Escape Rooms Singapore Price Guide — Freeing SG, Xcape, Trapped and More

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I’ve been afraid of the dark since young, and recently while exploring a tunnel overseas, I discovered that I’m claustrophobic too. Escape rooms are an unholy marriage of the two, so needless to say, I think of them as the work of Satan.

And although I don’t understand it, many people will pay to be trapped in a series of rooms with their friends, tasked to escape in under an hour. If you’re one of these crazy people, this price guide is for you.


Price guide to the top escape rooms in Singapore

Escape room in Singapore Off-peak price (per pax) Peak price (per pax)  Game duration  Max group size 
The Escape Artist  $20 (Mon to Fri, before 6pm)  $25 (Sat, Sun and PH, and weekdays after 6pm)  60 min 8 pax
Lost SG  $21.90 (Mon to Fri, before 5.45pm)  $27.90 (Sat, Sun and PH, and weekdays after 5.45pm)  60 min 8 to 12 pax
Lockdown Escape $22 (Mon to Fri, before 7pm) $25 (Sat, Sun and PH, and weekdays after 7pm)  60 min 8 pax
Captivate  $22 (Mon to Thu) $26 (Fri to Sun and PH)  75 min 12 pax 
Xcape  $22 to $32 (Mon to Thu, before 6pm)  $28 to $38 (PH, Fri to Sun, and Mon to Thu after 6pm)  75 to 120 min  8 to 10 pax 
Trapped SG $22.90 (Mon to Fri, before 6pm)  $24.90 (Sat, Sun and PH, and weekdays after 6pm)  60 min 10 pax
Freeing SG  $26 (Mon to Thu) $29 (Fri to Sun and PH)  60 min 6 pax 
The Escape Hunt Experience $28 to $38, depending on no. of pax  60 min 7 pax

Cheapest off-peak rates — The Escape Artist ($20)

Cheapest peak rates – Trapped SG ($24.90), The Escape Artist ($25) and Lockdown Escape ($25)

Best for small groups — The Escape Artist (From $20), doesn’t merge groups (min 2 pax)

Best for big groups — Lost SG (from $21.90) and Captivate (from $22), both accommodate up to 12 pax


The Escape Artist at Harbourfront (from $20/pax)

Located at Telok Blangah House at Harbourfront, The Escape Artist is the cheapest escape room in Singapore. They charge $20 (off-peak), $25 (peak). Each game is 60 minutes, which is pretty standard.

They only have 4 games — Count Dracula, Flash Point, Last Light and Zombie Apocalypse Outpost — but they cover the popular genres of hero rescue missions, zombie-fighting and horror.

The best part about The Escape Artist is that they don’t merge groups, even for groups as small as 2 pax. You pay the same price, and will have the room all to yourself.

This is not advised though, because the rooms are designed for bigger groups, you may end up being unable to escape, and waste your money instead.

The Escape Artist address: 52 Telok Blangah Road, Telok Blangah House, #01-01, Singapore 098 829


Lost SG Escape Room at Peace Centre (from $21.90/pax)

Lost SG is located at Peace Centre, which is relatively inconvenient compared to the rest which are usually located at a mall near an MRT station. Off-peak rates are $21.90 /pax, and peak rates are $27.90/pax.

The good thing about Lost SG is that most of their games accommodate up to 12 pax, which is great for big groups.

Most of the other rooms (which hold up to 8 pax) will require you split up the party, which is not ideal. Different room, where got fun?!

Lost SG has 5 games, mostly themed around thrill, mystery and horror. I’ve never tried it (duh), but their website looks pretty darn scary, blood stains and all.

Lost SG address: Peace Centre 1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03 Singapore 228 149


Lockdown Escape at Orchard Gateway (from $22/pax)

Planning a day out for Junior? Lockdown Escape may be a good choice. In general, the games are more kid-friendly. The storylines centre around this cutesy bear (the brand mascot) and his adventures, and there aren’t any horror-themed ones.

The prices are reasonable too: it’s $22 (off-peak) and $25 (peak).

Lockdown Escape at Orchard Gateway also has VR escape room games, but the rates are slightly higher (from $24 off peak and $30 peak).

Lockdown Escape address: 277 Orchard Road
#02-02, Singapore 238 858


Captivate Escape Room at Singapore Shopping Centre (from $22/pax)

Based on online reviews, Captivate Escape Room at Singapore Shopping Centre seems one of the better escape rooms in Singapore. It’s actually an international brand — they are in Singapore, Australia, Italy, Canada, UK and South Africa — and their games are designed by puzzle designers and a psychology PHD.

Rates start at $22 for off-peak hours, but are very reasonable for peak hours ($26).Games are also 75 minutes long (instead of 60 minutes), so you get a little more play time.

The website lists the games available, along with their reviews and escape rates, with and without hints. You can take a look before choosing one of a suitable difficulty for you and your friends. If you like picking your brain and solving mysteries, you’ll like Captivate. There are 7 games in total, 2 of which are crime solving ones where you play the CSI and FBI agents.

Captivate Escape Room address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-28, Singapore 239 924


Xcape Singapore Escape Room at Bugis Village (from $22/pax)

Xcape is the biggest and first escape room in Singapore. I’ve actually played one of their games when they first launched, and was terrified out of my wits when we had to crawl into a “coffin” to retrieve clues. Peer pressure is a horrible thing.

Xcape is located at Bugis Village, and they have 13 games in total. That’s significantly more than the other brands, so if you have a last minute booking and everywhere else is full, you can try your luck here.

There’s also a good mix of genres, like the child-friendly Kungfu Panda, adventure-themed Tomb Raider and super scary Annabelle.

The prices are steeper though. It’s $22 to $32 during off-peak hours, and $28 to $38 during peak hours. The price depends on the game you choose, because the playtime varies from 75 minutes to 90 minutes.

Only Shanghai 1943 (an RPG game) is 120 minutes and $48 per pax.

Xcape Escape Room address: 161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188 436


Trapped SG at SCAPE (from $22.90/pax)

Trapped SG is an escape room at Somerset, SCAPE. I frequent the mall quite often and absolutely hate walking past the complex — it’s got scary life-sized dolls at the entrance and creepy decor.

Standard prices are actually $28.90 per pax, but at the time of writing there is promo code “rush” that scores you $6 off off-peak rates and $4 off peak rates. That comes up to $22.90 (off-peak) and $24.90 (peak). That makes Trapped SG the cheapest escape room for weekends.

Students can score a special price of $18.90 with their student pass and promo code “student18”. The rules specify that students must be under 21 though, so don’t bother digging up your dusty student pass for this.

Trapped also has tie-ups with SAFRA, Popular, HomeTeamNS, Nebo, where members get 20% off minimum 4 pax too. You can check for the promo codes on the Trapped SG promotions page here.

Trapped SG address: 2 Orchard Link, #02-20 SCAPE, Singapore 237 978


Freeing SG Escape Room at Plaza Singapura (from $26/pax)

Freeing Singapore is one of the most popular escape rooms in Singapore, and is located at Plaza Singapura. There are 7 games in total, and they’re mostly adventure quest-themed, with the exception of the Old Changi Hospital game — a horror mission with a local twist. Yikes.

The games are 60 minutes long, and the max capacity for each room is surprisingly small at just 6 pax.

Prices are on the high side: They’re usually $32 (off-peak) and $38 (peak), and even during promotional periods (such as now), it’s $26 (off peak) and $29 (peak). If you play 2 or 3 times within the same day, you get $2 or $4 off respectively.

Students and NSFs get the best prices of $20 (off peak) and $26 (peak). Understandably, the same-day promotion is less attractive (because their prices are already low). For multiple times per day, just $2 off the 2nd and 3rd game.

Freeing Singapore address: 68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura, #07, 08A, Singapore 238 839


The Escape Hunt Experience at Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall (from $28/pax)

Last on this list is The Escape Hunt Experience, which is at Concord Hotel & Shopping Mall. Unlike the rest, the prices are fixed throughout the day and week, so no off-peak and peak hour differentiation.

Instead, the prices differ according on your party size. Like The Escape Artist, they don’t merge groups (so you’ll never play with strangers), but they do charge you a premium for the privacy.

Although you won’t have to book out the entire room, you prices do get more expensive as you group size shrinks.

No. of pax Price per pax
2 $38
3 $33
4 $30
5 to 7 $28

The maximum capacity is 7 pax, which is quite small too. They have 2 of the same rooms for each game though, so if say, you come in a group of 10, you can split 5-5 and play the same storyline but in different rooms.

Less fun, but better than nothing.

The Escape Hunt Experience address: 100 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238 840


Have you tried any of these escape rooms in Singapore? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!