at the latest cafes. To contribute to her parents’ total spend for the month, Suzannah pays for her friends’ meals first using her Citi Cash Back Card, and then gets her friends to pay her back in cash. This way, she earns more cash back. Let’s assume she spends $150 a month this way. What? Cafes aren’t cheap these days.


Let’s see how much the family has spent altogether…

Citi Cash Back Cardholder Category Spending Amount
Adam (father) Petrol $250
Dining $250
Sarah (mother) Groceries $250
Online Shopping $100
Suzannah (daughter) Dining $150
TOTAL   $1000

 Applying for supplementary Citi Cash Back Cards for his wife and daughter is exactly what helps Adam more than easily meet the minimum spending requirement of $888 each month.


Now, let’s see how much cash back they have earned this month!

The Citi Cash Back Card gives the best cash back all year long with 8% on dining, groceries and petrol categories with an accumulated total spend of $888 or more in a month. For all other retail spending, they earn 0.25% cash back.

Category Monthly Spend Cash Back Rate Rebates Earned
Petrol $250 0.25% + 7.75% bonus $20.00
Dining $400 0.25% + 7.75% bonus $26.00 (bonus 7.75% cash back capped at $25)
Groceries $250 0.25% + 7.75% bonus $20.00
Online Shopping $100 0.25% $0.25
TOTAL $1000   $66.25

Imagine earning $66.25 in cash back each month! That’s $795 Adam and his family earn back in a year, thanks to the Citi Cash Back Card. With the cash back that Adam and his family have been earning all year, they are able to subsidise their annual overseas holiday.


But wait, there’s more!

If Adam uses the Citi Cash Back Card on their Australian family vacation, they’ll continue earning cash back. The Citi Cash Back Card allows you to earn the same incredible cash back anywhere in the world for all expenditure categories, with the same bonus cash back for dining, groceries and petrol.

Also, they’re currently running a fantastic sign up offer as well!

From now till 30 April 2017, apply for a Citi Cash Back Card exclusively through MoneySmart and receive a $150 Qoo10 Gift Card. This is only valid for new Citibank cardmembers, so if you already have a Citibank credit card, tough luck.

If you used to have a Citibank credit card but cancelled it, you are eligible if the termination of your card happened more than 12 months ago.

Of course, there’s a catch. Not only do you have to apply online through MoneySmart, you’ll also have to charge $150 to the card within 30 days of approval. The $150 Qoo10 Gift Card will be given to you within 8 weeks after you’ve charged $150.


Can you think of a better credit card for the family? I know I can’t. Click here to apply for the Citi Cash Back Card now, and start earning that cash back with your loved ones.

This article is brought to you by Citibank.