GOMO by Singtel Has a New Rewards Programme with the GOMO Pass & New Data Roaming Plans (Up to 100GB Data From Just $5!)

GOMO by Singtel Roam Like A Local and GOMO Pass rewards programme

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Send me to a foreign land, and I don’t think I can survive without data roaming.

I’m so heavily reliant on my phone and its roaming data for directions on Google Maps, train arrival timings, ride-hailing apps… And don’t try to separate me from my social media fix. Oh, but wait! I’m also addicted to reward programmes — you know, free stuff, 1-for-1 deals, discount tickets… is there even a way to combine my two loves?

With GOMO by Singtel’s new Roam Like A Local data plans, data roaming just got EVEN CHEAPER. There’s also a new accompanying rewards programme available in the GOMO app — the GOMO Pass.

In case you don’t already know what this no-contract, SIM-only plan is all about, here are some articles we’ve previously written on GOMO by Singtel: 


Presenting GOMO by Singtel’s Roam Like A Local data plans

GOMO by Singtel has launched its Roam Like A Local data plans. This means that for the first time, users can get loads of data at local data prices, with the convenience of a data roaming plan. i.e. up to 100GB in Thailand, 15GB in Philippines, and 10GB in Indonesia, from as low as just $5.

Country Thailand The Philippines Indonesia
data roaming rate
$5 for 1GB
(valid for 7 days)
$12 per 1GB
(valid for 30 days)
$5 for 1GB
(valid for 7 days)
Roam Like A Local
data roaming plan
$14 for 100GB
(valid for 7 days)
$10 for 7GB
(valid for 7 days)$19 for 15GB
(valid for 15 days)
$5 for 4GB
(valid for 7 days)$10 for 10GB
(valid for 14 days)

GOMO’s Roam Like A Local data plans are really competitive, and are almost (if not more) as value-for-money as getting a local pre-paid SIM card in your holiday destination. What’s more, it’s super convenient – simply activate it with the tap of a button on the GOMO app. No more queuing up at airports, hunting for the best plan, and changing (and losing) your SIM cards!

Singtel GOMO cheap data roaming from $5 for 100GB
Screengrab: GOMO by Singtel

You know, ever since telcos started offering fuss-free data roaming add-on plans, it’s been such a blessing. Gone are the days where I would queue endlessly at the airport for my SIM card, or the frantic hours of research I had to do before my trip to identify the nearest SIM card store near my hotel.

I even remember fumbling with my phone when my credit card’s overseas purchase magnetic stripe was blocked and I had to literally open up my phone to change SIM cards just so the OTP could come through. Thank goodness I had a paperclip with me, because you know how difficult it is to access the SIM card slot.

Now, it’s so seamless. I just need to make sure that I’ve purchased the data roaming add-on, and allowed all the permissions for data roaming on my phone. When I land in my destination, it is a seamless transition that’s automatically handled by the telco’s communication towers and my mobile phone.

I can already think of all the things I want to do with 100GB of data in Thailand…. Live streaming my shopping in Chatuchak Market and uploading my travel vlogs on the go! It’s super generous and I can still share the 100GB of data with my travelling companions via mobile data hotspots. Does anyone have a 20,000mAh portable phone charger I can borrow?


Beyond cheap data, get the GOMO Pass for more regional perks

GOMO by Singtel: Claim your rewards via the GOMO app's GOMO Pass rewards programme!
Screengrab: GOMO by Singtel

In addition to really low cost roaming data, GOMO by Singtel has also launched the GOMO Pass — a rewards programme exclusively for GOMO customers in the GOMO app. 

GOMO Pass has over 40 special hyperlocal experiences and privileges available to GOMO users to redeem in Singapore and also when they travel to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

Here’s a taste of some of the country-specific rewards that GOMO users can enjoy:


Singapore rewards

  • Marquee Singapore — Early bird pricing for GOMO users
  • Garden Beats Festival — Early bird pricing for GOMO users & priority queue
  • Bounce Singapore — Buddy pricing: 2 jumpers pay the price of 1 for a Single Class
  • Sum Yi Tai — 10% OFF all ala carte items 
  • Monalounge — Secret passcode access & 10% OFF a specially curated cocktail set
  • Udders — Free scoop of Love-me-mo Blue Pea Vanilla flavoured ice cream
  • KITH — Free slice of cake for GOMO users with min $10 spend
  • Klook — 7% discount off all activities
  • Hungrygowhere — 1-for-1 restaurant deals at Gake, Jekyll and Hyde, The Meats & Malts and many more
  • Singtel Dash — 5% cashback on your first transaction of the week at Fairprice, Watsons, Lazada, and more
  • Anywhr — 0% service fee for itinerary planning (U.P. 20% service fees)


The Philippines rewards

  • Ride Revolution — Free trial class for all first time riders
  • The Movement Studio — 1-for-1 Single Workout Class
  • Klook — 7% discount off all activities in The Philippines


Thailand rewards

  • Sky Dive — Free upgrade to a Gold package when you purchase a Tandem Jump Silver package
  • Singtel Dash — Free BTS Skytrain rides for Single Trip tickets
  • Singtel Dash — 5% cashback on your Thailand purchases when you pay with Singtel Dash by Visa Contactless or VIATM
  • Klook — 7% discount off all activities in Thailand 


Indonesia rewards

  • Klook 7% discount off all activities in Indonesia


Note: These rewards are purely for GOMO by Singtel users travelling outbound to that country. 


Redeeming is simple – just flash your GOMO pass or enter a promo code, in the GOMO app.

Get the GOMO app on Google Play or on the App Store. If you’re not yet a GOMO user, don’t fret — it takes less than 4 minutes to sign up for the plan at gomo.sg and you’re good to go!

All ready to Roam Like A Local? Sign up for GOMO here.


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