Giant Supermarket Price Guide (2019) – Super Cheap Furniture & Household Items

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Google “Giant supermarket” and you’ll find several 2018 reports on ummm, funky foodstuff: In Feb, there were worms found in egg trays. In Sep, there were bits of plastic in the chilled minced meat packets. Jialat sia.

But while Giant isn’t exactly the kind of supermarket you’d want to get your fresh food from, don’t knock it yet. It’s actually a treasure trove of cheap furniture, electronics and other household necessities.

Here are some noteworthy lobangs. (Don’t worry. This kind cheap never mind – no need scared got bugs!)


Cheap things to buy at Giant supermarket

With all supermarkets, the house brand range carries the cheapest of everything. Same goes for Giant – from cleaning detergents and tools to household appliances and furniture. Here are some cheapo goodies I found while shopping at Giant:


Giant kitchen tools

Kitchen tools can be really expensive, and you probably shouldn’t expect to buy quality knives and/or cutlery at Giant.

But what Giant does have are all those nitty gritty kitchen stuff. You can find handy items like cling wrap ($2 for 200ft), kitchen towels ($4.25 for 8 rolls of 60), and even a basting brush ($1.50). At under $2 per pc, they’re even cheaper than Daiso.


Tissue products

If you don’t live nearby a Giant supermarket, it wouldn’t make sense to go all the way down to pick up tissue items. Your bus/taxi/petrol cost already lugi. But if you’re swinging by, you might as well because they’re really cheap.

Here are the prices of some common items:

  • Pocket tissue (4 x 12 x 9 sheets) $2.50
  • 2-Ply toilet roll (3 x 10 rolls) $4.95
  • 2-Ply facial tissue (5 boxes x 200 sheets) $4.95
  • Fragrance-free baby wipes (200 sheets) $4.95

The downside is that the paper products aren’t the best quality. The Giant brand items are mostly 2-ply and quite rough, but they’re good enough for tasks like wiping food off the table or plates and stuff like that.

The baby wipes seem quite atas, and is actually quite pricey. You’re better off getting those from Daiso.


Bedding items

This one surprised me, because who would’ve thought that Giant sold bedding accessories?!

The basic house-brand polyester pillows and bolsters are $9.90, as was a random-brand memory foam pillow I bought some months ago. They don’t have it anymore, but they do have a cool gel memory foam pillow at $19.90 now.

You can also get affordable protector cases and pads for your pillow ($5.90), bolster ($7.90) and mattresses (single $12.90, queen $16.90, kind $16.90).


Giant cleaning detergents & tools

The key to finding value-f0r-money cleaning tools at Giant is identifying stuff that aren’t too high-tech, so they’re easy enough for Giant to replicate.

Take the spin mop for instance: I legit LOVE the $9.90 fake-Scotch contraption. Clara is sick of hearing me wax lyrical about it because I won’t stop going on about how it’s exactly like the original, yet so. damn. cheap.

Giant also carries house brand cleaning detergents. None of these should be ingested, so you don’t need to be afraid of the harsh chemicals. In fact, perhaps the harsher it is, the better the cleaning power? (shrugs)

The Giant cleaning products are really cheap – for e.g., the glass cleaner spray is only $3.05 for two 500ml bottles. It’s even cheaper than Daiso ($2 for 300ml) and Fairprice ($3.30 for 2x500ml).

They also have a CIF knock-off cream cleaner ($1.25 for 500ml) and a Mr Muscle-esque dishwashing liquid ($2.50 for 1L), but these are probably not as effective as the OG brands. Plus, these come in direct contact with your hands, so you might want to be slightly more picky with them.


Household furniture

It may not be very intuitive to think of Giant when you need furniture, but I’ve found that Giant has some pretty affordable storage solutions. And by “affordable” I actually mean dirt cheap.

The under $50 range mostly comprises of small bookcases, shoe racks and cabinets and stools.

I can’t speak for the quality of all their furniture, but I have the 3-tier bookcase ($12.90, but now $9.90 on sale) and the 3-tier wooden shoe rack ($9.90) which are decent.

Many of my guests have commented that they match my home’s rustic Scandinavian theme, and have their jaws on the floor when they hear the price.

Of course, they’re made of staples and crappy plywood material, so they aren’t meant for heavy duty use. I’d say they’re good enough for the price. Another popular item is the PVC stool ($6.90) – although a dollar more than the iconic IKEA Marius stool, this one is foldable.


PowerPac My Choice & Giant house brand electronics

Alright, so we’re walking on thin ice with this category…

Some shoppers may not feel comfortable with non-branded electronics and appliances because they worry about short-circuiting the power. If you’re in this camp, skip this category. Or get fire insurance.

I personally don’t believe they are that dangerous; if anything, they probably just have a shorter lifespan. But I mean, I’m ok with paying $19.90 for a 16″ standing fan even if it only lasts a year. Same goes for a $9.90 kettle, sandwich maker and bread toaster.

Giant appliances are literally labelled “Giant”, and shouldn’t be confused with “My Choice” stuff. That’s actually by PowerPac, another budget brand that you can consider if you die-die need some sort of brand.


More random household items

Because Giant is a huge hypermarket chain, it’d be impossible for me to list down all the “worth it” buys here, but here are a few I spotted:

  • Toothbrush $0.80
  • Face towel (28x28cm) $1.90
  • Black trash bags 30s $4.05
  • Dehumidifier (3 x 600ml) $4.95
  • Bath towel $6.90
  • Extension cords $10.90 & up

In short, Giant is great for buying random household stuff that you need, but don’t really care about. Remember, it’s a budget store, so the cheap price tag takes precedence over quality.


Where to buy – Giant Tampines & other outlets

Most of these items (especially the furniture and electronics) are found at the Giant Hypermarkets. The supermarkets and express stores are smaller with a more limited range.

These are the 8 hypermarket locations:

  • Vivocity #B1-23/#01-23, open 10am to 10pm (Mon to Fri) & 9am to 10pm (Sat & Sun)
  • Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01, open 8am to 12am (Sun to Thu) & 8am to 2am (Fri to Sat)
  • Suntec City Mall #B1-152 to 159, open 9am to 10pm (daily)
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre #B1-25, open 9am to 10.30pm (Sun to Thu) & 9am to 11pm (Sat & Sun)
  • Pioneer Mall #03-01, open 8am to 11pm (daily)
  • Parkway Parade #03-27 to 28, open 9am to 10pm (daily)
  • IMM #01-100, open 9am to 11pm (Mon to Thu), 8am to 11pm (Fri & Sun) & 8am to 12am (Sat)
  • Grandstand #01-01, open 9am to 10pm (daily)

Check the official Giant page for the list of all 60 Giant outlets (hypermarket, supermarket and express). 


Where to buy – Giant Online Singapore

Alternatively, you can order your Giant goodies online.

Delivery is $7 for all orders under $59 (anything above is free).

Are you a fan of Giant supermarkets in Singapore? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!



Featured photo credit to via Instagram.