Happy Mothers’ Day!

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From the staff at MoneySmart, we’d like to wish all mothers a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY! Many thanks for raising us, caring for us, and coping with out various insanities. May you always feel loved and appreciated.


Did you know:

  • “Ma” is an almost universal sound that all babies make. That’s why “mother” is “mama” in so many countries and languages.
  • The first Mother’s Day was on May 10th, 1908.
  • Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, hated how commercialized it became. She spent the rest of her life fighting the superficial aspects of Mother’s Day (Damn you Hallmark)!
  • The average mum has changed her baby’s diapers 7,300 times by the child’s second birthday. That’s still less poo than you’d find in the average MLM sales pitch.
  • The average preschooler requests her mum’s attention 210 times per day, or once every four minutes.

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Have a great weekend mums! 

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