Push Gift Ideas For New Mums – What Are Singaporean Husbands Getting For Their Wives?

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There are some peculiar phenomena in the world of millennial parents. An up and coming one is the novelty of giving “push gifts”, or “push present”.

What’s a push gift, you innocently ask?

It’s a gift that husbands give to their wives to thank them for pushing their child into the world. Despite the name, mothers do get one when they get cut up in a caesarean section too.

Usually, push gifts tend to be jewellery that commemorate the significant milestone of having a baby. For instance, Beyonce got a sapphire ring from Jay Z for giving birth to Blue Ivy.

It can also be a little more unconventional, like how Pink got a motorcycle from husband Carey Hart.


So, come, let’s kaypoh what Singaporean wives are getting from their husbands!

Push gift ideas in Singapore

I’ve gathered some of the push gifts that people get by trawling through Dayre, a microblogging platform with a large number of mothers as their user base. These are some of the things that Singaporean mums got and their accompanying price tags.

Push gift Price
Jujube diaper bag Be Right Back $169
Gentle Monster shades $300
Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer $599
Balenciaga Zipped Leather Wallet   $889
iPad (11-inch display) $1,199
Tiffany & Co Diamond Heart Ring $1,600
Macbook Air (13-inch) $1,789
Celine Belt Micro Model Bag in Grained Leather $2,950
Chanel Boy $6,980
Chanel 2.55 $7,990
Rolex Oyster Perpetual $8,094

It seems like the popular choice of push gift on Dayre is a Chanel handbag. Ouch, that’s steep.

But, there are practical mums out there as well. One Dayre blogger asked for a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Okay okay, not cheap by any means, but certainly not as expensive as a Chanel Boy.

How to buy a push present

So, men, let’s get this straight, a push gift is not a must! I don’t have much respect for women who demand for one when the family is struggling financially, but if gift giving is something that you and your spouse regularly enjoy doing, let’s not deny that a gift is a good way to show appreciation.

Looking at all the experiences of new mummies in Singapore about their push gifts, I have come up with some tips on how to buy a push gift. Any quotes you see are from personal blogs, but I’ve refrained from mentioning names. 

1. A push gift should reflect the significance of your child’s birth

If you are getting a push gift for your wife to thank her for growing your child in her womb, it should be something that reflects the significance of the event. If you have been with a woman in the delivery room, you probably would agree that it should be worth more than the usual birthday present that you give each other.

2. Choose something meaningful or practical

“I’m hoping that if there is no Celine bag, he will buy me a MacBook Air,” blogged one mummy, whose baby girl is named Celine.

Well, we hope she got the Macbook Air, because to get a bag named after the kid (or is it the other way around?) is a little cheesy and will end up giving many women ideas to name their children after Chanel and Rolex.

Don’t wrench out significance out of thin air though. You can go for something practical instead, such as an iPad, Macbook or a Dyson product that’s premium yet practical. 

A Tula baby carrier or a Jujube diaper bag may actually be something your wife can use right after birth.

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3. Know your wife and understand her needs

It doesn’t matter what you see on social media, or what some other wives got from their spouses. Everyone is different. The last thing you want is to succumb to peer (or wife) pressure and end up with credit card debts or having to take out personal loans for a push present. Don’t do it!

From what I’ve read, many Singaporean mums on Dayre would prefer a practical (but premium) gift to an expensive luxury handbag or jewellery.

A mummy blogger said: “Personally, I think a Dyson hairdryer makes me happier. I’ve seen many ladies receive a Chanel, but how often will it be used?”

Another one who received an iPad said: “Anyway, if I ask for diamonds or bags, where and when will I ever use them? I’m super low-maintenance, and don’t even use make-up at all lor.”

As to when you should present this birthing present is really up to you. Some people give the present a few days before their wife gives birth, and others do it within the first month.

Is your wife expecting a push gift?

If she is not social media savvy (lucky you), there is a high chance that she won’t know about it.

But if she is, that doesn’t mean she is expecting one, either.

In fact, on Dayre, there were many mothers who did not want a push gift.

One blogger was felt that the financial support from the husband was sufficient, saying, “He is paying for the bills, and I know the fees aren’t cheap, so I decided not to milk a push gift out of him.”

Some mothers even bought push gifts for themselves, just to commemorate the special event.

A mother who bought herself an iPad with a Logitech keyboard wrote… “Nah, my husband doesn’t know what a push gift is. I’m fine with it. I don’t need a push gift, I just need him to treat me well.”

But, if your wife’s love language is gift giving and she does enjoy luxury or premium items once in a while, then it might be a show of appreciation that will make her happy. Of course, make sure you actually can afford it. 

Many mums expressed that they weren’t expecting a push gift, but appreciated it when they received one.

Someone who received a Chanel Boy was over the moon, blogging in jest when she received it. “I seriously deserve this HAHA….”

And what happens if your wife is expecting a push gift? If it is within your means to make your wife happy, then feel free to go all out and write a handwritten card while at it too.

However, if buying what she is requesting is a stretch for you, do voice it out to your wife and seek her understanding. You can offer support in other ways, such as spending more quality time and offering sweet acts of service… like offering to do more night feeds. 

Best credit cards to use to buy your push gift

For fathers-to-be who have decided to pamper their wives, it’s worth it to buy it with credit cards that give you the highest cashback for shopping. Here are some of our recommendations for cashback cards:

  • OCBC Robinsons Credit Card: 5% for shopping at Robinsons, Marks & Spencer, Zara or Royal Sporting House
  • American Express True Cashback Rewards Card: 3% unlimited cash back (first 6 months up to $5,000)
  • HSBC Advance: 3.5% rebate if you are a HSBC Advance customer (credit salary of $3,500 per month and spend at least $2,000 a month), up to $125

Happy wife, happy life? What are some of the ridiculous push gifts that you have heard of? Share them with us in the comments below!