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How Does The Average 30-Year Old Compare to Mark Zuckerberg?


Mark Cheng



Getting married, buying a house, advancing your career, and maybe if you have the time (and money) to think about it, having a kid. The average 30 year old certainly has a lot of big life issues to deal with in this day and age, regardless of where you live.

Well, someone else who’s turning 30 (believe it or not) is everyone’s favourite billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. Sure, he doesn’t really have to worry about buying a house, or rather, he’s probably more concerned with how many swimming pools he needs to put into his house. But just how does he compare to the average 30 year old?

Mashable did a nice little infographic comparing him to the average American 30 year old. While we may live in a different country altogether, you may notice some similarities. It’s ok, we won’t make you divulge the real amount of time you spend on Facebook (they already know anyway).

Here’s their comparison:

Image: Mashable Infographics


Ok that was depressing. Well, at least we share the same first name.


You can read the original article here.

What are your thoughts on the average 30 year old American male? Are you secretly hoping Mark Zuckerburg dumps a load of cash to acquire your company too? Share your thoughts here!


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