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Best CIMB Credit Cards in Singapore – Credit Card Reviews 2019

best cimb credit card singapore

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Let’s all be honest and admit that CIMB isn’t exactly the most glamorous bank out there, especially when it comes to credit cards meant to impress people.

But we don’t care, because we believe credit cards should be used for their perks, and not to make up for a lack of stunning good looks. And CIMB happens to have some pretty attractive offerings — especially as their credit cards have no annual fees, ever.


Best CIMB credit cards in Singapore 2019

Well, actually CIMB only has 5 credit cards, of which 1 is a super high level cardsfor ultra high earners, and 1 is for students.

Of the remaining 3 “regular” credit cards, there’s the CIMB Visa Signature, CIMB Platinum Mastercard and CIMB World Mastercard, and CIMB has recently improved all 3. To clarify, all the cashback categories and T&Cs in this article are updated to reflect the new changes.

Let’s check out what the 5 CIMB credit cards are like:

CIMB credit card Min. annual income Key benefits
CIMB Visa Signature Card $30,000 10% cashback on dining, nightlife, groceries, online spending
CIMB Platinum Mastercard $30,000 10% cashback on travel, health, beauty & wellness, petrol, taxis/Grab
CIMB World Mastercard $50,000 1.5% to 2% unlimited cashback with no min. spend
CIMB Visa Infinite $120,000 2% unlimited cashback on travel & overseas spend, 1% unlimited cashback on all other spending
CIMB AWSM Card $18,000 (none for students/NSFs) 1% cashback on dining, entertainment, online shopping, telco


CIMB Visa Signature – 10% cashback for dining, groceries, online

We’ve got a soft spot for the CIMB Visa Signature Card. Not only is it free to use for life, but it’s also one of the most solid cashback credit cards out there.

You get a whopping 10% cash rebate on dining, nightlife, groceries and online spending. 10% is pretty hard to beat, and we’re saying that on a blog that’s churned out hundreds of articles on credit cards, so you’d better believe it!

Dining & nightlife: Includes restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, caterers. Excludes wedding banquets and restaurants/bars/clubs within hotels. Both local and overseas transactions are included. Note: If you make payment online, it’s classified as a Dining transaction, not Online.

Groceries: All local and overseas transactions made in supermarkets. Online groceries transactions e.g. RedMart are classified as Groceries spending, not Online.

Online spending: All online retail transactions. Excludes insurance, utilities, bills to government bodies, EZ-Link and the other standard exclusions.

There’s a minimum spending requirement of $600, which is very doable given the many types of spending that qualify for 10% cashback.

The only slightly complicated part is when it comes to the cashback cap. There’s a $50 cap for each of the 3 bonus categories, meaning you shouldn’t spend more than $500 a month on each one. Your total cashback for every month is also capped at $100.

See the full review of the CIMB Visa Signature Card here.

Key features:

  • 10% cash rebate on dining and nightlife
  • 10% cash rebate on online spending
  • 10% cash rebate on groceries
  • To qualify for 10% cash rebate, spend at least $600 in a month
  • Cashback capped at $50 per category
  • Total cashback cap $100 per month

Essential info:

  • Income requirement: $30,000
  • Annual fee: None


CIMB Platinum Mastercard – 10% cashback on travel, petrol, wellness

The CIMB Platinum Mastercard plugs the gaps the CIMB Visa Mastercard has missed. It, too, offers a crazy 10% cash rebate, but in different areas — travel, health, beauty and wellness, petrol and transport.

Travel: The 10% travel rebate applies to money spent on flights, hotels, travel agencies, cruise lines and railways. Note that it excludes hotel wedding banquets. Both local and overseas spending qualify.

Transport & petrol: Local and overseas transactions made on buses, trains, private hires, taxicabs and limousines, ferries, and at petrol kiosks. Excludes EZ-Link top ups.

Health, beauty & wellness: The health category includes hospitals, doctors, dentists, optometrists, opticians, chiropractors, pharmacies, nursing and personal care facilities. For beauty and wellness, this includes cosmetics stores (but not department stores), hairdressers, massage parlours, spas. Both local and overseas transactions are included.

Few cards reward you for these things, and we’re pretty sure no other card gives you as much as 10% cashback. So if you’re a hypochondriac or spa and beauty addict, you’ll be able to save a ton.

The minimum spending requirements are the same as CIMB Visa Signature’s. And since the CIMB Platinum Mastercard charges no annual fees, it’s worthwhile signing up for it in addition to the former.

Key features:

  • 10% cash rebate on travel spending
  • 10% cash rebate on transport & petrol 
  • 10% cash rebate on health, beauty & wellness
  • To qualify for 10% cash rebate, spend at least $600 in a month
  • Cashback capped at $50 per category
  • Total cashback cap $100 per month

Essential info:

  • Income requirement: $30,000
  • Annual fee: None


CIMB World Mastercard – 1.5% to 2% unlimited cashback

The main benefit offered by the CIMB World Mastercard is the unlimited 1.5% rebate on retail spending with no minimum spending requirement. For certain categories like wining and dining, entertainment, cars and duty free stores, this goes up to 2%.

This credit card used to have a minimum income requirement of $120,000 a year, but it’s been revised to $50,000 a year recently. That puts it well within reach of many working adults in Singapore.

If you qualify for this card, it’s quite an attractive backup credit card to have on hand for major purchases. Alternatively, you can sign up for this before a huge splurge, such as a big holiday or wedding banquet, which would easily burst the cap on most other cashback cards.

There are also a few other perks, like complimentary green fees at golf courses around Southeast Asia and a few dining deals.

Key features:

  • Unlimited 1.5% cash rebate on all spending locally and overseas
  • Unlimited 2% cash rebate on wining & dining, entertainment, recreation, automobile and duty free stores
  • Complimentary green fees at golf courses in Singapore Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam
  • Discounts at selected restaurants
  • Complimentary travel insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000 when you charge your full travel fare

Essential info:

  • Income requirement: $50,000
  • Annual fee: None


CIMB Visa Infinite – privilege card for priority bankers

The CIMB Visa Infinite isn’t an option unless you have an annual income of at least $120,000.

If you haven’t stopped reading yet, this card is mainly there as a privileges card for rich people. It offers airport lounge passes, a concierge service and discounts at a few dining and retail establishments.

You also get unlimited 2% cashback on your travel, overseas and foreign currency spending, which is nice but comes with a $2,000 minimum spending requirement and can be topped by many other cards out there.

All other spending gets 1% cashback with no cap.

Key features:

  • 2% rebate on travel spending, overseas spending and online spending in foreign currency
  • Minimum spending requirement of $2,000 a month to qualify for bonus travel cashback
  • 1% rebate on other retail spending
  • 3 complimentary airport lounge visits at DragonPass lounges worldwide
  • Discounts at dining, retail and lifestyle partners worldwide

Essential info:

  • Income requirement: $120,000
  • Annual fee: None


CIMB AWSM Card – student credit card with 1% cashback

If you can overlook the cringe-inducing, hyperbolic name (“Awesome”, geddit?), CIMB’s student credit card isn’t too bad.

For students and NSFs aged 18 to 29, there’s no income requirement. If you’re a working adult under 35, you can also get this card with an $18,000 annual salary, which is significantly less than the usual $30,000 too.

It gives you 1% cashback on dining, entertainment, online shopping and telco bills, with no minimum spend and no cap.

Key features:

  • 1% cash rebate on dining & entertainment 
  • 1% cash rebate on online shopping
  • 1% cash rebate on telco payments
  • No minimum spend
  • No cashback cap

Essential info:

  • Income requirement: None for students or NSFs / $18,000 for working adults under 35 / $30,000 for all others
  • Annual fee: None

What’s your favourite CIMB credit card? Share your recommendations in the comments!


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