will writing singapore
Will Writing in Singapore – How to Write a Will Before You’re on Your Deathbed
Maybe the most valuable thing you own is your smartphone. Maybe the only individual you care about in this ...
17 January 2019
prenatal yoga singapore
7 Prenatal Yoga Studios For Mums-To-Be in Singapore: Price List
Whether you couldn’t touch your toes even before getting pregnant or were regularly doing headstands without ...
16 January 2019
maternity leave paternity leave MOM singapore
Paternity and Maternity Leave in Singapore – What Are You Entitled To?
So, you’re about to welcome a baby into the family. On your burgeoning to-do list are shopping for baby ...
14 January 2019
best kids' savings account for children singapore
Choosing the Best Kids’ Savings Account to Grow Your Child’s Money in 2019
Kids in Singapore know they’ve got to think about the future. In between those battles with Pokemon and ...
10 January 2019
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Baby Stores Singapore – Mothercare vs Kiddy Palace vs Motherswork vs Pupsik Studio
Once you have a baby, some of your shopping time naturally gets diverted from H&M and Uniqlo to baby supply ...
10 January 2019
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10 Completely Free Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Babies & Children! (Shopping Malls Included)
Anyone who grew up in Singapore in the ’80s or ’90s has hazy memories of playing catching and hopscotch, ...
9 January 2019
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Montessori Preschools Singapore: What is Montessori & Why Are The Fees So Expensive?
Montessori kindergartens and preschools are popular here in Singapore. Many Singaporean (and expat) parents ...
28 December 2018
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7 Prams and Strollers in Singapore Under $500 That Singaporean Parents Rave About
A stroller is one of the many big-ticket items that Singaporean parents get. It transports your baby from ...
21 December 2018
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Breast Pumps Singapore: Price List of Medela, Spectra, Philips, Haakaa & Ardo Breast Pumps (2019)
Breastfeeding mothers in Singapore often invest in a breast pump, which gives them the option of pumping ...
20 December 2018
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Baby Carriers in Singapore: Price List of Tula, Ergo, Baby Bjorn and Others
Babywearing is commonplace in Singapore today. Many parents love the portability of a baby carrier. It ...
18 December 2018
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How Can Young Singaporeans Balance Their Retirement Planning With Other Financial Responsibilities?
This post was written in collaboration with Income. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
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7 Board Games to Entertain the Children Over Christmas
With the holidays upon us, a good way to bond with the children is via board games. You can either buy ...
29 November 2018
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The Sandwiched Generation in Singapore – Finances of Caring for Aged Parents and Children
Giving your parents allowance is probably something you’ve been told to do since you were young. It’s love, ...
28 November 2018
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Managing Costs of Elderly Care for Your Aged Parents in Singapore
If you were born Singaporean and can’t afford to take care of your parents, you’re going to get more than ...
28 November 2018
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9 Baby and Toddler Activities and Enrichment Classes in Singapore
Kiasu Singaporean parents are notorious for overtaxing their kids with all manner of enrichment classes. ...
13 November 2018
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Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Guide – Ticket Prices, Hotels & Money-Saving Tips
Whether Disney fan or otherwise, visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea (its sister theme park) ...
9 November 2018
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Buying a Massage Chair in Singapore? Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Overpay Anymore
This post was written in collaboration with Miuvo. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
pocket money for primary school singapore
How Much Pocket Money Should Singaporean Parents Give Their Kids
Most kids don’t really look forward to starting school. What they will welcome is receiving pocket money, ...
18 October 2018
cda account childcare sg
Baby Bonus CDA Account: Can You Withdraw From It? What Can You Do With It?
If you’re a parent who’s reeling at the price of childcare and later, tuition, you need all the help you ...
24 September 2018
POSB smiley cda account singapore
POSB Smiley CDA: Is It Worth Signing Up For?
The POSB Smiley CDA has a cute name. But I know what you’re thinking: Show me the numbers. What’s a CDA ...
19 September 2018
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Cord Blood Banking in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost & Is It Worth the Money?
Since the 2000s, new parents and parents-to-be in Singapore now have the chance to do cord blood banking, ...
24 August 2018
cda account singapore 2018
CDA Account Singapore – How to Open One & Start Maxing Out Your Baby Bonus
There are few people in Singapore who haven’t heard of the Baby Bonus. We all know that the government ...
18 July 2018
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Autism, ADHD & Dyslexia in Singapore – Cost Guide to Testing & Treatment
One of the problems with modern parenthood is that you’re always wondering whether your child’s academic ...
17 July 2018
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Child Insurance in Singapore – Which Policy Should You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?
It’s every parent’s instinct to protect his child. We can’t help it. It’s human nature. How we go about ...
25 June 2018
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4 Tips for Making Outings With the Kids Cheaper
So the kids are wreaking havoc at home, and you think it might be a good idea to head out on a family outing ...
10 May 2018