6 Singaporean Halloween Costumes For 2017 That Cost Less Than $50

6 Singaporean Halloween Costumes For 2017 That Cost Less Than $50

Singaporeans embrace Halloween almost as warmly as they do Christmas, as evidenced by the number of people queuing to get into Zouk’s annual Halloween party and Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights event.

Dressing up as your favourite ghoul, serial killer, anime character or sexy [insert occupation] may make you the belle / beau of the ball, but renting costumes costs quite a bit of money.

We’ve solved the problem for you: Here are six Singaporean Halloween costumes you can put together at the last minute for almost nothing.


Sun Ho

People routinely dress up as Michael Jackson on Halloween, so why not Sun Ho? She is an international popstar after all…. Just cake it on with the help of Xiaxue’s Sun Ho makeup tutorial, after which all you need are some hair clips to recreate her dishevelled, come-hither hairdo. If you don’t have an oriental-looking top, borrow one from a banquet waitress friend.

If people don’t recognise you, just say you’re Mulan.

mulan makeup halloween


Local politician

The signature outfit of the men in white is quite easy to recreate. All you need is a basic short-sleeved white shirt and white pants. Don’t have any? Borrow an old school uniform from someone who went to RI, SJI, Gan Eng Seng Secondary or some other school with an all-white uniform. Print out your little party logo, stick it on your shirt and you’ll look ready to run your own Meet the People session.



There are all types of ghouls and spooks out there, but one of the cheapest to dress up as without having to slather your face in makeup is the humble bedsheet ghost. Just get a cheap white sheet from Ikea, cut holes where your eyes should be and you’re ready to rumble. As an added bonus, you might get carded if you’re going to the Zouk Halloween Party, which after a certain age is definitely a compliment. And yes, this is the very same costume you probably tried to wear as a kid before your parents went nuts upon discovering that you cut holes in the bedsheet.

ghost fail halloween

And who says this type of ghost is not Singaporean? You ever seen a Singaporean ghost?


Ah pek

The Singaporean ah pek, in his white singlet, shorts and blue and white Tai Sing slippers, is a national icon, and all the items you need can probably be found at home, or at your parents’ home if you no longer live with your father. If you’re going for a Halloween party at a bar, your drink of choice should be Tiger beer. Try to convince them to serve it with a plastic bucket of ice, too.

ppap gif


Chinese vampire / Jiang shi

The beauty about being a jiang shi is that you don’t really need to dress up so long as you act the part. So stick your arms out in front of you and hop, don’t walk.  And don’t forget to stick that slip of paper with Chinese characters on your forehead, just so nobody mistakes you for a zombie or some lesser type of ghoul.

jiang shi halloween singapore


Getai singer

Everyone has some items in their closet they’re rather keep hidden. But it is precisely these articles of clothing that you want to put on, in all their colour-clashing glory, preferably all at the same time.  The louder and more garish your ensemble, the more likely you are to win the hearts and minds of uncles and aunties everywhere. Plus, given the prominent role of getai during the hungry ghost festival, it might not just be mere mortals you’re attracting.

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!