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Cashback From Bill Payments In Singapore 2018 – Best Cards For Telco, Medical and Utilities Bills

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Each time you open your mailbox, you cringe, because in it are not postcards from faraway lands and letters from cherished penpals, but bills, bills and more bills. Just in case you didn’t know, you can actually pay most of your telco, medical and utilities bills by credit card—which also means you get to take advantage of credit cards’ cashback benefits.

Note that many banks will require that you sign up for a Recurring Bill Payment Scheme before you can take advantage of their cashback. To get on this scheme, you will need to fill in a recurring payment form provided by your credit card issuer. This can often be found on the bank’s website.

However, do note that you can only benefit if you pay your credit card bills in full every month. If you’re going to carry any credit card balance at all (even if you have paid the minimum sum), you’re better off making bill payments in cash or by debit card, otherwise you’ll be losing money by having to pay credit card interest.

With that out of the way, here are the best cashback credit cards to use for bill payments.

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Things to note

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

5% on recurring bills (mobile, cable TV and internet bills in Singapore)

Min. spend $400/month for cashback on recurring bills.

UOB Delight Card

3% on selected recurring bills (Prudential Insurance, United Overseas Insurance, Town Councils, SPH newspapers)

Min. spend $400 to get 3% rebate on groceries and contactless and insurance payments

Cashback cap $50

Citi M1 Card

10% / 3% on recurring M1 Bills

1% discount on spending at M1 stores, 10% discount on device accessories at M1 shops

Applicable only to M1 bills charged to card on recurring basis

Min. spend $600 to qualify for 10% rebate

Min. spend $300 to qualify for $3% rebate

Cashback capped at first $300 worth of M1 recurring charges

POSB Everyday Card

3% on medical spend for existing POSB Smiley Child Development Account Trustees

1% on recurring utilities bills from SP Group (SP Services payment)

1% on recurring StarHub bills and in-store purchases

Cashback capped at $1,000 worth of spending at Sheng Siong and $100 worth of spending on StarHub and utilities bills.

BOC Family Card

5% on hospital bills and telco bill payments

Minimum spend $700

Cashback capped at $40 for hospital and telco bill payments, supermarkets, NETS FlashPay auto top-up and selected merchants

UOB One Card

$50 (up to 3.33%) / $100 (up to 3.33%)  / $300 (up to 5%) (quarterly flat payout)

Min. spend $500 / $1,000 / $2,000 x 3 months in a quarter

Cashback cap $50 / $100 / $300

HSBC Advance Credit Card

3.5% / 2.5% / 1.5%

Min. spend $2,000 and must be an HSBC Advance customer, otherwise cashback is only 2.5% (for HSBC Advance customers) or 1.5% (for non-HSBC Advance customers)

Cashback cap $125

Maybank Platinum Visa Card

$30 (up to 3.33%) / $100 (up to 3.33%) rebate on local spend (quarter flat payout)

Min. spend $300 every month in a quarter to receive $30 rebate

Min. spend $1,000 every month in a quarter to receive $100 rebate

American Express True Cashback Card

3% cashback on up to $5,000 spend in first 6 months of card membership

1.5% on everything else

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card


Best cashback credit card for M1 mobile, internet and cable TV bill payments: Citi M1 Card

The best cashback rate in town is a very generous 10% offered by the Citi M1 Card. Unfortunately, as the name suggests, this offer is applicable only to M1 users.

You’ll have to meet their minimum spending requirement of $600 to get 10% rebate. If you spend at least $300 but less than $600, you get 3% rebate, which is still decent.

This card is ideal if you are paying for your entire family’s mobile data bills, and are also using M1’s internet and cable TV services, as you might be able to meet the minimum spending requirements without having to spend on anything else.

Citi M1 Card

Citi M1 Card

Card Benefits

    • >S$600 total spend/month - 10% rebate on M1 recurring bills
    • S$300-S$599 total spend/month - 3% rebate on M1 recurring bills
    • Less than S$300 total spend/month - 0.5% rebate on M1 recurring bills
    • 0.3% rebate on all overseas spend and local retail spend
    • Up to 1% Citi Rebate on purchases at M1 stores

    Best cashback credit card for insurance premiums: UOB Delight Credit Card

    If you buy insurance from Prudential or UOB, you’re in luck.

    The UOB Delight Card is one of the few that that gives you straight up 3% rebates for insurance premium payments, provided you meet the minimum spending requirement of $400.

    The card also rewards you with cashback when you spend on groceries, so you might want to use it for both groceries and insurance payments to hit that minimum spending.

    UOB Delight Card

    UOB Delight Card

    Card Benefits

      • 8% or 3% cash rebate at Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons, Giant, and Guardian. Minimum spend: S$800/S$400 per month respectively
      • 3% cash rebate on ALL contactless transactions and selected recurring bills. Minimum spend: S$400/month
      • Cash rebate cap: S$50/month, no cap on SMART$ earned at SMART$ Merchants.
      • Base rate: 0.3% cashback on spends less than S$400 and on all other spend

      Here’s a complete list of credit cards that can earn you cashback and rewards by paying insurance premiums.

      Best cashback credit card for hospital bill payments: BOC Family Card

      The 5% cashback offered by the BOC Family Card is the most generous in town for medical bills at the moment.

      You’ll have to meet a minimum spending requirement of $700, and as the cashback cap is $40, you will receive cashback on a maximum of $800 worth of medical bill payments.

      The card also offers 10% cashback on local and overseas dining as well as cinemas, and 5% cashback on online shopping, supermarkets, telco bills and more.

      That makes it a pretty great all-round card. So if you have a chronic medical problem or aren’t in great health, this is a good card to shift some of your spending over to.

      Best cashback credit card with no minimum spending requirement and for utilities bills: Amex True Cashback Card / Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card

      The Amex True Cashback Card gives you 3% cashback in your first 3 months of card membership. So at least in the first quarter, this is the card you should use. There is no minimum spending requirement to worry about.

      After the first 3 months are up, switch to the Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card, which gives you 1.6% cashback with no minimum spending requirement (slightly higher than the Amex True Cashback Card’s 1.5%).

      American Express True Cashback Card

      American Express True Cashback Card

      Card Benefits

        • Apply through MoneySmart from 22 Mar - 19 Apr 2018 to get S$100 worth of Grab OR NTUC Vouchers. Application must be approved by 3 May 2018. Submit your (i)Contact Details and (ii)14-digit Reference Number on the Thank You Page upon completion at this link before 19 April 2018. T&Cs
        • 1.5% Cashback on any purchase you make, anytime
        • 3% Cashback for the first 6 months up to $5000 spend
        • Enjoy first year fee waiver
        • Eligible for use with Apple Pay

        Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card

        Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card

        Card Benefits

        • Get a Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner (worth S$420)
        • 1.6% Unlimited cash rebate on all local spend
        • No minimum spend and no cash rebate cap

        Which credit card(s) do you use to pay your recurring bill payments? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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