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Do you think Singaporeans have bipolar disorder when it comes to job satisfaction? No? Then explain this – a 2012 study by Accenture found that 76% of Singaporeans were DISSATISFIED with their jobs while a *cough* Straits Times survey in 2013 found that 70% were SATISFIED with their jobs.


I’m more than a little suspect about the Straits Times numbers. And like many of you, I’ve been in that category of workers who dreaded showing up to work every day. Now I don’t, because I work for a company that offers some great perks and a better work environment.

I’m not going to say that company perks alone will make you happy with your job, but they damn sure help!

Here are 3 companies with offices in Singapore that offer some great perks:



Did you think I was going to start this list with any other company first? Google consistently tops the lists of many publications as the best company to work for globally. In fact, Google is a company that people enjoy working for because little things like employee welfare, work/life balance, optimal working environments and open lines of communication with management are a priority.

As you can expect, the company tries to include many of its jaw-dropping perks in every branch. What kind of perks am I talking about?

Here’s a quick peek at what you can expect if you join the company:

  • Free Snacks/Drinks: No more fumbling with coins to purchase an overpriced bag of stale prawn crackers. At Google, you can get your bagel, ramen, kit kat bar, or coke for free.
  • Free Breakfast/Lunch: Forget food courts, Google has its own buffet-style gourmet restaurant that serves international cuisine. Their kitchens even host internationally-renowned chefs that come specially to cook for their employees!
  • Discounted Massages: If you’re feeling stressed and need a moment to clear your mind, you can pay a few bucks to have one of Google’s in-house masseuses take care of that problem.
  • Medical Benefits: At Google, you’ll get extensive health coverage that includes dental and eye/vision care.
  • No Ties Required: There’s no strict dress code to follow, as long as you don’t come in your birthday suit.
  • Diverse Workplace: Google is like the United Nations of workplaces; you’ll have colleagues from different backgrounds who come from all over the globe.

As a matter of perspective, other international Google offices boast random office quirks such as a playground slide in the middle of the office, and sleeping rooms with ambient lighting for optimal break time energy rejuvenation (have they become a health spa too? – Ed.)


Cisco Systems

No, not THAT Cisco! You won’t have to carry an MP5 around all day guarding the Istana if that’s what you’re thinking. No, I’m talking about the networking manufacturer that has been on Fortune magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” list over the last 16 years.

While Cisco can’t stand toe-to-toe with Google in terms of overall perks, one of its strength lies in a very important niche – you can work from ANYWHERE! I’m not joking. If you’re a Cisco employee, you can work remotely from home on a very flexible work schedule.

This is an especially useful perk for working mothers who are looking for a job that allows them to take care of their children while working from home.

Other benefits of this perk include:

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Lower childcare costs
  • Greater work/life balance
  • More productivity



You can include Ebay in this list too (call it a 2-for-1 deal) since it owns PayPal and offers pretty much the same job perks. PayPal takes a page or two from the Google playbook of awesome employee perks, but with some slight variations.

Like Google, PayPal tries to make their employees’ lives as stress-free as possible by delivering a work environment that’s a tad more uplifting than your run-of-the-mill Singaporean slave galley… err, I mean workplace.

Here’s what employee perks you can expect from PayPal:

  • Free Snacks/Drinks: As Picasso said, “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Well, they certainly stole this idea by offering free snacks and beverages for all employees.
  • Free Breakfast/Lunch: On certain days of the week, you can get free breakfast/lunch.
  • Healthcare: You’ll receive a comprehensive healthcare plan that includes dental, eye/vision, specialist visits, and childbirth coverage.
  • Flexi-Benefits: PayPal gives you a $1,000 flexi-benefit payment that you can use for certain health/lifestyle purchases such as a gym membership or eye glasses.
  • Entertainment: If your breaks involve standing outside in the humidity with a cancer stick in your hand, PayPal offers better alternatives with table tennis, foosball, Xbox 360, or even some gym time. 


Final Note: Maybe when the Straits Times did their survey, they just happened to interview employees from the three companies above. I think that would be a more believable story. In any case, there are other companies out there offering similar perks. Or if you’re feeling particularly bold, you can try negotiating with your current boss for better employee benefits.

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