Newborn Photography in Singapore (2019) – Price Guide to 10 Photographers & Studios

newborn photography singapore

Remember Anne Geddes, that photographer who became famous for her pictures of beaming babies disguised as flowers? Well, photos like that are back in style, as newborn photography is all the rage in Singapore now.

Young parents are now very willing to splurge on well-orchestrated photos of their little bundles of joy, in hopes of documenting this very ephemeral moment of cuteness that once passed will never return.

The ideal age for newborn photography is between 5 and 14 days old, so you’ll ideally do your research and pick a studio before the birth.

How much does newborn photography cost in Singapore, and which photographers are worth considering? Here are ten photographers in Singapore that provide value for money.

Top 10 newborn photography studios and photographers

Photo studio Starting prices
Littleones Photography $300
White Room Studio $450
Tomato Photo $450
ABC Photography $458
Mamamiyo $498
Bambini Photography $500
Kids Pictures Professional Photography $500
Sealey Brandt Photography $850
Bambooshoots Photo $2,000
Sage Clover Photography Varies

Littleones Photography


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Littleones Photography studio has plenty of experience handling kids, as they specialise in newborn, children and family pictures.

They take studio photos of babies with and without their parents, often against a simple plain or textured background and with minimal use of props. The result is fresh and clean.

Home and studio sessions cost a very affordable $300, and include a 60 to 90 minute photoshoot as well as an hour-long image presentation appointment one week after the shoot.


White Room Studio


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White Room Studio specialises in family photography, which means they’ve got lots of experience handling and directing babies and children.

They rarely use props and also don’t require much posing, so the process will be relatively stress-free for baby and parents. They’ve also gained a reputation for being very gentle and patient.

They’re located in a beautiful Peranakan shophouse that’s got nice natural lighting, and their distinctive style has a gentle, intimate feel to it without looking kitsch or over-processed.

They currently charge $450 for their newborn studio collection package.


Tomato Photo


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This photographer favours a clean, natural and almost minimalistic style without much use of props. Instead, he focuses on the baby’s expressions, which results in some very moving photos.

Tomato Photo’s portfolio also includes black and white newborn photos with dramatic use of lighting and shadows.

He is reportedly good with babies and knows how to calm them down and get them to put their best face forward.

Tomato’s newborn sessions cost a (relatively) affordable $450, and they also guarantee that you will enjoy the session, otherwise your money will be refunded.


ABC Photography


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ABC Photography Studio specialises in graduation, family and maternity photos, amongst others.

Their style when it comes to baby photoshoots is rather classic and they seem to have quite a range of props, so if you want your child depicted on a fuzzy rug surrounded by colour-coordinated stuffed toys, they can probably recreate the scene.

Their newborn package costs $458 and includes a 120 minute photo session, 15 soft copies, a 5R poster print with frame and a custom-made 10 page album. They can provide up to three different outfits.




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Mamamiyo studio specialises in photographing pregnant ladies, newborns and babies up to 3 months old in natural light.

Their baby photos are on the cute side, and they’ve got a range of props, including beanies with animal ears and lots of stuffed toys. Definitely one to consider if you’re a fan of the Anne Geddes style of photography and want your baby to look cute as a button in the pics.

Their newborn package costs $498 and includes a 2-hour photoshoot, 3 sets of baby photos in different settings and outfits, and one set of family photos. All costumes and props are provided. They also have a $698 package that includes a 3-hour shoot and 4 instead of 3 sets of baby photos.


Bambini Photography


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Bambini is Italian for baby, so it’s pretty obvious that Bambi Photography studio specialises in baby photoshoots, child and family photography. They are experienced and very gentle in handling babies and getting them to look their best.

Their studio looks more like a kids’ playroom than a photography studio, which means you can expect them to provide lots of props and cosy backdrops for your baby to look all cute in.

Their newborn photos are very artistic and colourful, they are quite creative with their framing and layouts. Your baby will look like an infant model!

Their basic newborn and family package costs $500 and includes a weekday studio session of up to 3 hours for a family of up to four, as well as one 8” by 12” print. All props will be provided. There is a surcharge of $100 for weekend studio shots, and $200 for weekday home shoots.


Kids Pictures Professional Photography


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As their name suggests, Kids Pictures Professional Photography specialises in kid and family photography, including infant and prenatal pictures.

Their style has a professional, shot-in-the-studio look and they’ve also got a range of colourful props and backdrops for kids.

Their newborn package costs $500 and includes a 2-hour photoshoot and colour-adjusted digital copies of the pictures.


Sealey Brandt Photography


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Sealey Brandt‘s style makes her black and white newborn photos look almost vintage, with soft focus, gentle lighting and a certain degree of graininess. She takes all her photos with film, which gives them a timeless quality that can’t be reproduced digitally.

Her pictures are fine art quality, so expect to pay a bit more to see your baby through the eyes of an artist.

She also occasionally does digital shoots as well as mini 30-minute shoots. A mini digital shoot in the studio typically costs $850, or if you prefer to have your pictures taken on film, you pay an extra $95 per roll of film. Full 1-2 hour shoots cost from $1,750 onwards.


Bambooshoots Photo


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Bambooshoots’ style is light, airy and artistic, with generous use of natural light. She doesn’t use too many props and prefers to keep things rather calm and natural.

There is a serene look to many of her photos, and she shoots on both digital and film.

Newborn photography sessions cost $2,000 on digital and $2,300 on film. There is a $150 surcharge for weekend bookings.


Sage Clover Photography


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What sets Sage Clover’s newborn photography apart is their extensive collection of cute props, warm colours and almost lomo-like vignetting.

The photographer has a whimsical style which will enchant lovers of all things kawaii (as if your baby wasn’t cute enough!).

They offer styled theme sessions as well as documentary sessions, which can take place indoors or outdoors according to your preference.

As the photographer divides her time between Singapore and Taiwan, she may not always be available given the tight window for newborn shoots. Prices thus vary depending on the dates and the availability of the photographer. You should thus contact her ahead of time to see if she will be available in the days following the birth of your child.

Have you ever had newborn pictures taken by a professional photographer? Share your experiences in the comments!