7 Prams and Strollers in Singapore Under $500 That Singaporean Parents Rave About

baby prams and strollers singapore

A stroller is one of the many big-ticket items that Singaporean parents get. It transports your baby from one place to another, and can also double up as a shopping trolley inadvertently.

There are many makes of prams and strollers out there in a very saturated market, so when buying a stroller, you will find yourself faced with a giddying array of choices. The price range varies wildly as well.

So what do you look out for when you shop for a pram or a stroller and which one is best for you?

We’ve picked 7 highly-raved-about strollers that are under $500 in this article and talk about their plus and minus points.


Top 7 Strollers or Prams in Singapore Under $500

Stroller   Price Weight Recline
Seebaby Lightweight Buggy QQ3 $69 5.8 kg 175 degrees
Joie Pact Lite Stroller $279 5.5 kg Almost 180 degrees
Combi Well Comfort Stroller $289 5.4 kg 170 degrees
Baby Jogger Mini 3-Wheel Single Stroller $299 7.6 kg 150 degrees
GB Pockit+ Stroller $399 5.6 kg Slight
Quinny Zapp Flex 4 Wheel Stroller $399 11.7 kg Almost 180 degrees
Baby Jogger City Mini $299 7.55 kg 145 degrees
Maclaren Quest $490 5.6 kg Almost 180 degrees


1. Seebaby Lightweight Buggy QQ3 ($69)

seebaby lightweight stroller qq3 singapore
Seebaby Lightweight Stroller QQ3. Image credit: Lazada

This is the most pocket-friendly model on this list and it has most of the perks that the more pricey brands offer. The QQ3 also comes in a cheery sunshine yellow, which is a bonus.

It has a reversible handle so you can either choose to have your baby face you or the world. It can recline to a 175 degrees, which is almost fully flat. The full canopy shields Baby from the sun and there’s also a functional basket beneath. Reviews say that it’s light yet sturdy; you can hang a moderately heavy diaper bag on its handle and it will not topple over.

There is also a double option, which costs $189 and can seat a toddler 1 to 5 years old at the back and an infant up to 3 years old in the front.

The downsides to this pram is that the wheels have no suspension. Going uphill or on rough terrain will be a little tough, but it should do well in the urban Singapore.

Where to buy: Seebaby Lightweight Buggy QQ3 on Lazada


2. Joie Pact Lite ($279)

joie pact lite stroller singapore
Joie Pact Lite Stroller. Image: Pupsik Studio

The Joie Pact Lite is travel friendly because it packs flat and fits easily into tight spaces. A strap and custom carry bag make it easy to bring it anywhere, too. The wheels have suspension and there’s a full-size shopping basket as well.

Other good points about the stroller is that it can be fully reclined and its colours are tastefully bright. At the price tag of $279, the Joie Pact Lite is value-for-money. But if you have more than one young child, do note that it doesn’t come with a double option.

Where to buy: Joie Pact Lite Lychee on Aprisin


3. Combi Well Comfort ($289)

Combi Well Comfort Stroller.
Combi Well Comfort Stroller. Image credit: Lazada

This one’s a hot favourite with Singaporean parents because it’s light, opens and folds very easily, can face out or in, and has a sizeable basket. It can recline to 170 degrees, and can be folded even when reclined. The one-hand folding motion is one of the most fuss-free in the market, as expected of high-quality Japanese design. It’s very convenient if you’re a mum who need to take buses or taxis often.

This particular model does not come with a double option, but Combi does offer double prams.

Where to buy: Combi Well Comfort on Lazada


4. Baby Jogger City Mini 3-Wheel Single Stroller ($299)

baby jogger city mini 3 wheels
Baby Jogger City Mini 3-Wheels Single Stroller. Image credit: Pupsik Studio

The Baby Jogger City Mini has sturdy wheels and a distinctive 3-wheel design. The lift and fold Quick Fold technology makes collapsing the pram very easy to do.

It folds to a very compact shape, which is great for car boots. The stroller reclines to 145 degrees, which isn’t fully flat, but sufficient for babies above 4 months or so. As an added bonus, the canopy of the stroller is UV 50+.

Where to buy: Baby Jogger City Mini on Pupsik


5. GB Pockit+ Stroller ($399)

The GB Pockit+ Stroller collapses to an amazing little cuboid shape, which is one of the least bulky in the market. When folded, it can even fit into your handbag.

This makes the GB Pockit+ great for travelling. However, it does not fully recline and the canopy is quite small. If you are transporting a newborn, you might want to get a compatible car seat or carrycot to fit on the frame. The GB Pockit+ has a 3-in-1 travel system. It doesn’t come with a double option.

Where to buy: GB Pockit+ Stroller on Pupsik


6. Quinny Zapp Flex 4 Wheel Stroller ($399)

Quinny Zapp Flex 4. Image credit: Pupsik Studio
Quinny Zapp Flex 4. Image credit: Pupsik Studio

The Quinny Zapp offers an aesthetically pleasing range of strollers that are also highly functional. The Flex 4 boasts swivel wheels, an extendable, water-resistant sun canopy and is compatible with some carry cots and car seats (like the Maxi Cosi car seat). The seat is fully reclinable both ways, a clever design that allows you to face the baby or have the baby face outwards.

The storage basket is small, but easily accessible, and the canopy’s colour can be switched out.

Where to buy: Quinny Zapp Flex 4-Wheel Stroller on Pupsik Studio


7. Maclaren Quest ($490)

Maclaren Quest Stroller. Image credit: Amazon
Maclaren Quest Stroller. Image credit: Amazon

This stroller is not related to McLaren race cars, although this stroller brand is one of the more atas ones, with higher pricing. It has extra features that such as an extendable leg rest with memory position and a Newborn Safety System which allow your fully-reclined baby to be cocooned in the stroller with a head barrier and foot mesh so there is zero chance he’ll slide out. It’s compact at 5.6 kg.

There is no double option for the Maclaren Quest.

Where to Buy: Maclaren Quest on Amazon


So, how to choose the best stroller or pram?

If you drive, consider one that is has a travel system that is compatible with car seats, such as the Quinny Zapp Flex 4 or the GB Pockit+, but again, remember that it’s not advisable for the baby to be in a car seat for long periods of time.

Parents who take public transport will appreciate easy one-hand-fold options like Joie Pact Lite, Baby Jogger City Mini and the Combi Well Comfort.

Lighter prams and strollers come with fewer bells and whistles such as not being able to recline fully, or not having much padding. So if you are frequently on the go with your baby or like to go for long shopping trips with your baby, you might want to get a slightly heavier but more comfortable model.

However, if you only use the pram for short distances occasionally, you may want to go for a lighter model.

Also, if your baby is older, one with a reversible handle may be better since toddlers are more inquisitive and like to look at the outside world. The Seebaby Lightweight Buggy QQ3, Combi Well Comfort Stroller and Quinny Zapp Flex 4 Wheel Stroller are 3 such models.

For parents with twins, or children with small age gaps, you might want a double stroller.

Lastly, if you intend to go jogging and walking with your baby, you should get a stroller with a good suspension, such as the Joie Pact Lite, as it is sturdier and can absorb the shock of movement so Baby can have a smoother, safer ride.


Buying a secondhand pram or stroller

Balking at the prices of these prams and strollers? Try getting a secondhand one instead. A pre-owned stroller costs anywhere between $40 to $100 on Carousell, and usually, you can find one that is in good condition.

It’s also a good idea to try out several second-hand prams to find one that best fits your lifestyle and baby. Also, not all babies can tolerate a stroller. Some prefer to be held close to their parents in a baby sling or carrier.

If you’re worried about hygiene, most prams have inserts and paddings can be tossed into the washing machine and cleaned thoroughly.


But actually, what’s the difference between a pram and a stroller?

These days, you hear the word “pram” and “stroller” used interchangeably. This is possibly because most of today’s strollers function as both. Traditionally, prams are actually cots on wheels, usually designed for newborns who need to lie flat, since their neck muscles are not developed yet. They’re built to be sturdier, and heavier, and usually cannot be folded flat.

A stroller refers to a chair on wheels and is for older babies and toddlers who can already sit up. Usually, they’re lightweight and can be totally collapsed with just one swift movement.

You might come across marketing that refers to their strollers as buggies or pushchairs as well.

To find a stroller that can last your child from birth to his or her toddler years, we recommend that instead of the newborn-only prams, you can get a stroller that allows your baby to recline fully.