6 Part-Time Jobs & Weekend Jobs in Singapore for Earning Side Income

part-time weekend jobs singapore 2018

You can never have enough money, at least not in Singapore. So, even if you have a full-time job or are a full-time student, you might find yourself wondering how you can make a bit of extra cash on the side with a part-time job or weekend job.

Sure, you could start a business and pray that it takes off, or build a freelance portfolio from the ground up. But that takes considerable investment in either time or money. What if you just want a job you can show up at, and just go back to your normal life on Monday?

Here are 6 part-time positions and weekend jobs that aren’t too difficult to find in Singapore.


Part-time jobs and weekend jobs in Singapore 2018

Part-time/weekend job Hourly pay
Sales assistant $6.50 to $8/hour
F&B service staff $6.50 to $9/hour
Ad-hoc promoter $7 to $10/hour (+ possible commission)
Receptionist $7 to $10/hour
Clinic assistant $8/hour and up
Telemarketer Usually $10/hour (+ possible commission)


1. Sales assistant ($6.50 to $8/hour)

In case you haven’t noticed, Singapore is bursting with retail stores as developers scramble to monetise every single square metre of our urban landscape. That means that retail jobs abound. These jobs usually pay by the hour and work is distributed in shifts.

To make your work more enjoyable, pick a store close to your home or workplace, and that sells products that appeal to you. For instance, if you’re an animal lover, you might want to work at a pet supply store; if you love fashion, work with a clothing brand whose clothes you want to buy, as you might get a staff discount.

How much you can expect to be paid: $6.50 to $8 an hour


2. F&B service staff ($6.50 to $9/hour)

Jobs in F&B are a favourite amongst Singaporean tertiary students, judging by the number who work part-time at Starbucks or hipster cafes.

One of the biggest advantages of F&B jobs is that you can get free food, especially if your shift begins or ends just before or after lunch or dinner.

How much you can expect to be paid: $6.50 to $9 an hour


3. Ad-hoc promoter ($7 to $10/hour)

Every weekend, tons of roadshows and fairs take place at shopping malls all over Singapore. Lots of ad-hoc promoters are needed to tend to the various stalls at these events. Promoters are also needed to distribute samples at supermarkets.

The great thing about these jobs is that they last only a few days, with most of the action taking place on weekends. So if you just need to make some extra money in the short-term (e.g. because you’re saving up to make a one-time purchase), you can max out a few weekends at these roadshows and then stop.

How much you can expect to be paid: Varies greatly depending on the roadshow, but generally about $7 to $10 an hour. You might also get commission for selling products.


4. Receptionist ($7 to $10/hour)

While many part-time jobs are exhausting and require you to be on your feet for hours, working as a receptionist is usually not horribly taxing, especially if you work the night shift.

There are many types of businesses which need receptionists, including spas, gyms and backpackers’ hostels. You’ll have to answer the phone, welcome clients and take care of bookings or appointments, amongst other things.

However, the great thing about this job is that you are likely to have some down-time, during which you can sit back and read a book or use your tablet.

How much you can expect to be paid: About about $7 to $10 an hour.


5. Clinic assistant ($8/hour and up)

You don’t need to be trained in nursing or medicine to work as an assistant at a medical or dental clinic.

Clinics often hire part-timers and pay them on an hourly basis. Your duties will vary depending on the clinic but might include registering patients, manning the cashier and booking appointments.

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to clean up gaping wounds, but you do need to have a strong enough stomach to stay calm when badly hurt or injured patients arrive.

How much you can expect to be paid: At least $8 an hour.


6. Telemarketer (usually $10/hour)

You will regret having slammed down the phone on telemarketers when you become one yourself. Still, this is a popular holiday job amongst tertiary students because it tends to pay higher than the average service job.

Make sure you search specifically for weekend or evening telemarketing jobs if you already have a day job to go to on weekdays.

How much you can expect to be paid: Telemarketing positions should earn you at least $8 an hour, with $10 an hour being fairly common. You might also get commission.

Do you have a part-time job for earning extra cash on the weekends? Tell us about it in the comments.