My First Skool – Making Quality a Key Consideration When Choosing A Preschool

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Parents these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to pre-schools. There are all types of pre-schools for every budget.

When it comes to choosing a pre-school for their child, some parents might just look at price or location and make a decision based on what would be most affordable and convenient for them.

But for parents whose priority is quality education, choosing a pre-school is not such a simple matter. A recent news report indicated that the quality of pre-school education and the availability of good teachers is a more pressing matter than ever.


What sets My First Skool’s curriculum apart

NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool believes that a well-designed curriculum is at the core of a child’s education.

Their Skool-Educare curriculum with the relationships-based approach, for children from birth to three years of age, is designed to help children develop both their social and physical skills, giving them a headstart in learning how to effectively think and communicate. As a strong validation of its standing as an innovative preschool brand, My First Skool has seen its infant care intake double, according to a 2018 report.

Children aged four to six can benefit from their Skool-Ready curriculum, which will ensure kids are academically prepared to enter primary school.

My First Skool also has niche schools designed to help children be exposed to the different areas of interest from a young age. Different My First Skool centres have different niche programs that they specialize in, which allows for a broader variety of learning opportunities.

Their STEM-based learning curriculum also helps engage children in STEM-based learning at an early age so they get a head start in developing the interests and skills necessary to thrive, with workshops and STEM learning stations that parents can attend with their children.

Meanwhile, their Holistic Education through the ARTS curriculum offers children the chance to develop their creativity thanks to exhibition spaces and workshops that parents and children can attend together.

My First Skool has also partnered with the Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre, Chinese University Hong Kong and NTU’s Early Cognition Lab to help children become effectively bilingual in English and Chinese at an early age.


Learning environment

My First Skool’s strong curriculum is complemented by a learning environment that is designed to maximise growth and wellbeing of children. Spaces are designed to be appropriate to the age and developmental stage of children.

Health, safety and comfort are also prioritised, with all equipment, materials and furniture designed to be as safe as possible. Learning areas are also deliberately kept clean and uncluttered in order to offer children a reassuring and secure environment.


Food and Nutrition

Thanks to My First Skool’s in-house cooks and Health Promotion Board-accredited dining programme, children can look forward to a wide variety of healthy menus.

There have been recent cases of food poisoning when food was prepared by external vendors, and another in which children attending various pre-schools were struck with food poisoning during a camp.

My First Skool has been preparing their food in-house way before these incidents happened, driven largely by the belief that preparing good food for the children is an important part of the programme, hence their accreditation from HPB.

With the provision of in-house cooks, the centres can ensure that food is served hot and fresh to the children. But on top of that, maintaining high hygiene and safety standards is of paramount of importance. As such, all in-house cooks and centre attendants have attended ECDA-stipulated food and hygiene courses and thus, are trained to ensure that the centres maintain high a high level of hygiene and safety standards.


Communicating with parents

While all the above points benefit your child, My First Skool is also aware that keeping a strong communication line with parents is of utmost importance, and they communicate closely with parents so they are always kept abreast of what their kids are doing at school.

Parents may also have the option to attend certain workshops and activities with their children, which enables them to better understand the learning process and also helps to strengthen the parent-child bond.

But certainly the best part in all of this is the My First Skool Parent’s Portal App, which allows you to view announcements, the centre’s calendar of events, download documents, and view pictures or videos of your child participating in class activities, all from one single app on your phone.

You can also view your child’s portfolio after the bi-annual parent-teacher conference and download a softcopy of it as a keepsake. All these features make managing your child’s schedule a whole lot easier, and you’re able to keep track of his/her progress regardless of where you are.


Price comparison table

Here’s how My First Skool fees and services compares with other popular preschools.

School Approximate childcare fees for
Singapore citizens
Skool4Kidz $770
MY World Preschool $770.40*
My First Skool $770.40
PCF Sparkletots $770.40
E-bridge $770.40
Star Learners $856
Agape $856
Small Wonder $856
Carpe Diem $1,284
MOE Kindergarten $160 (half day program; Kindergarten
is closed during school holidays)

*Fees vary for MY World Preschool but are capped at $770.40 (incl. GST).

My First Skool has long been regarded as a strong choice for parents to whom quality of education matters. It is important to understand what you are signing your child up for and how they will benefit, which is why My First Skool is always happy to supply parents with information about their curriculum and programme.

But perhaps the biggest validation of the quality of their programmes was in the recent awarding of the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) certification in 2018. A SPARK certification is an endorsement of the holistic quality of the pre-school in the areas of leadership, planning and administration, staff management, resources, curriculum, pedagogy, and health, hygiene and safety. 6 out of their 9 pre-schools were awarded the SPARK commendation, which recognises an even higher quality of teaching and learning practices.

Apart from that, the recently concluded Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development 2018 saw NTUC First Campus presented with 10 out of the 18 awards, chosen from a pool of over 300 nominations. This is significant because it also validates the work of individual teachers and highlights the quality of their work.

If you want to find out more about what they have to offer, you can click here to find out more and enrol your child at My First Skool.

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