Affordable Birthday Cakes of Every Type – Price List of Singapore’s Bakeries

birthday cakes in singapore

These days, people have a lot of expectations when it comes to birthday cakes. It’s not enough to show up with a Bengawan Solo cake or, worse, a Breadtalk cake in your arms. Nope, people want cakes that make them cry tears of joy at the first look or bite.

Luckily for every single Singaporean celebrating their birthday this year, we’ve got a ton of cake shops competing to sell birthday cakes that are not only delicious, but Instagrammable as well.

Not sure where to look? Decide what type of cake you want, then check out these famous cake shops in Singapore that everyone’s dying to order from.


  1. Best fruit cake in Singapore – PrimaDeli ($30.80)
  2. Best chocolate birthday cake in Singapore – Awfully Chocolate Cake ($34)
  3. Best cheesecake in Singapore – Cat and the Fiddle ($35.90)
  4. Best durian birthday cake in Singapore – Emicakes ($36.80)
  5. Best ice-cream birthday cake in Singapore – Island Creamery ($38)
  6. Birthday cake with name and photo – The Cake Shop ($62.90)
  7. Cake delivery Singapore (from $5.90)


Best fruit cake in Singapore – PrimaDeli ($30.80)

Prima Deli fruit cakes Price
Fruit Flan (regular) $30.80
Fruit Flan (1kg) $43.80
Mango Delight (regular) $34.80
Mango Delight (1kg) $47.80
Peach & Longan Delight (regular) $30.80
Peach & Logan Delight (1kg) $43.80

PrimaDéli is becoming as ubiquitous as Breadtalk or Cedele these days, with 12 outlets and probably more on the way.

They’ve got a pretty huge range of cakes at affordable prices, including everything from cartoon character cakes for kids to wedding cakes. So they’re a good one-stop-shop if you’re too lazy to source for birthday cakes each time you’ve got an impending special occasion on your hands.

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Their classic fruit cakes are crowd pleasers, and feature tropical fruits like mangos and longans in addition to the usual strawberries, peaches and kiwis.

Fruit Flan ($30.80 regular, $43.80 1kg) features strawberry, kiwi, longan, peach, pineapple and almond flakes on a base of vanilla sponge, layered with vanilla custard cream. If you’re a mango lover, there is the Mango Delight($34.80 regular, $47.80 1kg), a flavourful mango cake topped with strawberries.

The Peach and Longan Delight ($30.80 regular, $43.80 1kg) has longan and peach slices on a bed of vanilla sponge cut through with layers of vanilla fresh cream and diced longan fillings.

One good thing about PrimaDéli is that their birthday cakes are generally cheaper than what you’d find at fancier boutique cake shops.

The regular size feeds about 6 to 8 people while the 1kg feeds about 10 to 15 people.

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Best chocolate cake in Singapore – Awfully Chocolate Cake ($34)

Awfully Chocolate birthday cakes Price
All Chocolate Cake (6-inch) $34
All Chocolate Cake (8-inch) $68
Chocolate Espresso Cake (2kg) $138
Chocolate Banana Cake (6-inch) $36
Chocolate Banana Cake (8-inch) $72

The mere mention of Awfully Chocolate can send some sweet-toothed Singaporeans into catatonia. In today’s fickle F&B landscape, cake shops open and close more regularly than the MRT breaks down. Yet Awfully Chocolate has managed to survive for over 20 years.

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As their name suggests, Awfully Chocolate specialises in all things chocolate. They’ve got many exotic permutations of the classic chocolate cake, which is perfect for those with more complicated tastes.

The All Chocolate Cake ($34 for 6 inch, $68 for 8 inch) is just straight-up dark chocolate, laced with chocolate fudge. For something more exotic, go for the Chocolate Espresso Cake ($138). Caffeine addicts will get the jitters at the sight of this smooth 2kg slab of dark chocolate cake laced with chocolate espresso ganache and white chocolate glaze.

The Awfully Chocolate’s Chocolate Banana Cake ($36 6-inch, $72 8-inch) is for anyone who ever loved Bengawan Solo’s classic banana cake. This soft, moist chocolate cake interspersed with two layers of fresh banana is a big upgrade.

Awfully Chocolate delivery charge: $10.70. Surcharge may apply for remote areas.

Delivery lead time: Orders placed before 4pm will be delivered the next day. Orders placed after 4pm will be delivered in 2 days.

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Best cheesecake in Singapore – Cat and the Fiddle ($35.90)

Cat and the Fiddle birthday cakes Price
Over the Moon (Classic New York cheesecake) $35.90
Sweet and Smokey Taffy (Salted caramel cheesecake) $38.90
Maneki Neko (Yuzu and lemon cheesecake) $45.90

Hey diddle diddle! Chocolate is great nice and all, but what if you’re a cheesecake kinda person? Cat and the Fiddle has made a name for itself as a cheesecake specialist, with unique flavours you won’t find anywhere else.

Many of their recipes are Asian-inspired, which means you could find yourself wolfing down a cheesecake flavoured with durian or yuan yang coffee and tea.

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At Cat and the Fiddle, you can find a classic New York cheesecake, Over the Moon, or go for something more exotic like Maneki Neko – a yuzu and lemon cheesecake inspired by Japanese pastries.

The Sweet and Smokey Taffy cheesecake is a hot favourite, probably due to Singaporeans’ ongoing obsession with salted caramel. Expect a base of crushed oreo biscuits topped with sea salt toffee and crowned with dense cream cheese.

Cat and the Fiddle delivery charge: $5.90, free for orders above $90

Delivery lead time: next day

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D24 Durian Cake – Emicakes Singapore ($36.80)

Emicakes durian birthday cakes  Price
D24 Durian Indulgence (15cm) $36.80
Mao Shan Wang (15cm) $88
Premium D24 (20cm) $190

Do you always check if there’s durian flavour every time you order gelato? Do you love the scent of the spiky fruit at Geylang during durian season? Do you wish durians weren’t banned on the MRT? Then you’ll be glad to know Emicakes exists.

While they’ve got chocolate cakes, fruit cakes and more, you’ll want to make a beeline for their durian cakes, which include the D24 and Mao Shan Wang varieties.

Emicakes offers one of the most affordable durian birthday cakes. The D24 Durian Indulgence ($36.80 for 15cm) have fillings made with fresh durian flesh layered with vanilla chiffon, suitable for those who like D24’s strong flavour.

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The Mao Shan Wang is pricier but comes with two layers of durian filling made with the premium grade Mao Shan Wang.

And if you’re feeling decadent, you can double the fun. The Premium D24 ($190 for 20cm) cake is made with two big, bad layers of premium D24 filling.

Emicakes delivery charge: $8 for standard delivery; $30 for same-day delivery

Delivery lead time: Same-day for selected cakes only if orders are placed by 2:30pm on Mon to Sat; otherwise 3-4 working days; customised cakes 7 working days

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Best ice cream cake in Singapore – Island Creamery ($38)

Island Creamery ice-cream cakes Price
Baked Alaska (berry ice-cream flavour) $38
Reverso (chocolate flavour) $38
Mud Pie (cookies & cream, burnt caramel and reverso) $48

The popularity of ice cream cakes in Singapore is understandable given the climate. And as far as ice cream shops go, Island Creamery is one of the chains that’s most beloved by fresh-faced students.

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They also make ice cream birthday cakes that are more than just globs of ice cream moulded into cake form. They’ve also got a kid-friendly selection that features, for instance, the infamous Minions.

Their ice cream cakes tend to be less sugary and cloying than regular cakes, which make them suitable for people who don’t like ultra-sweet desserts.

The 8-inch Baked Alaska is a hot favourite, and features their very berry ice cream flavour smothered under meringue. Reverso cake features their ever-popular Reverso ice cream flavour combined with fresh cream, sponge fingers and chocolate balls.

Mud Pie ($48) – Their best-selling 8-inch mud pie is made of three layers of some of their most popular ice cream flavours, cookies and cream, burnt caramel and Reverso.

Island Creamery delivery charge: $25, $35 for Sentosa

Delivery lead time: 3 days

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Birthday cake with name and photo – The Cake Shop ($62.90)

So, it’s not enough for the birthday boy or girl to have a picture of Elsa or a Minion plastered across his or her birthday cake. They need to have their own face on it, too.

Then head to The Cake Shop, which specialises in customised cakes that feature the birthday boy or girl’s name and photo. Their photo image cakes allow the recipient to have his or her face imprinted beside Disney characters and superheros. Or, if you prefer, they can also do caricatures based on photos provided by you.

Here are some of The Cake Shop’s photo image cakes:

  • Cover Page ($62.90): Have your head photoshopped onto the cover of Men’s Health! Don’t worry, they don’t have to use your real body.
  • Colour Portrait Rockstar ($85.90): Live out your Kurt Cobain fantasies with a caricature of yourself as a rockstar.
  • Princess and Me ($62.90): Your kid will be depicted surrounded by six dancing Disney princesses.

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The Cake Shop delivery charge: $10, free for orders of $70 and above

Delivery lead time: 3 days

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Cake delivery Singapore (from $5.90)

As luck would have it, all of the above cake shops can deliver their sweet treats right to your doorstep.

Here’s a quick overview in case you totally forgot it was your 10th anniversary and need a cake asap.

6 bakeries that offer cake delivery in Singapore

Bakery/Confectionery Delivery charge
Awfully Chocolate $10.70
Island Creamery $25

$35 for Sentosa

Cat and the Fiddle $5.90

Free for orders above $90

PrimaDéli $8 for Mon to Thu

$10 for Fri, Sat, eve of PH and PH

$20 for festive periods

Emicakes $8 for standard delivery

$30 for same-day delivery