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I am the poster boy for reinventing one's self. I've been a broadcast journalist, technical writer, banking customer service officer and a Catholic friar. My life experiences have made me the most cynical idealist you'll ever meet, which is why I'm also the co-founder of a local pop culture website. I believe ignorance is not bliss, and that money is the root of all evil only if you allow it to be.

What To Look Out For When Buying Travel Insurance in Singapore
Travel Insurance
What To Look Out For When Buying Travel Insurance in Singapore (2022)
Buying travel insurance in Singapore is something a lot of us take for granted. Few of us bother to buy travel insurance ahead of time, and even fewer compare to...
2 days ago
refinancing home loan singapore
Home Loans
How to Refinance Your Home Loan in Singapore & Save Money on Your Mortgage
If your home loan is currently charging you more than 2.4% interest, you might be paying more than you need to, and should definitely consider refinancing. Refinancing your home loan...
26 March 2021
hps home protection scheme
Mortgage Insurance
Home Protection Scheme (HPS) for HDB Owners: What Does It Cover?
Besides their love for acronyms, the government also has a soft spot for schemes. And if you’re an HDB flat owner, the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) is one of the...
11 March 2021
CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) – Everything You Need to Know About Investing with CPF
CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) – Everything You Need to Know About Investing with CPF
One of the biggest complaints that Singaporeans have about their CPF savings is that we never actually see the money we’ve saved. Then there’s the other complaint — that the...
27 January 2021
debt consolidation plan
Personal Loans
Debt Consolidation Plans in Singapore – What Are They & How Do They Work?
In Singapore, we’re really helpful. When an accident happens on the road, we always slow down our vehicles to make sure that no one is seriously injured. In fact, so...
7 April 2020
skydiving travel insurance for adventurers
Travel Insurance
Extreme Sports Travel insurance Singapore: 6 Things To Take Note For Adventure Sports Lovers
We all know friends who are adrenaline junkies. Those who get kicks out of taking crazy risks and going on wild adventures all around the world. Heck, maybe you’re thinking:...
19 March 2020
sti etf singapore brokerage
The STI ETF Step-by-Step Guide – What Is It and How To Start Investing
When it comes to safeguarding your money from the effects of inflation, putting all your cash in a savings account isn’t the best idea. Money in the bank is like...
12 March 2020
renew coe renewal
COE Renewal After 10 Years – Car Owners, Should You Even Bother?
Singapore is probably the only country in the world where cars are so expensive that owning a Toyota Altis can be considered a luxury. If that wasn’t bad enough, your...
27 February 2020
standard chartered home loan 2018 singapore
Home Loans
Standard Chartered Home Loan Singapore Review 2019 – Which Mortgage to Choose from Standard Chartered
So, you’ve found your dream home, saved up enough money for the downpayment and are already planning to invite your friends and family to your housewarming party. But before you...
8 October 2019
cheapest car insurance singapore
Car Insurance
13 Cheapest Car Insurance Plans in Singapore (UPDATED 2019)
Getting a car in Singapore is a bit like having a fancy dinner. No matter how much you’re mentally prepared to spend money, when you see prices on the menu...
23 September 2019
haze subsidy scheme for haze in singapore
What Subsidies Can You Get in Singapore For Haze-Related Illnesses?
The haze is like the paparazzi. When it comes, you’re likely to be seen walking around dressed in a surgical mask and huge sunglasses to hide from it. Although the...
10 September 2019
health insurance aging elderly
Health Insurance
Health Insurance for Elderly: Is It Too Late to Get Health Insurance for Your Ageing Parents?
You know you’re old when you remember styrofoam McDonalds containers, mobile phones as heavy as bricks, and the $1 Singapore note from your childhood. But what about your parents?
10 July 2019
petrol station singapore
Credit Cards
5 Ways Singaporeans Can Decide What the Best Petrol Credit Card Is
The other night my friend and I were at our neighbourhood Esso station and I offered to pay for her petrol bill with my DBS Esso Mastercard for the rewards...
31 May 2019
singapore hdb flats
Singaporeans Buying Old, Trendy Hipster Flats, Are You Screwing Yourself?
Time can be a funny thing. Even here in Singapore, despite being a very young nation, time does gets to us. We were reminded in 2017 when Minister Lawrence Wong pointed...
24 May 2019
parking traffic fines singapore
No Parking Here: 5 Parking Fines in Singapore You May Not Know About
In Singapore, parking fines really add up if you don’t take caution. You know how tourists in Singapore think it’s a big joke when they buy a T-shirt that says...
25 March 2019
Pioneer Generation Card Subsidies
If You Think the Pioneer Generation Card Only Benefits Your Parents, You’re Wrong
By now you would’ve known someone with the Pioneer Generation Card. It could be your grandfather, your aunt, your mother-in-law. Remember in 2014/2015 when music videos in various Chinese dialects...
28 February 2019
The Best Data Plans from Singapore Telcos – SIM-only Plans vs Phone Plans (2019)
Singaporeans love mobile data, and telcos have been falling over themselves trying to outbid each other.
25 February 2019
ohr ocbc home loan singapore
Home Loans
OCBC’s Home Loans: What Was The OHR Rate All About?
Update 31 January 2019: OCBC is no longer offering OCBC Home Rate (OHR). It has stopped marketing home loans linked to OHR since July 2018. Current OCBC home loan packages...
31 January 2019
polytechnic salary singapore
Polytechnic Graduate Salary 2019: These Are The Highest Paying Industries for Polytechnic Graduates in Singapore
I grew up in a time when people assumed JC education was superior to Polytechnic education. After almost flunking my A-Levels and spending most of my 20s in University, I...
4 January 2019
second-hand cars singapore
Second-Hand Cars In Singapore – How Much Do You Have To Save Monthly?
There are days I wonder why so many Singaporeans insist on owning a car despite the ridiculous cost involved in purchasing one. Naturally, on those very same days, I am...
28 December 2018
diamond engagement rings singapore
Shopping For A Diamond Engagement Ring? Here Are 5 Financial Tips You Must Know
Sure, we live in an era where it’s cool and trendy to rebel against diamond engagement rings, but remember the dude in Guangzhou who bought 99 iPhones to propose to...
27 December 2018
ntuc income car insurance claims
Car Insurance
Car Insurance Claims – 6 Silly Things Singaporeans Do to Jeopardise Their Claims
This post was written in collaboration with NTUC Income. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same...
coe prices singapore 2018
COE Prices in Singapore Lowest in 8 Years – 5 Things This Tells Us
It’s been a strange, unpredictable year so far. No one could’ve predicted that Trump-Kim summit would happen. And no one could’ve predicted that COE prices would continue to fall in...
12 December 2018
safe driving tips ntuc income car insurance
Car Insurance
6 Driving Safety Tips to Help Protect You and Save You Money
This post was written in collaboration with Income. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective...
islamic banking
Islamic Banking Singapore – Banking and Islamic Investments for Muslims
Have you ever wondered how Sharia or Islamic law applies to financial decisions? The answer to that concern is: Islamic banking.
15 November 2018