Top 14 Infant Cares in Singapore’s CBD for Working Parents (2019 Price List)

infantcares in the cbd singapore

When looking for the best infant care for your little one, location is a key factor. Most people either put the bub near home or their workplace.

An infant care near your workplace is convenient as it is easy to drop off and pick up Baby. If you work in the CBD and are looking for an infant care near you, here’s a list of infant cares located in Shenton Way, Tanjong Pagar and along Cecil Street.


Infant cares in Singapore’s CBD price list 2019

The most affordable infant care in the CBD is The Little Skool-House International at OCBC Centre, which costs $1,290, while the most expensive one is Pat Schoolhouse at Prinsep Street, which costs $2,515.50 for the 7pm pick-up.

Infant care Address Cost per month (before subsidies)
The Little Skool-House International 65 Chulia Street #02-02 $1,290
My First Skool 2 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #03-35 $1,364.25
($1,275 before GST)
Agape Little Uni 101 Cecil Street, #01-01, Tong Eng Building $1,498
Star Learners 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-01A $1,498
Genius Hive Pre-school 105 Cecil Street #02-02 The Octagon $1,730
KidsCampus 101 Cantonment Road #03-1/2/3 Tanjong Pagar Community Club $1,800
Kinderland Preschool 7 Maxwell Road #06-02 Annexe B MND Complex $1,820 (discounts for civil servants)
LifeJouniz 48 Craig Road $1,996
Pat’s Schoolhouse 30 Prinsep Street [email protected] #04-01 and #05-01 $2,033 (7pm)
Learning Vision @ Work 101 Cecil Street #01-02 Tong Eng Building $2,193.50
Mulberry Learning Centre Central 6A Shenton Way #03-01 & 04 $2,300
Josiah Montessori City Childcare Centre 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-374/5/6, Suntec City Mall $2,439.60
Tots & Teddies 62 Cecil Street #04-00 TPI Building $2,500


The Little Skool-House International at OCBC Centre ($1,290/month)

The Little Skool-House International is the premium brand of My First Skool, a major infant care operator in Singapore.

With a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:3 and a monthly fee of $1290, The Little Skool-House International at OCBC Centre offers the most value for money in the CBD. It also opens until 7.30pm, which helps if you need to do overtime at work occasionally.

The centre is operated in collaboration with OCBC, so infants of OCBC employees will have priority on the waiting list.

Address: 65 Chulia Street #02-02, OCBC Centre West Wing, Singapore 049513

Tel: 6236 0159


My First Skool at 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza ($1364.25/month)

My First Skool, the childcare arm of NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited, is one of the more affordable infant cares around. It has a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:5.

Caregivers are trained to respond to the babies’ cues as they learn to communicate. Older babies are encouraged to explore and learn about their environment and engage in sensorial activities.

Address: 2 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #03-35 Singapore 082002

Tel: 6634 9989


Agape Little Uni at Cecil Street ($1,498/month)

Agape Little Uni is located in the same building as Learning Vision but it has a lower price point at $1,498, which corresponds to its higher teacher-to-child ratio (1:4). It aims to help babies learn about themselves and their surroundings through hands-on discovery and exploratory activities.

Address: 101 Cecil Street, #01-01, Tong Eng Building, Singapore 069533

Tel: 6223 8081


Star Learners at 2 Tanjong Pagar Plaza ($1,498/month)

Star Learners‘ curriculum rests on the twin approach of play and literature. The integrated approach to learning aims to grow children who will be lifelong learners. It has one of the lowest teacher-to-child ratios at 1:2.

Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-01A Singapore 082001

Tel: 6225 7745


Genius Hive Pre-school at Cecil Street ($1,730/month)

Genius Hive Pre-school is big on balanced diets and promise to introduce new foods to Baby so that he or she won’t be a picky eater. With a low teacher-to-child ratio of 1:3, the centre gives you a record of Baby’s daily routine. Programmes include reading, picture, word recognition, flash cards, play with toys, music, and dance to encourage motor skills development.

Address: 105 Cecil Street #02 – 02 The Octagon Singapore 069534

Tel: 6225 1939


KidsCampus at Tanjong Pagar Community Club ($1,800/month)

KidsCampus is an infant care and childcare rolled into one. Baby can move seamlessly to pre-school when the time comes. As part of learning through play and exploration, this centre also organises communal activities so your child grows to appreciate the local community. The teacher-to-child ratio is at 1:5, which is pretty high, considering the slightly premium price tag.

Address: 101 Cantonment Road #03-1/2/3 Tanjong Pagar Community Club Singapore 089774

Tel: 6223 7768


Kinderland Pre-school at Maxwell Road ($1,880/month)

Kinderland Pre-school offers sensory, cognitive, creative, and social and emotional stimulation. There are also physical activities to help babies develop fine and gross motor skills. Its teacher-to-child ratio is 1:5.

Employees of MND and other ministries are entitled to additional discounts and priority in the waiting list.

Address: 7 Maxwell Road #06-02 Annexe B MND Complex Singapore 069111

Tel: 6323 1138


LifeJouniz at Craig Road ($1,996/month)

LifeJouniz cares for kids from 2 months to 6 years. Infants are separated from the older kids in a quiet, spacious and protected environment where they can interact and play.

Address: 101 Cecil Street #01-02 Tong Eng Building Singapore 069533

Tel: 6222 0895


Pat’s Schoolhouse at Prinsep Street: $2,033 (7pm)

Pat’s Schoolhouse has 30 years of experience in pre-school education and has recently expanded its infant care services. They aim to nurture confident and courageous children through exploration. The other distinguishing features are Pat’s bilingual programme and emphasis on play and music.

The infant care has a unique split pricing: If you’re able to pick up baby before 5.30pm, you pay $1,851.10 For the 7.30pm pick-up, it costs $2,033.

Address: 30 Prinsep Street [email protected] #04-01 and #05-01 Singapore 188647

Tel: 6781 2288


Learning Vision at Cecil Street ($2,193.50/month)

Learning Vision at Cecil Street has a low teacher-to-child ratio of 1:3 and its curriculum involves care-giving, attachment and play. Babies are exposed to music, reading, art, sensorial play and outdoor fun so that they can explore and learn naturally.

Address: 48 Craig Road Singapore 089686

Tel: 6781 0888


Mulberry Learning Centre at Shenton Way ($2,300/month)

Mulberry Learning Centre offers multi-sensory learning and thematic discovery lessons. Their centres are stocked with classic toys, musical instruments and textured materials.

If you’re a nursing mum, they have private nursing rooms where you feed Baby during lunchtime. They also provide healthy food for Baby such as porridge, fresh fruit puree and organic cereal.

Address: 6A Shenton Way #03-01 & 04 Singapore 068815

Tel: 6220 0810


Josiah Montessori at Suntec City ($2,439.60/month)

Josiah Montessori uses the Montessori methodology to stimulate babies. Classical music is played throughout the day at the centre. Even babies who have yet to sit up are engaged with mobiles playing music and textured materials placed within their reach. They even teach the little ones sign language so that they can express themselves before they can speak.

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-374/5/6, Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983

Tel: 6336 6906


Tots & Teddies at Cecil Street ($2,500/month)

This infant care-cum-preschool made headlines when they came onto the scene in 2017 because of their eyebrow-raising fees. For tiger mums those who can afford it, this infant care is a dream.

The impressive price tag comes with meals planned by a paediatric nutritionist and prepared by a former hotel chef. There is an infant room designed to calm your baby, individual time for each child and parents receive a daily update of Baby’s development such as his feeding patterns and behaviour.

Baby will also get gym time, reading, baby massages, music, art and sensory play. The teacher-to-child ratio is 1:3.

Address: 62 Cecil Street #04-00 TPI Building Singapore 049710

Tel: 6816 0001


Which infant care subsidies can you make use of?

If you’re thinking of placing your baby in an infant care in the CBD, you’re most likely a working mum and will be eligible for Working Mum Subsidy of up to $600. This means that your infant care bill is around $690 to $1,900 a month, depending on where you choose to place Baby.

For non-working mums, the infant care subsidy is only up to $150.

If you work more than 56 hours a week or are a single father and your monthly household income is less than $7,500 or family per capita income is less than $1,875 a month, you also qualify for additional child care subsidy of up to $540 a month.

Don’t forget that you can also use your child’s Baby Bonus to pay for the fees.


Should you place baby in an infant care near work or home?

An infant care in the CBD has its merits. You don’t have to rush to pick Baby up just to siam the exorbitant late fees. A number of them also open until 7.30pm.

Although most infant cares are more expensive in town, some are actually the same or cheaper. For instance, My First Skool at Marine Parade is actually more expensive than the one at Tanjong Pagar. Pat’s Schoolhouse infant care fees are the same across all 3 centres (Grassroots Club @ AMK, Prinsep Street and River Valley).

But the disparity in cost for certain centres between a CBD location and a heartland one can be huge. For instance, Mulberry Learning Centre at International Business Park in Jurong East costs $1,712 per month whereas the one at Shenton Way costs $2,300.

Also, do note that placing your baby near work in the CBD also means that you will have to commute with him or her AND all the baby barang. If you drive, the parking and ERP fees easily rack up. If you take public transport, it can be quite lehceh.

Ultimately, it depends on where you stay and work. The shorter the commute, the more time with Baby.

Do you think it is better to place your baby near home or office? Leave a comment below to share your experience.