Baby Carriers in Singapore: Price List of Tula, Ergo, Baby Bjorn and Others

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Babywearing is commonplace in Singapore today. Many parents love the portability of a baby carrier. It allows you to be hands-free while keeping baby close and eliminates the need to lug a stroller around.

There are so many brands of baby carriers in the market today, but Tula Baby Carriers are the Birkin bags of the baby carrier world. Not only does parading your Tula baby carrier win you envious looks from other parents, the product has also spawned limited edition designs, some with a resale value as high as $1,700.

But are they really that superior to other baby carriers? And if you can’t afford the highly coveted Tula, what are the alternatives?

Top 10 baby carriers for Singaporean parents

Carrier Price Designed for
Lillebaby Baby Carrier Essentials Original $149 3.2 kg and above
Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini Cotton $159 3.2 to 11 kg
Baby Tula Toddler Carrier $207.20 11 to 27 kg
Baby Tula Standard Size $209 6 to 20 kg
Onya Baby Cruiser Carrier $229 3.5 to 20.4 kg
Lillebaby Baby Carrier Complete AirFlow 3 $229 3.5 to 20.4 kg
Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Mesh Carrier $259 3.5 to 20 kg
Kokadi Flip Z Carrier $269 3.5 to 15 kg
Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air (2018) $289 3.5 to 15 kg
Ergo Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier $319 3.5 to 20 kg

Baby Tula carriers: Free-to-Grow (FTG), Standard Size and Toddler Size

BabyTula carriers are without a doubt one of the best looking baby carriers out there, with 20 over patterns and designs. It’s a great option for fashion-conscious mums. The 3 popular Tula models are free-to-grow, standard size and toddler size.

The Tula Free-to-Grow Mesh ($259) has three adjustable positions for newborn babies all the way up to small toddlers of 20kg, so the carrier can be used for a few years. Its curved straps and padding make it one of the most comfortable carriers available. There’s no need for an infant insert and the mesh material makes it great for Singapore’s hot weather.

The Tula Standard Size ($209) is designed for babies from 6kg to 20kg.

There is also the Tula toddler carrier ($207.20), which is suitable for kids who are past the baby stage from 18 months old to 4 years (11 and 27 kg). If you still plan to carry your toddler for a few years instead of lugging a stroller around, this is one of the most comfortable-to-wear options around.

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Why are Baby Tula carriers so expensive?

Part of the reason is marketing and branding. Tula carriers have been marketed as premium products and a bit of a fashion statement for young mums. They come in lots of patterns in order to increase the appeal factor.

The Tula is also a cult product because of its limited designs that are extremely hard to get. For instance, the EUC Full Toddler Erizo Bubblegum Kisses Rose Pale Weft carrier retailed at USD$310, but a second-hand listing on Carousell in Singapore is listing it for $1,700. Yes, seriously. You thought we were exaggerating when we said they’re the Birkins of the baby carrier world right?

baby tula weft euc rose bubblegum

There’s no doubt that Tula carriers are high-quality, durable and comfortable baby carriers, but the prices can get really inflated. If you want the same utility but at a lower price point, you certainly can find it by buying from other brands.

And, unlike all the rest of the other carriers on this list, BabyTula carriers almost never go on sale in Singapore.

Cheaper alternatives to Tula Baby Carriers

Here are some of the more popular brands parents are turning to instead of Tula.

  • Ergo 360 baby carriers: This brand has a price point that is comparable to that of Tula, however, it is known for being very safe and comfortable.
  • Baby Bjorn baby carriers: Generally more affordable than Tula, and considered a reliable brand.
  • Lillebaby baby carriers: Affordable, yet high quality and good-looking.
  • Kokadi baby carriers: You can get the brightly coloured designs and it won’t be as difficult to get as limited edition weft Tulas.
  • Onya baby carriers: More affordable than Tula, yet multi-functional and great for sporty parents.

Ergobaby carrier: Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier

Ergo is another well-known brand in the baby carrier world, possibly second to the Tula. This carrier is suitable for babies from 1 week to 48 months old or 20kg. Its aesthetics appeal more to practical parents, but are pleasant looking enough. It comes in 8 colours, and there’s also a limited edition Hello Kitty print.

It’s a bit on the bulky side, but quite comfortable for the baby. The design is meant for infants without the need for an infant insert. Though the retail price is higher than Tula carriers, but there is often discounts on Pupsik, which makes it comparable to Tula.

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Baby Bjorn baby carriers: Original Cotton and Original Mesh

According to online reviews, Baby Bjorn carriers are great for newborns. The Baby Bjorn Mini Cotton ($159) is fairly affordable as it can accommodate newborn babies from about 3.5kg to 12 month old kids of up to 11kg. It’s made of breathable cotton so it won’t be too much of a sweat for parent or baby. On the downside, the design is a little blah.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air ($289) has a soft and airy mesh fabric, which makes it well-suited to Singapore’s hot and humid climate. This is great if you perspire a lot. On the downside, you will have to pay dearly for the extra comfort, as this is one of the most expensive carriers available. You can use it up until your toddler is 15 kg.

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Lillebaby baby carriers: Essentials Original and Complete AirFlow 3

The Lillebaby Baby Carrier Essentials Original ($149) is a 100% cotton carrier that is quite affordable and suitable for newborn babies to toddlers of up to 20kg. The downside is that you will need to use an infant insert for your newborn, which might make both of you feel a bit too hot and stuffy. However, once baby is about 6-7 months, you can start wearing the baby in 3 different positions: front-facing, on the hip and on your back. The prints look very fashionable as well.

As for the Lillebaby Baby Carrier Complete AirFlow 3 ($229), it is designed to promote airflow, making it appropriate for Singapore’s weather. It’s also comfortable to carry and provides good back support. Another advantage is that you don’t need an infant insert. You can just stuff a blanket or other piece of fabric into the carrier as padding if your baby is too small.

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Kokadi baby carriers: Kokadi Flip Z Carrier

Kokadi baby carriers can be worn both front-facing and on the back. It’s a full buckle carrier that is very affordable. If you’re in love with the weave designs of Tula but don’t see the sense in shelling out a thousand dollars for it (we don’t either), you can consider the vibrantly psychedelic designs of Kokadi baby carriers. It’s also great for babies with sensitive skin as all carriers are made with 100% cotton. A plain grey design like Kokadi Flip Z Just Stone costs $269 while something more fancy like the Kokadi Flip Z Arielle Marie (Bamboo Blend) costs $329.

The Kokadi baby carriers come in Baby size (newborn to 1 year old), Toddler Size (1 to 2.5 years old) and XL Size (2 to 3 years old).

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Onya baby carriers: Onya Baby Cruiser and Onya Pure Lightweight 3D Mesh

Onya baby carriers is one of the lesser known brands out there, but its multi-functional designs are promising. You can carry your child on your front, back or side with the Onya Baby Cruiser ($229) and it can also double up as a chair harness.

onya baby carrier chair harness

The ultralight air mesh on the Onya Baby Pure Lightweight 3D mesh ($229) is very breathable, which makes it perfect for the Singaporean weather. It actually looks like something out of a sports shop, which I think is an aesthetic that sporty dads and mums will love.

Probably because it lacks in branding, there are heavy discounts on Pupsik right now – up to $100. This means you can get Onya baby carriers for only $129, which is a steal for the functions it provides.

The only downside to the Onya carriers are that the colours are pretty meh: navy, brown, grey, beige or a froggy green shade. But the Pure Lightweight series does look quite athleisure chic.

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Where and how to buy Tula and other baby carriers?

Online stores like, and even stock a range of baby carriers from different brands. If you want to try them on before buying, hit up brick-and-mortar baby product store like Mothercare or Motherswork.

Those who are on a budget should definitely check out second hand marketplaces like Carousell. Also check out second hand sale apps and sites, the most prominent being Carousell, where you can usually find Tula baby carriers being sold by parents whose children have outgrown them. There is a ton of baby stuff in great condition being sold simply because, well, babies grow up and the products are no longer needed.

If you rarely use baby carriers, you can rent them short-term at

Some of the criteria you should consider before choosing a carrier are:

  • Price: While Tula baby carriers rarely ever go on discount, the other brands frequently do. You can get discounts of anywhere between $40 and $100 on Pupsik’s online site. The more affordable baby carriers serve the exact same function and are most often than not equally well-designed.
  • Design: When you wear a baby carrier, you cover most of your upper body, so if you are concerned about looking fashionable and stylish when carrying your baby, go for brands with fancier designs like Tula, Lillebaby and Kokadi.
  • Facing in vs forward-facing: In general, the consensus is that babywearers should wear their babies facing in to prevent hip dysplasia. Read more about the dangers of hip dysplasia. However, you might have a baby you might love to look out. Consider the Ergo 360 Omni, which still gives the baby a deep seat (in an M-shape) and is designed for hip-healthy babywearing.
  • On the front and back: Kokadi, Onya and Lillebaby carriers allow for the baby to be carried on your back, which helps if you need to carry the baby while doing household chores or if you take him or her out a lot.
  • Infant insert: If you’re going to get just one baby carrier, invest in one that is able to grow with your baby without the need for an infant insert, such as the Baby Tula Free to Grow, Ergobaby Omni 360 or the Lillebaby Baby Carrier Complete AirFlow 3. 

Have you ever bought a baby carrier? Share your reviews in the comments.