Here’s Why Samsung’s Latest QuickDrive™ Washing Machine is Going To Be the New Standard

samsung quickdrive washing machine

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Doing the laundry regularly is essential in hot and humid Singapore. Forget perfume — it’s your washing machine that keeps you smelling fresh.

But doing the laundry isn’t as simple a task as it seemed when we were kids.

For one thing, we’re all a lot busier now. Long hours at work and a frenetic social life mean that finding time to do the laundry can be a challenge. You need to be physically present to load the washing machine, and then unload it and hang up the clothes or pop them in the dryer.

What’s more, the recent water tariff hike is bad news for Singapore households, who have been using much more water and energy than a decade or two ago. Coupled with the 6.3% increase in electricity tariffs in the first quarter of 2018, using an old washing machine that does not use water and energy efficiently is one of the culprits causing your utilities bill to rise.

The Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine solves all these problems, and might very well be the new standard of household washing. With the movement towards “smart homes”, here’s how the Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine can help:


Wash your clothes more efficiently to save on your utilities bill

Technology has certainly come a long way. The Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine uses cutting-edge technology to cut energy use by up to 20%1, all while ensuring excellent cleaning performance.

This is all thanks to its unique “Q-Drum™” technology. The washing machine has two rotating parts, a main drum and a back plate that rotates independently. What this means is that your clothes get washed by dynamic action powered by dual forces. As a result, they get cleaned faster and more efficiently, saving time and thus consuming a lot less energy, resulting in a lower utility bill1

Samsung Quickdrive Washing Machine Q-Drum

Conventional washing machines only have one drum that rotates in a single direction and are thus much less energy efficient and require more time for one wash.


Spend less time doing the laundry

Samsung homecare wizard

Singaporeans are a busy lot. Every minute you waste doing the laundry is a minute that could be better spent elsewhere. And God knows there are very few people on this earth who truly enjoy doing the laundry after an exhausting day at work.

The Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine was designed with busy people in mind, and it’s pretty clear to see why. Not only does it cut washing time by up to 50%1, but its Q-rator2 smart function offers users these three smart features which make managing laundry a breeze:

  • Laundry Recipe – This function recommends the optimal wash cycle3 based on the type of clothing, colour and soil-level of your load. This removes any guesswork involved in choosing which wash cycle to use, which is of course important in ensuring that you optimize the amount of water and energy being used in the washing process.
  • Laundry Planner – Lets you set your desired laundry finishing time4, and then manages your laundry schedule on your behalf, even when you’re not at home.
  • HomeCare Wizard – Monitors the condition of your washing machine and prompts you so you can ensure it is optimally maintained. This will extend the life of your washing machine. Also offers remote troubleshooting.

samsung laundry planner

Add forgotten clothes to your load even after your wash cycle has started

Hate starting the washing machine, only to realise you forgot a clothing item or two?

The Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine’s special AddWash Door lets you pop in forgotten items anytime, even after the machine has begun washing your clothes5.


Enjoy a great wash each and every time

The Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine washes clothes faster, while saving energy.

But the best thing is that it does all of the above without compromising on washing performance and fabric care.

That means you get top quality washing performance from a high-end washing machine, all while saving on your utilities bill and gaining more time to spend with your loved ones.

The Samsung QuickDrive™ Washing Machine is a smart machine that uses technology to help you save time and energy1, all while keeping your clothes looking and feeling great. Get it here and start reaping the benefits!

What are your biggest bugbears when doing the laundry? Share them in the comments!


1Based on Intertek test results, Samsung WW7800M (QuickDrive™ system) saves up to 50% washing time and up to 20% energy as compared with WW6500K (conventional system), based on Cotton 40℃ course, half load (washing performance within ±3%). Based on Samsung internal test results, Samsung WW7800M saves up to 20% energy as compared with WW6500K, based on Super Speed Cycle 40℃ course, 5kg load. Tested in accordance with IEC 60456:2010, individual results may vary.

2Requires installation of Samsung Connect app on compatible Android or iPhone mobile device, and Wi-Fi® connectivity to the mobile device

3,4User is solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result from user’s implementation of the recommended wash cycle, including but not limited to any damage to the articles caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by the user.                

4 The wash cycle will be recommended solely based on desired end time, and may not be appropriate based on the type of fabric or soil level of the clothing articles being washed.

5Only fabric items and clothing, detergent and softener can be added. The Add Wash door only opens only when the drum temperature is below 50°C.