Buying a Massage Chair in Singapore? Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Overpay Anymore

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Singaporeans welcome anything that promotes rest and relaxation. After all, we work a bit too hard, stay up a bit too late and are always complaining about how tired we are.

In order to de-stress, there are several options:

1) Go on an overseas tropical island vacation at a nice resort

2) Go for weekly spa treatments

3) Drown your sorrows in a hedonistic cycle of dining, drinking and entertainment

It’s easy to see why any of the above options can easily burn a hole in your pocket. What’s more, for those with heavy demands on their time like kids, a punishing work schedule or an unhealthy obsession with video games, they’re a bit too time-intensive to indulge in regularly.

But there is another option!


Massage chairs – your gateway to a lifetime of relaxation

There is a reason massage chairs are so popular in Singapore. You can find them everywhere from Changi Airport to certain KTV outlets. And if you’re an avid visitor over the Chinese New Year, there’s always that one uncle who has a massage chair at home.

They offer a quick, easy way to knead your stress away without having to leave the house. And after a long day at work, you can bet you’ll need it!

If you have your own office, you can even install a massage chair there so you can sneak a massage break in between meetings.

Virtually every Singaporean has tried a massage chair. And I think we would all agree that it’s a nice thing to have. So why isn’t everybody going home to the warm embrace of their personal massage chair?

The answer is simple: there is the perception that massage chairs cost an arm and a leg. And indeed, models from certain brands can cost close to a five figure sum.

But as with most things, there are more affordable options out there.


Miuvo Massage Chairs – an affordable luxury

Some of the most value-for-money massage chairs are available at Miuvo. I like to think of Miuvo as the Xiaomi of massage chairs— they offer high quality products at affordable prices that punch way above their weight.

Here are some of Miuvo’s products and prices:

Product Price
PowerRest Neck & Shoulder Rechargeable Massager $89
KneadMaster V2 Back Massager $139
Foot Delight Foot Massager $159
Wonderlegs Leg and Foot Massager $329
MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair $1,299
MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair $1,999

You might have noticed that even their most expensive massage chair costs less than a Macbook.

And on the other end of the scale, their portable massagers are almost laughably inexpensive at just $89 when another similar product with the same function cost $238. Yes $89 is inclusive of a one year warranty.

Powerest Rechargeable Neck and Shoulder Massager -0699189813107 -hi res

At prices like that, what kind of quality can you expect?

Turns out, these massagers have some pretty impressive functions.

Take the MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair, for example. You get to choose between four advanced 3D massage styles, including shiatsu massage, tui-na rolling massage, Thai swing-step massage and tapping massage. Other functions include air spa therapy and soothing heat.

The chair also reclines to give you a zero gravity massage experience. And instead of constantly massaging one spot on your body nonstop, the device offers an ultra long massage track, which gives you an extended massage that targets your neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips and thighs.

As if that’s not enough, the massage chair is equipped with bluetooth speakers on both sides, so you can listen to music and podcasts as you charge your devices using the built-in USB port. I haven’t come across any video of massage chairs as informative as this one


miudelight massage chair

Miuvo has also been given the green light by chiropractors, doctors, yoga practitioners and the like. These people definitely know more about the human anatomy than us, so we’ll have to take their word for it.


How do you get your hands on a Miuvo massage product?

Given the affordable prices of Miuvo’s massage products, it can be tempting to treat yourself to a one of their smaller massagers or invest in a good massage chair. Miuvo massagers also make good gifts and are a good alternative to spa vouchers which can only be used once.

Well, turns out you can buy Miuvo massage chairs and other products on their website and have them delivered to your home, or the home of a loved one you’d like to surprise. For those that like to try their products before purchase, you can visit Giant outlets at Sembawang Shopping Centre,Vivocity and Giant Tampines Hypermarket.

Not sure about you, but the idea of enjoying hours of massages every week is pretty darn tempting to us.

To enjoy massages in the comfort of your own home, check out Miuvo’s range of massage products here.

What sort of massage chairs do you prefer? Share with us in the comments.