Where to Get Cheap Diapers in Singapore (2019) – Pampers, Huggies & Mamy Poko

cheap diapers pampers huggies mamy poko

Have a baby, they said. Raise the birth rate, all while basking in the joy of parenthood, they said. Well, they conveniently forgot to mention the cost of diapers.

When it comes to parenting costs, much of the spotlight has been on milk powder and childcare in recent years. But diapers don’t come cheap, either. Newborns use as many as 10 diapers per day, while toddlers can use up to 3 or 4. And considering kids can be in diapers until the age of 3 or 4, that’s a lot of nappies.

Instead of buying the first pack of diapers you come across at the supermarket, more and more parents are turning to the internet, with good reason. Here’s where you can buy cheap diapers in Singapore.


Price of diapers in Singapore: Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko

Of all the diaper brands in Singapore, Pampers, Huggies and Mamy Poko seem to be the most popular in terms of affordability and comfort. For comparison purposes, we have used M sized tape diapers from the top 3 diaper brands across different online shopping sites.

Shop Pampers Baby Dry (M) Huggies Gold (M) MamyPoko Extra Dry (M)
Qoo10 $0.34 $0.28 $0.29
Lazada $0.29 $0.28 $0.28
Shopee SG $0.31 $0.30 $0.29
Redmart $0.29 $0.29 $0.33
Jin Tai Mart $0.30 $0.29
Ang Mo Supermarket $0.32 $0.26

*Prices indicated are the cheapest price per piece as of January 25, 2019 based on carton promotions. 


Buying diapers on Qoo10

Qoo10 offers some good deals on diapers, but you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t specifically search for them on the site.

That’s because browsing Qoo10 is a pain unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. The site is basically a mishmash of every single type of product sellers have thought of purchasing from suppliers. Even big companies like P&G now have official stores on Qoo10.

The layout is chaotic and makes shopping on the site a very haphazard experience. To make things even more confusing, the listed price is almost always inaccurate, so you have to click into each individual product page and select the exact size you want to see how much you actually need to pay.

The key to saving money on Qoo10 is to buy in bulk. The biggest discounts come from sellers who sell their diaper packs in cartons, with some also offering free shipping. That could mean buying up to 8 packs of 56 diapers each.


Buying diapers on Lazada

You might already have bought clothes and electronics on Lazada, but guess what, they sell diapers too. Comparing across the e-Commerce sites, it seems that Lazada offers the best prices as of January 2019.

Shipping on Lazada is relatively cheap, at about $1.50 for three or four packs of diapers. You can also get free shipping if you are a LiveUp subscriber. You save more by buying packs of four rather than individual packs.

The shopping process is pretty straightforward. Just search for the brand or product you want and you’ll find them listed in a fairly easy-to-understand fashion, with prices clearly indicated.

If you are a frequent Lazada shopper, consider signing up for LiveUp, which gets you 5% rebates and free shipping on orders from Lazada and Redmart.


Buying diapers on Shopee SG

Shopee’s layout and concept are suspiciously similar to Lazada’s. Like the latter, they’re an everything-goes online retailer that brings together sellers from all over.

Just search for the brand or product you’re looking for and trawl through the results until you find the diapers you’re looking for, usually sold in 3- or 4-packs.

You’re probably going to be entitled to free shipping for ordering multiple packs of diapers, which makes them very competitive price-wise compared to the other stores on this list.


Buying diapers on RedMart

For those who don’t already know, RedMart is an online supermarket. They’re often able to offer lower prices than traditional brick and mortar supermarkets because they don’t have a physical shop.

One thing to take note of is that you get discounts for buying multiple pieces of certain products (eg. if you buy 3 packs of MamyPoko Extra Dry Skin Tape Diapers, you get 12% off).

LiveUp subscribers also get 5% cash rebates and free shipping, so if you’re a frequent RedMart shopper it might be worthwhile signing up.


Buying diapers on Jin Tai Mart

Jin Tai Mart is a chain of minimarts with ten outlets all over Singapore, mostly in the east. They also claim to sell the most affordable milk powder in Singapore, according to their Facebook page.

Not sure how they do it, but the prices on their baby-related products are very competitive, even compared to online stores with no rent to deal with.

Addresses of Jin Tai Mart outlets: 

  • Blk 213 Bedok North St 1 #01-135 Singapore 460213
  • Blk 25 Bendemeer Road #01-589
  • Blk 282 Bishan St 22 #01-149 Singapore 570282
  • Blk 811 Hougang Central #01-190 Singapore 530811
  • Blk 827 Tampines St 81 #01-144 Singapore 520827
  • Blk 445 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #01-96 Singapore 510445
  • Blk 735 Pasir Ris St 72 #01-354 West Plaza Singapore 510735
  • Blk 118 Rivervale Drive #01-28 Rivervale Plaza
  • Blk 5 Tampines St 32 #01-06 Tampines Mart Singapore 529284
  • Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-590 Singapore 440083


Buying diapers on Ang Mo Supermarket

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this supermarket chain with outlets in the North and Northeast of Singapore is really called Ang Mo Supermarket, and no, it’s not run by ang mohs. Locals sometimes refer to it by its Mandarin name, “Hong Mao”.

Their MamyPoko diapers are particularly cheap, even compared to the online option, so it might be worthwhile taking a trip to their store and stocking up even if you don’t live in the North/Northeast.

Addresses of Ang Mo Supermarket outlets: 

  • 639 Punggol Drive Singapore 820639
  • 407 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Singapore 560407
  • 642 Hougang Avenue 8 Singapore 530642
  • 279 Bishan Street 24 Singapore 570279
  • 196A Punggol Field Singapore 821196
  • 85B Lorong 4 Toa Payoh Singapore 312085
  • 120 Canberra Crescent #01-10 Singapore 750120


Best cash back credit cards to use when buying baby diapers

If you own cash back credit cards, you can save even further when shopping online. For example, with the Bank of China Zaobao Credit Card, you get 10% cash rebates when you make online purchases if you spend at least $600 in a month.

New RedMart customers also get $20 off with minimum spending of $100.

Also, if you use the Citi Cash Back Card, you can get 8% cash rebates when you spend on groceries at Jin Tai Mart, Ang Mo Supermarket or RedMart. If you’re a LiveUp subscriber, you also get 8% cash back when you shop at Lazada. Note that with this card, cash back is subject to your spending at least $888 in a month.

Where is your favourite place to get cheap diapers in Singapore? Share your recommendations in the comments!