The Ultimate MoneySmart Singapore Taxi Fare Guide 2015

singapore taxi guide

Taking a taxi in Singapore is so convenient. Except when you really need one, of course. Then they’re generally nowhere to be found. When one does show up? You start panicking and wondering if it’s one of those limousine cabs that end up costing you more.

Here’s a quick and dirty breakdown of the taxis in Singapore, their flag down rates and booking fees. We aren’t listing the more expensive options like the Chryslers and some of the Merc cabs for obvious reasons (even foreigners have learnt to avoid them like the plague), but at a base level it looks like this:

taxi guide singapore

Distance fares

Majority of taxis in Singapore, regardless of company follow the same basic distance fares.

  • 22 cents for every 400m above 1km, up till 10km
  • 22 cents for every 350m above 10km
  • 22 cents for every 45 seconds of waiting

The exceptions, of course, are the premium taxis (such as MPVs and limousines).

  • Comfort, Premier, Trans-Cab and SMRT’s MPVs and limousines are 30 cents.
  • Prime’s Toyota Vellfire and SMRT’s Chrysler 300C are 33 cents.


Other charges

These charges apply across the board for all taxis in Singapore, regardless of type.

  • Hired within CBD Area (5pm to 12midnight) – $3 (on top of peak period surcharge)
  • Midnight Surcharge (Midnight to 6am) – 50% of metered fare
  • Peak Period (Monday to Friday excl Pub Hol – 6am to 9.30am and Everyday: 6pm to Midnight) – 25% of metered fare


Taxi Booking Apps

Taxi companies like Comfort, Trans-Cab and SMRT have their own booking apps, but honestly, it seems only appropriate for the kiasu cab rider, especially with 3rd party apps having a larger driver base. Some of the available apps on the market include:



It has no extra charges and no cancellation charges. It currently has the largest driver base, but also has a large user base to compete with.


It favours SMRT taxis, but doesn’t charge extra for booking. However, cancellations after 2 minutes will be penalised with a charge of $2.


It has an UberTaxi feature which doesn’t charge extra. Do note that currently, not many taxis use this service. Cancellations after 5 minutes will be penalised with a charge of $2.


What is your preferred taxi company? Do you have any advice to share when it comes to interacting with taxi companies? Leave your comments here!