5 High End Restaurants in Singapore with Good Valentine’s Day Deals

valentine's day dinner singapore

I have a bad habit of thinking out loud. I would constantly say random things like, “You’re not old enough for me to give up my seat“, “That outfit is a really creative way to recycle your old curtains” and “Damn, I look good standing next to you”. Speaking my mind isn’t usually a problem, except for the fact that I said those things while on a Valentine’s Day date, to my date. I thought things were going fine, until at dinner she excused herself to go to the toilet, and never came back.

If I had known that would happen, I wouldn’t have picked a restaurant that cost me $400 for dinner. Instead, I would have brought them to one of the five high-class restaurants on this list. Just in case it needs to be said, though, none of these restaurants are paying me to be included on this list. Their wallet-friendly Valentine’s Day promotions are the reason why they’re included.


1. For the budget-conscious couple – Town Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel

There’s really nothing classier than dining in one of Singapore’s top luxury hotels, enjoying the view of the Singapore River. But dining on the rooftop of The Lighthouse, situated on the 8th floor of the hotel might be a bit beyond your budget. The meal is priced at $800++ per couple, for crying out loud. Instead, why not eat at Town Restaurant, also at Fullerton Hotel?

Yes, it’s true that Town Restaurant doesn’t have quite the same stunning view of Singapore River and the skyline as The Lighthouse. But for only $88++ per person, you get to enjoy a buffet spread with oysters, scallops, foie gras and other classic aphrodisiacs. The buffet also includes sashimi, sushi, tempura, as well as a selection of meats that would satisfy any craving. Finally, the range of desserts include chocolate mousse cake and vanilla bourbon crème brulee. The restaurant even throws in two complimentary glasses of sparkling wine and a Polaroid photograph to take home.

Price: $88++ per person


2. For the hipster foodie couple – The Boathouse Restaurant

If you want to enjoy your view of the Singapore River in a more quaint, laid-back manner, consider The Boathouse Restaurant at the Fullerton Waterboat House. With a hint of French sophistication within the modernised historical landmark, The Boathouse Restaurant is at once intimate and homely.

For Valentine’s Day, a three-course meal priced at $88++ is the order of the day. Book early and get a special 1-for-1 Saint Valentine Cocktail. In keeping with their changing menu of seasonal items, they have not advertised the exact courses for the Valentine Chef Dinner, but their current menu gives you a choice between a pan-seared sea bass or rib eye. Places are limited, so if your idea of a romantic night out involves a superb location and wonderful ambience, book now.

Price: $88++ per person


3. For the “alcohol-tolerant” couple – TODAI, Marina Bay Sands

The international seafood buffet chain TODAI at Marina Bay Sands is bringing back their Valentine’s Day promotion of including free flow sparkling wine to their regular dinner buffet menu. While it may seem a little steep at $180++ per couple, consider that the free flow alcohol only adds $40 to their regular buffet price.

TODAI is most well-known for their Alaskan King crab legs and oysters, wide variety of sushi and sashimi, churrasco and dessert spread, especially the macarons. There’s definitely something for everyone.

As with any location in Marina Bay Sands, expect the ambience to be appropriately classy and “upscale”. TODAI is known for their massive and spacious dining area, so don’t expect your Valentine’s Day to be quiet or intimate. However, if your idea of a romantic date involves enjoying massive amounts of Korean and Japanese food, then definitely go all out at TODAI.

Price: $180++ per couple


4. For the old-school romantics – Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

If you’re all about the romance, there’s nothing quite like Alkaff Mansion. The majestic 19th century bungalow still retains its old-world colonial charm. The impressive interiors have made it both suitable as a place to hold weddings as well as go on super romantic dates. Situated in the middle of Telok Blangah Hill Park, your date can continue after dinner with a leisurely stroll among the greenery

Depending on your evening plans, you can go with the 4-course dinner menu between 6pm to 7.30pm or the 5-course dinner menu between 8.30pm to 10.30pm. Of course, if you need to decide based on your budget, the 4-course meal is priced at $98++ per person, while the 5-course meal at $118++ per person. For both meals, expect scallops, gnocchi with lobster, and short ribs or cod fillet for the main. Dessert is a pistachio soufflé.

The difference between the 4-course and 5-course menus is that you have to pick which main you want in the 4-course meal. You get both mains in the 5-course meal. There’s also a complimentary gift worth $40 for those eating the 4-course meal, while the 5-course meal includes a complimentary glass of Rose instead. Do take note of the timings!

Price: $98++ (4-course) or $118++ (5-course) per person.


5. For the party couple – Sear, Fifty Raffles Place

If your idea of romance is a great steak, then the newly opened Sear at Fifty Raffles Place is the place to fall in love again. Their three-course Valentine’s Day menu allows you to experience the joy of a grilled Canadian tenderloin. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the Spanish rice stew with Canadian lobster and chorizo instead. Start the meal with a choice of oysters, scallops or corn soup as a starter, and complete it with a raspberry soufflé or a double chocolate mudcake.

The price of the meal depends on your seating time. For 6pm seating, it’s $108++ per person, while for 8.30pm seating, it’s $138++ per person. However, if you book early, you can get a discount of $20 per person.

And if your idea of a great Valentine’s Day date is a party, right next to Sear is Empire, a high-end ultra lounge, opening at 10pm. Dress in red, to signify you’re already taken and get house pours at $9 each. Singles who wear green get house pours for only $7. Regardless of status, ladies enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne at entry.

Price: $108++ (6pm seating) or $138++ (8.30pm seating)

Normally, we would remind you to charge the meal your best dining credit card but unfortunately most dining discounts don’t apply to these Valentine’s Day promotional menus. Since you’re still going to be spending a fair bit, consider using a good cashback credit card or an air miles credit card to earn something for yourself.

Which restaurant are you going to be spending Valentine’s Day at? Let us know.