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3 Best Credit Cards for Petrol in Singapore

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This article isn’t about where to pump the cheapest petrol in Singapore. No matter if you go to Esso, Shell, SPC or Caltex, prices are usually about the same. They hardly differ by anything more than $0.05 per litre, which is just $2 for a full 40L tank. What you should really be considering are the number of petrol kiosks near your home and workplace, as well as what are the best credit cards for petrol discounts.  

Best Credit Cards for Petrol in Singapore

Petrol company Best credit card to use Cash rebate Max savings
Esso Citi Cash Back Card 8% 20.88%
Shell Citi Cash Back Card 8% 20.88%
SPC POSB Everyday Card 6% 20.8%
Caltex OCBC 365 Credit Card  5% 21.1%


Citi Cash Back Card – best credit card for petrol at Esso & Shell

Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card

Card Benefits

    • Up to 20.88% discount at Esso Stations: 5% Esso site discount + 5% Smiles card discount + 4% Citi Card discount + 8% Citi Cash Back Card cash back* (applies after Esso discount)
    • Up to 20.88% discount at Shell stations: 5% Shell site discount + 5% Shell Escape discount + 4% Citi Card discount + 8% Citi Cash Back Card cash back* (applies after Shell discount)
    • *Additional 8% cash back on petrol worldwide applies with a min. retail spend of S$888/statement month on the Citi Cash Back Card, 8% cash back capped at S$25 per category (Dining, Grab (till 31 March 2019), Groceries & Petrol). For retail spend less than S$888 and/or other retail spend categories, 0.25% cash back is awarded, no cap on cash back earned
    • Effective savings 20.88%
    • Instant discount 14%
      (5% loyalty card discount + 5% site discount + 4% Citi Card discount)
    • Credit card cashback 8% (on final amount billed, capped at $25)
    • Min. spend $888

    The Citi Cash Back Card comes out tops for me – it offers the same an impressive 20.88% savings for Esso and Shell.

    You get 14% off immediately (5% for the Esso Smiles / Shell Escape card + 5% Esso / Shell site discount + 4% Citibank card discount), plus another 8% cashback when you get your bill.

    The minimum spend is $888, which shouldn’t be too hard if you’re already spending over $250 on petrol monthly.

    The 8% cashback for petrol is capped at $25, but that’s reasonable. You can spend up to $312.50 on petrol per month, which is just about right for an average driver (if you’re a Grab driver, don’t say lah).

    It doesn’t hurt that Esso and Shell have the most kiosks in Singapore too.

    Are there any close contenders? Yes, the DBS Esso Card for Esso and the UOB One Card for Shell.

    Citi Cash Back Card vs DBS Esso Card for Esso

    For Esso, the DBS Esso Card gives you an on-the-spot discount of 18%, which is pretty high. As of 2019, there’s also an additional $7 cash back if you spend at least $180 in the month. Valid from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2019).

    Effective savings can go up to 21.2%, but in general, it’s a much less versatile card than the Citi Cashback. The DBS Esso Card’s only perks are for petrol only.

    Last year, DBS launched the Smiles Private Hire Card, which has the highest savings in the market (up to 30.4%). Sadly, it’s exclusive to private hire drivers (e.g. Grab drivers).

    The Smiles Private Hire Card is to be used with DBS Visa debit cards, and to get the maximum rebate you mustn’t make any cash withdrawals and must spend over $400 per month.

    The latter is easy if you drive for a living, but the former may be troublesome if your main spending account is DBS/POSB and you use your debit card as an ATM card. If you bank elsewhere, it’s the complete opposite: Getting these cards is a great way to game the system and track your driving expenses for work.

    Citi Cash Back Card vs UOB One Card for Shell

    For Shell, the next best card is probably the UOB One card that offers about the same effective savings (20.8%) if you add the 5% cashback during billing. However, that requires a monthly spend of $2,000, which is very high.


    POSB Everyday Card – best credit card for petrol at SPC

    POSB Everyday Card

    POSB Everyday Card

    Card Benefits

      • Up to 20.1% cash rebate at SPC
      • 5% cash rebate at Sheng Siong. S$50 cash rebate cap per calendar month.
      • 3% cash rebate at Watsons, and local medical spend (dental, clinic, hospital)
      • 1% cash rebate on recurring utilities bills from SP Group and recurring StarHub mobile/digital cable/broadband bills and ins-tore purchases
      • Get 0.3% on everything else
      • No minimum spend required
      • Effective savings 20.1%
      • Instant discount 15%
        (5% loyalty card discount + 5% site discount + 5% DBS/POSB Card discount)
      • Credit card cashback 6% (on final amount billed, no cap)
      • No min. spend

      You may be disappointed to hear that compared to the other fuel companies, SPC has far less credit card perks. But the one that stands out more than makes up for the few bank tie-ups.

      For SPC, the POSB Everyday Card is a clear winner. It offers 6% bonus cashback and a direct 15% discount (5% for SPC&U card + 5% SPC site discount + 5% DBS/POSB card discount), making the effective savings 20.1%.

      The best part? Not only is there no minimum spend, there is absolutely no cashback cap.

      That’s right – that means that this is also the best card to get if you drive more than an average 2 trips a day because you can continue earning cashback for all your trips. (Attention, Grab drivers and property agents!)

      POSB Everyday Card vs UOB One Card

      The only card that comes close is the UOB One Card (effective 24% savings, with 15% instant discount  + additional $3 off min. $51 spend + 5% cashback), but again, there’s the $2,000 minimum spend to look out for.


      OCBC 365 Credit Card – best credit card for petrol at Caltex

      OCBC 365 Credit Card

      OCBC 365 Credit Card

      Card Benefits

      • 6% cashback on local and overseas dining, everyday
      • 6% cashback on online food delivery e.g. Deliveroo and Foodpanda
      • Up to 23% fuel savings at Caltex stations
      • 3% cashback on local, overseas and online groceries e.g. Redmart, FairPrice Online and Honestbee
      • 3% cashback on local and overseas private hire rides e.g. Grab, ComfortDelGro, Ofo and Ryde
      • 3% cashback on online air, cruise, hotel and tour bookings e.g. Agoda and Airbnb
      • 3% cashback on recurring telco and electricity bills
      • 0.3% cashback on everything else
      • Effective savings up to 21.1%
      • Instant discount 14%
        (5% loyalty card discount + 5% site discount + 4% OCBC Card discount)
      • Credit card cashback 5% (on final amount billed, capped at $80)
      • Min. spend $800 (effective 1 Oct 2018) 

      My pick for pumping petrol at Caltex is the popular OCBC 365 credit card. You get 14% right off the bat and 5% cashback – that adds up to effectively 18.3% savings. If you spend at least $300 on petrol that month (should be no sweat), you get another $10 bonus cash rebate, making it up to 21.1% effective savings.

      The minimum spend is $800, and the cashback cap is $80 – do note, however, that this cap is shared across all bonus cashback categories like dining, groceries and online shopping.

      OCBC 365 Cards vs Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card

      The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite is the OCBC 365’s closest competitor, offering a whopping 25% effective savings – but only on 98-octane fuel. The upfront discount is 16% for the Platinum 98 with Techron petrol, and only 14% on the other fuel grades.


      Did your favourite make it into our list of the best credit cards for petrol? Share it with us in the comments below!


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