Great Eastern Supreme Health Integrated Shield Plan Review 2019

Great Eastern Supreme Health Integrated Shield Plan Review

Great Eastern is one of seven insurers offering integrated shield plans.

An integrated shield plan dispels most of your worries about the cost of medical care. Many a Singaporean have been troubled about high costs of medical care when they fall seriously ill or get into a terrible accident.

Let’s see how the Great Eastern Supreme Health integrated shield plans measure up.


What are integrated shield plans?

Integrated shield plans are health insurance policies that are meant to work together with the MediShield Life coverage that all Singapore citizens and permanent residents have.

MediShield Life already offers a very basic level of health insurance coverage, but it is so limited that it might not effectively shield you from having to shell out huge amounts out-of-pocket for medical treatment.

Only only are you limited to using Class B2 and C wards at public/restructured hospitals when making MediShield Life claims, you also cannot make claims for pre- and post-hospitalisation medical costs which can sometimes be astronomical. What’s more, MediShield Life claims are subject to strict limits beyond which you must pay-out-pocket.

Integrated shield plans are meant to address the limitations of MediShield Life to offer you access to higher class wards and, depending on your plan, private hospitals. They also raise your claim limits considerably and enable you to make claims for pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses.


Great Eastern Supreme Health integrated plan premiums

Great Eastern Supreme Health Access to  Annual premium* Pre-hospitalisation cover Post-hospitalisation cover Annual coverage limit
B Plus Class B1 wards $310 (payable by Medisave) + 70 = $380 120 days 180 days $500,000
A Plus Class A  $310 (payable by Medisave) + $124 = $434 120 days 180 days $1,000,000
P Plus Private hospitals $310 (payable by Medisave) + $286 = $596 120 days 180 days $1,500,000

* For Singapore citizen aged 35

Great Eastern offers three tiers of integrated shield plans.

The lowest Tier, B Plus, offers access to Class B1 wards at public/restructured hospitals, one step above the Class B2 wards you can use with MediShield Life.

A Plus lets you use Class A wards at public/restructured hospitals.

And with a P Plus plan, you’ll be able to go to private hospitals.

Compared to the other insurers’ integrated shield plans, Supreme Health offers very attractive premiums. In fact, their premiums are some of the cheapest in Singapore for all three tiers.

Considering the price, the benefits they offer are decent, with 120/180 days pre-/post-hospitalisation treatment being quite average compared to what the other insurers are offering and pretty good annual coverage limits. All plans also provide 365 days of post-hospitalisation cover if patient is discharged from restructured hospital or with Certificate of Pre-authorisation from panel provider.


Great Eastern Supreme Health additional riders

Great Supreme Health can be supplemented with a rider to lower the deductible or co-insurance, so you pay less out-of-pocket whenever you make a claim:

  • GREAT TotalCare (Elite / Classic) – Limits co-payment to 5% of your bill and caps it at $3,000 per year. Offers 7 special benefits for out-of-hospital expenses. Also comes with additional benefits such as home healthcare benefit, hospice care benefit and companion accommodation
  • GREAT TotalCare Plus – Covers emergency and non-emergency medical treatment overseas. Other perks include comprehensive cancer treatment benefit, emergency assistance services and non-emergency overseas treatment coverage.


How does Great Eastern Supreme Health supplement MediShield Life coverage?

Great Supreme Health fills the gaps in MediShield Life’s coverage.

With one of these integrated shield plans, you no longer have to worry about your pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses not being covered, so long as they fall within the 120/180-365 days the plan covers you for.

Depending on which plan you buy, you can also stay at higher class wards or private hospitals. Using private hospitals can let you skip long queues or choose the doctor you wish to consult.


Should you get Great Eastern Supreme Health?

Great Eastern Supreme Health is probably the best plan out there for those who are budget conscious or simply looking for a plan that offers good value for money. You’ll get decent coverage at some of the lowest prices in town.

On the other hand, if you want the most comprehensive coverage in town, you can consider the highest tier plans by AIA HealthShield Gold Max, Prudential PruShield or Raffles Shield, but be prepared to pay more for the privilege.

Do you have any experience with Great Eastern Supreme Health? Share your reviews in the comments.


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