Here’s How You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars Buying Second Hand Baby and Kids’ Products


You’d think that all you needed to raise a kid were a few stacks of drawing paper and coloured pencils and a pacifier, right? Well, guess what, according to those of my friends who are new mothers, baby supplies are friggin’ expensive.

Buying kids’ stuff on the second hand market makes so much sense, because your kid aren’t going to be kids forever and in a few years’ time you’ll be glad you didn’t pay so much for that designer stroller.

Mothers all over Singapore are buying and selling baby and kids’ items using Bakipa, a mobile app that’s basically Carousell for parents, but without all the unrelated categories and products. It’s dedicated to babies, kids and parents. Just to give you a sneak preview of what you can buy on Bakipa, here’s a list of the year’s top-selling categories and brands:


What To Buy

  • Toys – check that they’re not chipped or broken
  • Clothes – your child may not look like Suri Cruz, but those clothes will be too small in a few weeks anyway
  • Books – often available at bargain basement prices
  • Furniture – save thousands on changing tables, nursing chairs, kids beds


Things You Should Be Aware Of

  • Cribs – if buying pre-loved, it is best to get a new mattress to make sure there is no bacteria or bugs
  • Prams – these can be dangerous if old or broken
  • Car seats – you never want to re-use a car seat that has been damaged or involved in an accident


How Much Can You Save Buying Second Hand Things?

We took a look at the top 10 most expensive items on the market, and compared them with the selling price on Bakipa, just to give you an idea of how much you could save. Here’s the list:


Baby products have a relatively short lifespan since kids don’t stay tiny forever. You can always relist your item on Bakipa when your child has outgrown the items so it’s not just a sunk cost. You can easily do that via your mobile phone as well with their app for iOS and Android!

All data is provided via Bakipa.

Have you ever bought second hand items for your child? Share your experiences in the comments!