Even if Your Pay Sucks, Here are 4 Reasons to be Grateful For Your Job

Even if Your Pay Sucks, Here are 4 Reasons to be Grateful For Your Job

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t rise and shine in the morning feeling grateful for your job. You’re more likely to be cursing under your breath and praying the office building will burn down before you reach it. No wonder three quarters of Singaporeans see their jobs only as a way to avoid starvation.

I don’t mean to get all maudlin on you, but even if your current job isn’t ideal, you still have a few things to be grateful for, such as the following.


Healthcare perks

Even if you’re not earning millions at your job, it’s likely your employer is providing you with some sorts of healthcare benefits. These are something we often take for granted until they’re gone.

As a freelancer, I can tell you it is a pain having to pay $50 for a doctor’s visit when as an employee I was usually able to claim the cost from the company or see a company doctor for free. While your employer is not going to cover the cost of your nose job or face lift, for minor ailments at least  you’ll usually get free treatment.


Medical insurance

Health insurance is also something many younger employees don’t realise the value of until something happens. We already know it’s not a good idea to rely entirely on MediShield (if you need a private health insurance policy compare plans in a snap on MoneySmart). Many employers provide their employees with health insurance—after all, if you die because you can’t afford your medical bills there’s one less person to do their work.


You get paid even when you’re sick

When you’re working for yourself, being sick doesn’t give you a welcome rest from the office—it means you can’t work and therefore don’t earn anything. On the other hand, as an employee, you’re assured your salary even if you’re too sick to work—within reason, of course, so don’t think you can get away for a few months by saying you caught the ebola virus.

There is a reason so many Singaporeans love taking MC when all they’ve got is a case of the Monday blues.


Work experience you can parlay into a better job

No matter how crappily your employer pays you, there is one thing no one can take away from you—the work experience you’re gaining on the job. Few jobs are so completely mindless that you gain zero valuable experience.

If going in to work every morning has you feeling like cattle, then learn as much as you can, deepen and diversify your skill set and build a killer resume—and then get a better job. Even my most unpleasant jobs gave me something valuable to put on my resume.


Networking opportunities

You don’t have to be the office social butterfly to take advantage of networking opportunities at work. Sure, you might feel like punching your colleagues in the face at 9am instead of socialising with them. But unless your job involves you sitting in a windowless box with no human contact all day, chances are you’ll meet people who’ll be able to enrich your professional or even personal life in some way.

Former colleagues who have moved on to other companies often recommend their friends from old jobs when there’s a job opening—it’s happened to many of my friends. Bosses who leave their companies often poach subordinates they liked. Clients who like your work might become a source of referrals and new business. If nothing else, it’s always nice to have colleagues who’ll help you turn on your computer when you’re late for work.

What are you grateful for in your current job? Tells us in the comments!