3 Painful Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay a Single Cent for SingTel’s mioTV

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Nothing brings Singaporeans together faster than the mutual feeling of being screwed over. Yes, injustice is a powerful unifier. It’s a force that has the power to topple even the most powerful institutions.

Am I speaking about political or social injustice in Singapore? Ah, no. I’m speaking about another form of injustice that Singaporeans have been living with for far too long – crappy television service courtesy of Singtel’s Mio TV.

Those of you who are chained to a Mio TV contract will be familiar with the prime reasons why you should avoid it like you would H1N1.

For those of you who have yet to experience the horrors of Mio TV, here are 3 painful reasons why you should avoid it:


1. Because You Can’t Watch TV (Especially Football) Without Technical Issues Screwing It Up

This is by far the biggest complaint Singaporeans have when it comes to Mio TV. Seriously, I have yet to run into someone who hasn’t experienced technical issues such as the infamous “screen freeze” on a regular basis when watching football matches on TV.

But here’s the worst part – you’re paying an outrageous amount of money ($59.90) monthly to watch the English Premier League (EPL) only to have the screen screw up half the time. That’s ridiculous!

Seriously, if Mio TV can’t deliver a single EPL match without screen glitches and freezing, what makes you think it can show an interruption-free World Cup 2014?

I don’t know about you, but I think making people pay $112.35 to watch the World Cup is a bit like extortion, especially when you consider that some nations watch the World Cup for FREE!

If I could watch a single match from start to finish without any technical difficulties, I’d be a lot less angry about it being extorted by Mio TV.


2. Because There’s Never a Good Explanation for Your Crappy TV Service

How bad have things become for Mio TV? Well, if you did a Google search for “Mio TV Sucks,” you’d find blogs, websites, and forums filled with customer horror stories going all the way back to 2010!

Think about it – it’s now 2014 and people are STILL complaining about the exact same problems that they were back in 2010!

If you’ve dealt with the experience of having to call up SingTel to complain about the technical issues during the middle of a football match like I have, you know that the customer service is OK.

“We’ll fix the problem as soon as we can” is what you’ll hear most of the time. But what you never hear is exactly WHY these problems pop up in the first place.

One thing is for sure – whatever is causing these technical problems certainly has NOT been fixed over the last few years, and there’s never an explanation as to why.


3. Because You Deserve Better Service for the Ridiculous Price You’re Paying

How much would you pay for TV service that constantly has signal problems, screen glitches, and screen freezing? What would you pay – $40, $30, or maybe $20 a month?

I tell you this; I wouldn’t pay a single cent for such crappy service.

However, the sad truth is that there are tens of thousands of Singaporeans who are paying $100+ every month to watch their favorite programs. But they can’t leave no matter how much Mio sucks – because of the 24-month contract.

As you’ve read from reason #2, you know that the level of service disruptions and technical issues hasn’t decreased since 2010.

But do you know what has increased? The price you pay for TV service.

In fact, if you watched the EPL through Mio TV back in 2010, the cost was ONLY $23 (excluding GST) per month. Now, it’s $59.90 per month. You do the math.


Is your experience with Singtel’s Mio TV better or worse than what’s described above? What do you think could be done better? Let’s hear your voice here.

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Comments (5)

  1. So why do suckers.. I mean people still stick with it? The only way the message gets through these corporates is through the wallet. If you choose to continue to pay for such bad service, then there’s no impetus for them to improve. Indeed, as track record shows, they have no qualms about increasing their rates because suckers continue to pay!

    Same theory goes for voting in a certain ruling party.

  2. Back then, MIOTV’s football channel freezes and glitches now and then while I’m paying $100+ monthly. Watching free online soccer streams also sometimes freezes and glitches but I pay $0 monthly. I ditched MIOTV the 1st day I could when my contract was up, and has never looked back since.

  3. I signed up with mio tv 3 months ago, largely for football. Personally haven’t experienced any problems. Expected more from this article, but to me this is a shallow, lame attempt with some very sweeping statements which make the author look juvenile, trying hard to incite readers.

    Come on Jeff, surely with your CV you can do better than this. You’re making yourself look bad.

    If this is the level of a senior writer, just reflects the standard of this site. I’m definitely not coming back, not to mention trusting them for advice on money matters.

  4. MioTV has killed my interest in soccer. I used to enjoy the broadcasts when Starhub was showing the EPL live. After Singtel bid a horrendous amount to get the rights to EPL, it has been going downhill all the way. How can a small country like Singapore pay the highest price in the world to watch the World Cup? Something is definitely wrong. How can the government allow Singtel to continue screwing up live soccer broadcasts? Its about time the government open up to competition and allow Singaporeans to subscribe to Astro or Indonesian TV. We will only need to pay a fraction of the costs for much better quality teleasts.

  5. While Chan is lucky, I have experienced what Jeff has shared with us. I stopped MIO’s subscription more than a year ago. The best thing, then, i was already out of contract for almost a year when I called in to stop my subscription and the singtel’s rep on the line asked me the reason for my cause to make the decision. When I told her its due to the frequent technical issues and disruption to my soccer channel, she had the cheek to tell me , ” I am afraid sir that is not an unacceptable reason to stopped your subscription..” i was like @#*?!! I am not under any contract anymore!!! … only then she said … oh OK . i will process for you…
    Still watching BPL though, just from the other ‘Green’ service provider.

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