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4 Awesome Health and Diet Apps That Keep You in Shape and Save You Money

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Deep down inside, we all want to look great and have a beach body that turns heads. Some of us may not be born with natural genes that lend itself to having a slender body, but even more so than that, most of us aren’t blessed with the finances to pay through our noses for a personal trainer. Well, Vulcan Post has the solution for you with 4 great ways to stay fit and healthy without breaking the bank.

Are you living a broke life? You’ve run out of dough, and it’s just not possible to hire a personal trainer or see a dietician. Do you want to know something? It’s okay. All thanks to these popular health and diet apps, you can still lead an equally energy-packed and beneficial lifestyle.

Plus, have I mentioned that these apps are free?


1. Home Remedies Plus

Source: Indiamarks
Source: Indiamarks

Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley is not big on pills. The 22-year-old lass, best known for her role as Beatrice Prior in the Divergent series, is starring in the upcoming film adaption The Fault in Our Stars. Woodley has a very different approach when it comes to adapting a healthy lifestyle — she collects water from a mountain.

Unlike most of us, she makes her own toothpaste (whoa!) and medicine. And no wonder. Because according to several health websites, ginger is a cramp reliever; garlic eliminates digestion problems; and apples soothe headaches.

If you would like to try this healthy alternative, consider downloading this app.


2. Daily Yoga – Fitness On-The-Go

Source: Tumedico
Source: Tumedico

“You don’t have to do a juice cleanse, you can just dance,” says Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres is a daytime television host, the voice behind Dory in the movie Finding Nemo and one of the culprits behind the most popular selfie of all time. Like Woodley, DeGeneres is also a health junkie. She’s a vegetarian and keeps active with yoga. It’s hard to believe that she’s 56 years old.

If you’re not much of a dancer (the hands and feet just don’t coordinate well), perhaps you should shift gears to a less intense activity. Everyone should learn how to cope with stress, and one way to combat against this is by practicing yoga. This nifty app is equipped with background music and a wide range of yoga sessions for beginner learners. There’s even a specially designed routine for ladies with their monthly visitor.


3. Water Your Body

There’s no need to feel embarrassed when your body’s clogged up — we’ve all been there. If there’s one thing we can learn from Hannah Montana, it’s this: hydrated skin is happy skin. If you always forget to drink water regularly, you should probably drop by Google Play Store to download Water Your Body. This app not only reminds you, but it’s also loaded with graph and logs of data records. So, drink up!


4. Salad Recipes FREE

Source: Yorkville Kitchen Studio

Have a salad at least 2 times a week! That should do the trick to achieving that dream bod you’ve been secretly hoping for. If you’re really committed to a healthy lifestyle, you have to make certain sacrifices. Fortunately, there is an amazingly huge collection of recipes for you to peruse. This app, hands down, proves that salads can be delicious and nutritious at the same time.

So there you go, you no longer have any excuse to say that you’re too busy working to take care of your health and well being. Go forth and be healthy!

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