7 Places to Get Cheap Halloween Costumes in Singapore

cheap halloween costumes singapore

If you’re celebrating Halloween in Singapore, don’t even think of knocking on people’s doors to ask for candy – unless you want them to complain to their MPs at the next Meet the People session.

Halloween in Singapore just isn’t like that, unless you’re living in an expat enclave filled with ladies who lunch when their kids are away at international school.

But that doesn’t mean you should show up at the bar or club on Halloween in your standard G2000 outfit, unless it’s part of your office zombie costume.

At the various Halloween parties going on on the 28th of October this year, showing up suitably bedecked in an appropriately scary (or sexy/weird) costume might snag you free entry at the door or free drinks.

This year, Zouk Singapore is giving out best dressed prizes which include a pair of air tickets to Athens, while Clarke Quay will be hosting its usual annual Halloween Party. Actually, virtually all of the bigger bars and clubs will be organising their own Halloween parties. And of course there’s USS Halloween Horror Nights 2019, where the entire park joins the dark side.

For those on a budget, that doesn’t have to mean turning up as a mummy wrapped in toilet paper. Here’s where you can put together a convincing Halloween costume on a budget.



Before buying anything, always first check if Daiso has it. At $2 for everything, their prices are one thing you can’t complain about. They’re known to have an extensive Halloween section when the season comes around stocked with devil hairbands, angel wings, dramatic false eyelashes, wigs and pumpkin buckets for storing candies. There are also ready-made costumes for kids.

Also, you can get various materials to make DIY Halloween costumes. For instance, thread some elastic bands through punched holes and you’ve got a Batman mask. You might not be taking home any best-dressed prizes, but at least you’d have spent less than $10.

Address: See all Daiso locations in Singapore here



Too lazy to DIY? Do things the lazy way by buying an entire costume on Taobao. You can get anything from Halloween pumpkin suits to scary nun outfits for about 44 to 130 RMB, which is an affordable $9 to $26.

Halloween Costumes on Taobao

To make hiring an agent and shipping everything to Singapore worthwhile, load up on ridiculous Halloween costumes for your entire crew. Use our MoneySmart Taobao guide to help make your shopping experience easier.

The quality might not be the best, but it’s not like this is something you’ll be wearing every day. Unless…

Address: www.taobao.com



So, you’re someone who actually knows how to sew and are determined to make your own kickass costume? Then hit up Spotlight, which is a crafters’ paradise. You can buy fabric, sewing tools sand craft supplies at fair prices there.

For those who cannot create anything without the help of a computer, Spotlight also sells ready-made costumes at reasonable prices, with kids’ costumes costing about $25 to $30, and adults’ costumes selling for about $30 to $90. The key is to buy well before (or after) Halloween when they offer generous discounts.

Address: Level 5 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839



Let’s face it, we’re all so busy that spending an entire post-work evening travelling to a costume store to try on outfits is a bit too much to ask. Funidelia lets you save your free time by enabling you to browse their online catalogue of costumes for purchase during office hours, and then getting them to deliver the outfit to your doorstep.

While some of the costumes for adults cost over $100, there are others that cost as little as $40. The trick is to stay away from the expensive Star Wars and Disney costumes and go for more generic get-ups. Or you could save even more money by skipping full costumes in favour of wigs and masks.

Address: www.funidelia.sg


Costumes ‘N’ Parties

This is one of Singapore’s better known and biggest costume stores, with an outlet conveniently located very near Clarke Quay and the CBD. Unlike Funidelia, Costumes ‘N’ Parties rents out rather than sells their full costumes. Items for sale are mostly limited to accessories.

What sets Costumes ‘N’ Parties apart from other costume shops in Singapore is the fact that their range is so vast you can find the most ridiculously specific outfits, from Cruella De Vil to Fred Flintstone costumes. They even have a Sun Ho-inspired geisha get-up!

Of course, you’ll pay a price to get those specific character costumes: it generally costs at least $50 to rent an outfit, with some of the more elaborate ones going for over $100. That being said, some of the Halloween costumes are so good it might be worth the extra cash.

Address: Havelock II, Unit #02-16/17/18, 2 Havelock Road, Singapore 059763


Otaku House

Screw Disney. Your idea of the ultimate Halloween costume is to dress up as Princess Mononoke. Then, head to Otaku House.

Dress up as your favourite anime character with a costume from Otaku House. Halloween costumes are available for purchase or rent.

You can buy a pretty decent costume for about $40 to $65 (eg. Pokemon Ash, Naruto Akatsuki cloak, schoolgirl costumes) and fulfill your cosplayer dream.

Address: Plaza Singapura, #07-13B, 68 Orchard Road / Suntec City, #02-475, 3 Temasek Boulevard


Costume City

Costume City is yet another shop with costumes for sale and rent. This store is great for those on a budget as they sell elaborate, scary-as-hell masks for $27.99.

Otherwise, entire costumes cost about $60 to purchase on average . Their range, if not as extensive as Costumes ‘N’ Parties’, is extensive nonetheless, and if you’ve got cash to burn they’ve got some impressive Steampunk accessories that look like they belong in a museum.

Address: 203 Henderson Rd, #09-03, Singapore 159546

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Tell us in the comments!


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Image credit: Bernard Oh via Flickr