Singtel Prepaid SIM: How to Buy & Top Up Online, Plus Exclusive Promos

Singtel prepaid SIM: Where to buy and how to top up online?

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My router is usually turned on 24/7, but for the past few work-from-home months, it’s been working extra, extra hard.

The living room sofa is my new workstation, and I’ve got a new “co-worker” — my husband — who has been taking WSQ courses through Zoom ever since the restaurant he works at temporarily closed.

It’s not just our laptops that are feeding off the WiFi signal (that we’ve managed to optimise). Our mobile phones, sous-vide machine, smart TV, Nintendo Switch and other devices in the Internet of Things universe are also making constant connections.

Having been so reliant on WiFi, I’m starting to take my mobile data and SIM card for granted. But the recent WiFi outages have only proved that we still need some form of backup connectivity to fulfil our work-from-home and leisure needs.

With so many physical stores closed and safe-distancing measures in place, how would this affect someone who needs to buy/top up their prepaid SIM card?


But first, the benefits of using a prepaid SIM

If you have never used a prepaid SIM, there are many who sing praises of its utility. Here’s why many opt to get a prepaid SIM:

  • It’s contract-free
  • Easy to purchase, register and use
  • They have multiple devices (spare mobile phone, tablet, etc)
  • There are people in their household who need a mobile number to stay contactable but don’t necessarily need a full-blown postpaid plan (grandparents, parents, children, helpers)
  • You only pay for what you use and there will be no bill shock
  • If you’re not a power user, you can pay much less than on a postpaid plan
  • Affordable data plans and top-ups available according to your needs
  • Some plans also offer cheaper IDD rates, or even free calls or data for certain countries (useful for businessmen, those who shuttle between Singapore and Malaysia, or helpers)
  • It’s also a good option for expats and tourists


So how do I get my Singtel prepaid SIM?

Instead of needing to don your face mask and head out in search of a mobile retailer, it’s easy-peasy to buy a Singtel prepaid SIM online.

Head to the Singtel website, buy the prepaid SIM of your choice, fill in your details, opt for local mail and pay.

You can also purchase the prepaid SIM on Singtel’s official Lazada or Shopee stores if you want to use your coins or rack up points through those platforms. There’s also exclusive next-day delivery from Singtel’s official Qoo10 store if you really need the prepaid SIM urgently.

Once you receive the goods, activate the prepaid SIM on hi!App with an easy self-registration. Then you’re all set!

I like the $15 hi! SIM Card as it comes with $15 value and free 10GB of data (8GB with the SIM + bonus 2GB with self-registration). Plus, you will be protected with their free 30-day insurance by Income. You can also add on attractive data plans (20GB 30-Day for $25, 40GB 30-day for $30).

From now to 30 June 2020, get a free $5 GrabFood voucher and 10GB data with each purchase of a $15 hi! SIM Card, plus free home delivery.


Where can I top up my Singtel prepaid SIM?

For those who already have a Singtel prepaid SIM or are planning to get one soon, topping up is simple, with over 3,000 convenient locations islandwide, as well as online.

These include:

  • Singtel hi!App (download from Google Play or the App Store)
  • Singtel hi!Account
  • My Singtel App
  • Singtel Dash app
  • Singtel Shops and Singtel Exclusive Retailers (physical)
  • AXS Stations (physical and online)
  • SAM kiosks (physical)
  • POSB Jolly app (online)
  • DBS/POSB ATMs (physical)
  • OCBC ATMs (physical)
  • 7-Eleven stores (physical)
  • Cheers stores (physical)
  • Sheng Siong (physical)
  • SPC / Caltex / Shell petrol kiosks (physical)
  • Kopitiam Top-up Kiosks (physical)

In fact, I’d strongly recommend the digital self-serve channels (listed in bold) for topping up. It’s contactless, simple, quick and can be done easily from the comfort of your home. Plus, you’ll get additional 15% bonus value!

There are other functions available as well through these channels. One can redeem rewards, view their account balance, buy add-ons, set up recurring top-ups, make e-payments or remit money, and even top up their prepaid account but bill it to a postpaid line.

Get free 15% bonus value when you top up* on digital self-serve channels (hi!App,, Singtel Dash, My Singtel App, AXS/SAM kiosks, DBS/POSB/OCBC ATMs) and at convenience stores^ (7-Eleven, Cheers and Sheng Siong). 

*Applicable to 20GB/40GB data plan or minimum $20 top-up (Main Account/RedHot$30)
^15% bonus is only applicable to top-ups till 30 June 2020.


Do you or does someone in your household use a prepaid SIM? Share your favourite way to top up in the comments below!