Getting a Probate Lawyer in Singapore – What Exactly Do They Do and How Much Do They Cost?

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When you need to hire a lawyer, it means you’re in trouble, right? Not at all! You don’t need to wait till you need to sue someone or get accused of a crime to hire a lawyer.

In fact, lawyers are essential in ensuring people can pass their estate down to their loved ones when they pass away, and also assist their beneficiaries in receiving their inheritance.


When do you need a probate lawyer?

Like it or not, everyone in the world is going to die someday.

Probate lawyers can help you draw up a will and, when a family member passes away, be instrumental in ensuring his or her wishes are carried out and that everyone gets their rightful inheritance.

Anybody who identifies with any of the following situations can benefit from a probate lawyer’s services:

  • You have assets, which might include cash in a bank account, property, investments such as stocks, jewellery and so on.
  • You have a family to take care of, which might include a spouse, children or aged parents.
  • You have been named executor of somebody else’s (typically a family member’s) will and that person has passed away.
  • A family member has passed away without a will and you are their spouse or next-of-kin and/or are poised to inherit some of their estate.


What does a probate lawyer do?

Here is some of what a probate lawyer can do for you.

  • Draw up a legally-valid will – A poorly written can cause uncertainty and infighting in the family when you are gone, or in a worst case scenario might not even be valid. Your probate lawyer can make sure your wishes are carried out. Your will not only distributes your assets after your death but can also appoint caregivers for your children should your spouse also pass away.
  • Apply for a Grant of Probate – When someone passes away, assuming he or she has written a will, the executor of the will is required to first obtain a Grant of Probate under the Probate and Administration Act. Only then will he or she be allowed to distribute the estate as indicated in the will. A probate lawyer is hired by the executor to apply for this Grant of Probate.
  • Apply for Letters of Administration – If a family member passes away without a will and you are a beneficiary of their estate, an application will have to be made to obtain Letters of Administration so the assets of your deceased family member can be distributed to those inheriting them. This application is typically made by the spouse or next-of-kin of the deceased who is appointed as administrator.
  • Offer advice on the deceased’s estate – As an executor, administrator or beneficiary, you are likely to need advice on how to ensure the deceased’s estate is located, sold and distributed correctly. Complicated situations can arise, such as assets being held in trust or overseas or assets and liabilities being unknown. A lawyer can guide you through the steps to take to ensure the deceased’s estate is handled correctly.


How much does a probate lawyer cost in Singapore?

There is no standard probate lawyers’ fee across the board, and firms are free to charge as they see fit.

PKWA Law Practice charges $1,200 for Grant of Probate and $1,500 for Letters of Administration, not including disbursements and GST.

These are very affordable fees, especially considering PKWA Law’s extensive experience in wills, probate and estate matters. They are typically able to obtain Grant of Probate within 1 to 2 months, so you don’t have to worry about long wait times.

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