JB Massage Price Guide (2023)—Bangkok Spa, Thai Odyssey & More

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Massages in Singapore are notoriously expensive. You can easily spend $60+ on an hour-long full body massage, and that’s at the cheaper, more affordable massage parlours like Massage Master and Healing Touch.

So what do you do when you have knots to release? Cross the causeway to Johor Bahru (JB), where massages can cost you a third of the price in Singapore.


5 affordable JB massage parlours to check out

JB massage parlour Cheapest foot massage Cheapest full body massage
Century Health Care & Beauty  S$11 (RM38) for 30 min S$20.90 (RM72) for 60 min full body massage
SQ Massage S$11 (RM38) for 30 min (KSL City ground floor outlet) S$21.70 (RM75) for 60 min baby oil full body massage (KSL City outlets)
Thong Yee Thong S$16 (RM55) for 60 min S$21.70 (RM75) for 60 min full body massage
Bangkok Spa S$18 (RM62) for 60 min S$18 (RM62) for 60 min Traditional Thai massage
Thai Odyssey $21.20 (RM73) for 30 min $40 (RM138) for 60 min Traditional Thai massage

Note: RM to SGD conversions were calculated based on the exchange rate at time of writing (S$1 = RM3.45).

The massage parlours above are just a handful of the more popular ones in the districts nearer to the Woodlands checkpoint; at popular malls like KSL City and City Square, and the Taman Pelangi area. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of JB massage parlours. No matter which part of JB you head to, you’ll find one around every bend and at almost every mall.


1. Century Health Care & Beauty (KSL City)

Century Health Care & Beauty services Prices range
Foot massage (30/60/90 min) RM38 / RM60 / RM90
≈ S$11 / S$17.40 / S$26.10
Body massage (60/90/120 min) RM72 / RM105 / RM138
≈ S$20.90 / S$30.40 / S$40
Neck and shoulder massage (30min) RM40 ≈ S$11.60
Meridian massage (60/90/120 min) RM85 / RM118 / RM160
≈ S$24.60 / S$34.20 / S$46.40
Fire cupping (40/60/90 min) RM38 / RM48 / RM76
≈ S$11 / S$13.90 / S$22
Lymphatic massage (60/90/120 min) RM108 / RM148 / RM186
≈ S$31.30 / S$42.90 / S$53.90
Hot stone massage (60/90/120 min) RM130 / RM180 / RM230
≈ S$37.70 / S$52.20 / S$66.70
Ovary care (60/90 min) RM90 / RM135
≈ S$26 / S$39.10
Raw ginger massage (60/90 min) RM150 / RM210
≈ S$43.50 / S$60.90

Century Health Care & Beauty offers affordable foot reflexology, full body massage, and neck and shoulder options. In fact, both their full body massages and foot reflexology services are the cheapest on this list.

Aside from the traditional massages, you can opt for fancy stuff like fire cupping, an ovary care massage for the ladies, and something called a raw ginger massage. We haven’t tried it, but we’re guessing it’s exactly like it sounds.

The massages we listed above are for a la carte services, but you can also opt for Century Health Care & Beauty’s massage combos. These start from RM65/S$18.80 for their 20/40 Signature Reflexology service, which comes with 20min neck, shoulder, lower back, head, hands + 40min foot reflexology.

Or, go all in with their 90/60 Body Massage & Foot Reflexology option, which gets you a 90min body massage and 60min foot massage for RM150/S$43.50. That’s a discount of about S$4, since purchasing the body and foot massages individually would cost RM105+RM60 = RM165/S$47.80.

Address: No. 33 Jalan Seladang | L1-32,33,34 KSL City, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia


2. SQ Massage (KSL City & City Square)

SQ Massage has 3 outlets:

  1. SQ Massage at City Square JB—Generally, the most expensive of the 3 outlets.
  2. SQ Massage and Nails at KSL City, ground floor—Generally cheaper than the City Square outlet. Also offers manis, pedis, and waxing services too.
  3. SQ Footbath at KSL City, second floor—Similar prices to the SQ Massage and Nails outlet on the ground floor.

Don’t let the different names confuse you. All 3 outlets offer both body and foot massages, albeit at slightly different prices. Trouble is, the price lists aren’t readily available on a handy website—you’ve got to open a WhatsApp chat with each outlet’s business account to view the prices. But don’t bother! We’ve done it for you.

SQ Massage (City Square)

Image: SQ Massage (City Square), via their WhatsApp business account: https://wa.link/0yay2t

The full body massages at City Square start from RM85/S$24.60 for a 60min traditional body massage with baby oil, while their foot massages start from RM60/S$17.40 for a 60min session. are slightly more expensive, but then again, the menu is slightly different. The shoulder & head and footies are a few Ringgit cheaper though.

Address:M2-27, Level 2, City Square JB, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

SQ Massage and Nails (KSL City Mall, ground floor)

Image: SQ Massage and Nails (KSL City Mall), via their WhatsApp business account: https://wa.link/b385ml

KSL City‘s outlet is slightly cheaper at RM75/S$21.70 for a 60min full body massage and RM50/S$14.50 for a 60min foot massage. Unlike the SQ Massage outlet at City Square, KSL City’s outlet also offers shorter foot massages of 30min and 40min.

Address: GE-006, Ground Floor, KSL City Mall JB (Opposite Coffee Bean), KSL City, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250

SQ Footbath (KSL City Mall, L2)

Image: SQ Footbath (KSL City Mall, L2), via their WhatsApp business account: https://wa.link/b385ml

SQ Footbath is SQ Massage’s latest outlet, located on Level 2 of KSL City Mall. Despite their name, they don’t just offer foot massages. In fact, their massages are as cheap as the SQ Massage and Nails outlet’s—RM75/S$21.70 for a 60min full body massage, and RM50/S$14.50 for a 60min foot massage.

Here’s a look at their other massage combos, if you’re keen to get the full package

Image: SQ Footbath (KSL City Mall), via their WhatsApp business account: https://wa.link/b385ml

Address: Level 2, KSL City Mall JB, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250


3. Thong Yee Thong (Taman Pelangi)

Thong Yee Thong massage services Prices
Foot massage (60/80/120 min) RM55 / RM65 / RM100
≈ S$16 / S$18.80 / S$29
Shoulder massage (20/30/40 min) RM24 / RM36 / RM48
≈ S$7 / S$10.40 / S$13.90
Body massage* (60/90/120/150/180 min) 60 min: RM75 ≈ S$21.70
90 min: RM100 ≈ S$29
120 min: RM138 ≈ S$40
150 min: RM172 ≈ S$49.90
180 min: RM192 ≈ S$55.70
Aromatherapy massage* (60/90/120/150/180 min) 60 min: RM95 ≈ S$27.50
90 min: RM120 ≈ S$34.80
120 min: RM158 ≈ S$45.80
150 min: RM192 ≈ S$55.70
180 min: RM212 ≈ S$61.50
Detox lymphatic massage* (60/90/120 min) RM108 / RM146 / RM186
≈ S$31.30 / S$42.30 / S$53.90
Hot stone massage* (60/90/120 min) RM130 / RM180 / RM230
≈ S$37.70 / S$52.50 / S$66.70 

* You can also enjoy a free fire cupping or scraping treatment if you choose to get a massage that’s 90 minutes and up.

So unlike many of the other massage parlours on this list, Thong Yee Thong is not in a mall. However, if you’re driving, it’s at Taman Pelangi, which is relatively close to Woodlands.

I am putting this in here because I personally love this massage parlour. It’s the only one I’ve been to, and I’ve never left dissatisfied. The foot massage begins at S$16 / RM55 for 60 minutes, and the full body massage starts at $21.70 / RM75 for 60 minutes.

For the full body massage, you can choose to add on either gua sha (scraping) or fire cupping for free if you purchase a 90min or longer massage session. If you’re new to it and prefer to do without, that’s fine too.


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Address: 71-73-75, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru 80400


4. Bangkok Spa (Taman Pelangi, Sri Tebrau, Taman Sentosa)

Bangkok Spa Price (60 min) Price (90 min) Price (120 min) Price (150 min)
Foot massage RM62 ≈ S$18 RM93 ≈ S$27
Traditional Thai full body massage RM62 ≈ S$18 RM93 ≈ S$27 RM124 ≈ S$36 RM155 ≈ S$44.90
Aromatherapy full body massage RM85 ≈ S$24.60 RM128 ≈ S$37.10 RM170 ≈ S$49.30 RM212 ≈S$61.50

Bangkok Spa is slightly pricier than the ones listed above, and they have two outlets at Taman Sri Tebrau and Taman Pelangi respectively.

From their name (and the fact that they allegedly have over 100 therapists from Thailand), it’s no surprise that they specialise in traditional Thai full body massages.

Prices for that start at S$18 / RM62 for one hour, and go up to S$44.90 / RM155 for 150 minutes. The latter is quite long lah, most people stop at 120 minutes.

You can also request for body scrubs and gua sha (scraping), although these prices aren’t available online.

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Taman Sentosa: No159,161,Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150, Johor Bahru

Taman Pelangi: 8, 58A, 58B, 60, 60A, 60B, 62, 62A, 62B, Jalan Abiad, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru 80400

Taman Sri Tebrau: 171, 171A, 173, 173A, 175, 175A, 177, 177A, Jalan Perisai, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru 80050


5. Thai Odyssey (City Square, KSL City, Paradigm Mall & More)

Thai Odyssey massage services Prices
Thai Traditional massage (no oil) 60min: RM138 ≈ S$40
90min: RM158 ≈ S$45.80
120min: RM188 ≈ S$54.50
Thai aromatherapy massage (with essential oil) 60min: RM158 ≈ S$45.80
90min: RM198 ≈ S$57.40
120min: RM228 ≈ S$66.10
Thai herbal therapy (with heated herbal poultice) 120min: RM213 ≈ S$61.80
Foot massage 30min: RM73 ≈ S$21.20
60min: RM95 ≈ S$27.50

Thai Odyssey is the most expensive of the lot, but that’s because it’s the biggest chain. They have outlets not just in various regions of Malaysia, but in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and China as well.

However, they’re still way cheaper than in Singapore. A 30-minute foot massage will cost you just S$21.20 / RM73 and a 1-hour Thai massage will be S$40 / RM138.

The prices stated above are before the 6% SST, and are for all Malaysia outlets except Genting Skyavenue, Bangsar Shopping Centre, and Gateway@KLIA2. Those are slightly more expensive—you can check out the full price list on the official website.


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Thai Odyssey has 6 outlets in Johor alone, including at popular malls like JB City Square, KSL City, Holiday Villa and Komtar JBCC. For the full list of outlets and their address, check out all the Thai Odyssey Johor outlets on their official website.


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