One Thing That Can Work Wonders for Your Career, and It Costs You Nothing

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Most of us view our career as a linear progression. It starts with getting a good qualification, finding a job, then working hard at it with the aim of moving up the corporate ladder. But in this day and age, with global uncertainties and economic changes looming, we may have to look at navigating our careers like playing a game of chess.

On the chessboard, going straight for the King without a proper strategy will most likely result in a loss. Instead, we may advance forward at times, pause to defend our position at others, and when necessary, take a few steps back to regroup and strategise before making the next move.

If this all sounds wise, then what holds us back from managing our career in such a way? For some, asking for advice seems daunting. For others, having to seek guidance feels like a shortcoming. But most commonly, many just don’t know who or where to turn to for the right support.

If this all sounds familiar, fret not. Workforce Singapore’s Adapt and Grow initiative was created precisely to help with these uncertainties and more. Plus, there are no strings attached!


Future-proof your career by planning early

Adapt and Grow (A&G) was introduced in 2016 to help Singaporeans stay at the top of their game, in the face of oncoming career landscape changes.

A&G offers various programmes and services under three main buckets, that can help you strengthen your competitive edge – all at zero cost:

  • Career Guidance: Get career advice and support from trained career ambassadors and career coaches.
  • Career Transition: Tap into opportunities in different roles and industries.
  • Job Search: Discover jobs matched to your skills with smart search options.

Watch the new A&G campaign video below to find out how one teddy bear discovers career prospects that vibe with his interests as well as the best step forward, with the help of a ‘fur-iendly’ career ambassador.


Career Coaching – Going one step further

Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a career ambassador who is as cute and cuddly as Mrs. Brown, career coaching is definitely a big help – regardless of which career stage you’re at.

Some of us may work well with self-learning resources to overcome a challenge. If mentored guidance works better for you, you can try 1-on-1 sessions with a professional coach to first discuss your current career situation, before plotting out your career goals.

And as we’ve seen from the teddy bear’s story, understanding your needs and goals is a crucial step. After all, you know what they say about making progress – #TrustTheProcess.

Once the foundation’s established, you’ll dive deeper into identifying your career challenges, as well as the strengths and opportunities you can leverage.

With all the pieces in place, your coach will work with you to map out a game plan with recommendations on workshops, courses, and more, to get you closer to your respective goals.

But don’t just take it from us – we picked the brains of an A&G career ambassador, to find out more about the real benefits she’s seen from coaching careerists like you and me.

“My clients see me as a travel buddy, because we journey together to explore different destinations. For example, some clients’ destination is securing job interviews. For them, we go through their resume, which is like a passport, and ensure that it contains what potential employers are looking for. We then work together to sharpen clients’ interview skills, to help get them closer to their destination.

Just by committing to partner with your career coach, you would have made an important step in taking charge of your professional development and career growth.”

– Jenny Chiang, Career Coach, WSG Careers Connect

At the end of the day, the beauty of the game of chess is being able to see the bigger picture, and the best players always have the endgame in mind. Learning when to pull back and regroup in the course of the game helps you pave the way to greater progress – even in areas like your career.

Ready to begin planning your winning career strategy? Or need some help with a career transition or job search? Just head on over to Careers Connect to get started.