4 Ways to Earn Money Online, Singapore-style

making money online

You might not exactly dream of becoming the next Xiaxue, but I bet earning money online doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. If you’re not a nubile young thing armed with a selfie stick, that doesn’t mean you need to abandon your plans of becoming the next internet superstar.

Realising your dreams of earning a side income online doesn’t mean you need to download Instagram or start advertising for hair removal clinics. In fact, there are hoards of Singaporeans who make a decent living online without calling themselves bloggers. Here are four ways Singaporeans can earn money online.


1. Online tutor

Tuition is such big business in Singapore that star tutors and tuition centre owners earn more than struggling, burnt out PMETs. And now that every kid seems to have an iPad and a laptop, virtual tuition is a very viable option.

If you’re thinking of giving tuition a shot but the thought of having to travel to your students’ homes irks you, giving tuition online is now an option. Sure, your strategy will have to be a little different since your marketing efforts will have to target the students themselves and not their parents. But become a hit with some of your kids and soon they’ll start recommending to their friends.

Best of all, since every kid is pretty much glued to their computer, employing some sensational social media marketing tactics should get you on their radar.


2. Blog shop

While a lot of the hype has gone the way of once-popular bubble tea shops, blog shops remain one of Singaporeans’ favourite types of business to start. Many have tried and failed, but the few that have survived have gotten big enough to enable their founders to quit the corporate world and focus on their business.

Running a successful blog shop will be a real test of your online marketing skills, and pretty damn hard, too. From visiting suppliers in Thailand, Korea and China to taking pictures of your products, this stuff is going to take time and resources.


3. YouTube Channel

Singapore is one of the most wired cities in the world. That and godawful local TV contribute to Singaporeans’ willingness to watch series on YouTube. Following in the foosteps of clicknetwork.tv and RazorTV, you too have the potential to become a YouTube star. You might not earn much at the start, but promote your videos diligently and eventually advertising returns will start trickling in.

To make a decent amount of cash, your videos need to have some degree of virality. Say what you will about Steven Lim, but with tens of thousands of views on some of his videos, he’s probably earning more than a little pocket money from his YouTube channel.

Based on the popularity of Stomp and videos like this, sh*t stirring is a fantastic way to win viewers. Just pick between Singaporeans’ pet topics of immigration, the cost of living and the stressful education system and you’ve got a winning documentary.

Alternatively, you could appeal to the voyeur in each of us by filming an exposé of the lives of Geylang prostitutes or the rich and famous.


4. Write an e-book

Singaporeans can hardly be described as voracious readers. But when it comes to information that affects them financially, many are willing to pay. This is where writing an e-book might earn you a bit of extra cash.

That doesn’t mean you should dive in right away and start drafting an electronic opus on the meaning of life. You’ll do better if you focus on more practical topics like “How to Get Your Kid into GEP” or “The Singaporean’s Guide to Gaming the CPF System”.

Piracy might be a problem unless your e-book really does offer some value, in which case many people will keep it to themselves for fear of losing out in the event that they share the information with others. Nothing like a healthy dose of kiasuism to hold the people captive.

Do you know of any other ways Singaporeans are earning money online? Share them with us in the comments!