10 Affordable Things Under $50 To Do in Singapore For Fathers’ Day 2019

father's day

It’s common knowledge that Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, but I bet some of you who landed here looking for Father’s Day gift ideas still don’t know when Father’s Day is.

No need to google… Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June. This year, it’s on 16 June 2019.

But what should you give your dad?

Here’s a simple gift guide that includes a mixture of experiential and material gifts costing less than $50 for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day gifts and experiences under $50 (2019)

Father’s Day gift Cost (for your father)
Steak dinner $39.80++
Buffet dinner $27.90+ to $42++
OSIM uMask massager $39
A day trip to Pulau Ubin $6 to $10 for two-way transport
BBQ evening at East Coast Park $20 to book a pit
A trip to the museum Free for Singaporeans and PRs, $8 to $15 for foreigners
Casino cruise $48
Outdoor goods $35 to $47.60
Car accessories $20 to $39
Knife set $49.80

1. A good steak dinner 

While your mum’s cooking might be the best, few men can refuse a good steak. Unfortunately, steak most certainly does not come cheap in Singapore, but there are a few places where you can still enjoy a juicy slab for less than $50 a head.

iSteaks, which has three outlets in Singapore at The Star Vista, MyVillage and Tampines Central, serves a striploin steak and two side dishes for a very affordable $18.

Or, if you want to go slightly upmarket for this special occasion, you can go to Les Bouchons, which has one outlet at Ann Siang Road and one outlet at Robertson Quay. A Grilled Angus Sirloin Steak with Herbs costs $39.80 before GST and service charge.

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2. An all-you-can-eat buffet for the foodie

If dad’s got a generous appetite, he’ll love a good buffet. There are quite a few places where you can enjoy a buffet spread for under $50, meaning both you and dad get to bond while stuffing your faces. Check out our porridge buffet and Japanese buffet recommendations for some ideas.

For a budget of $50, you could go to a place like Kiseki for $39.80++, or even indulge in a very good porridge buffet at Goodwood Park Hotel.

3. Good sleep and relaxation for the burnt out dad

If you’re buying a gift for a father whom you know is quite burnt out, you know there is nothing more in life he would appreciate than a good night’s sleep, or the opportunity to sleep in.

This category includes the poor working dads with newborns who are still waking through the night.

For father’s day, perhaps the best thing you can gift someone like that is something to help him relax, like a box of scented steam eye masks or a massager like OSIM uMask massager ($39). 

Or perhaps you don’t need to spend a dime at all. Tell your dad or your husband (who is dad), that you won’t be getting him any gift, but he can have a complete day off on the weekend to retreat into his man cave or go out with his friends with no questions asked. He’d be so grateful.

4. Cycling at Pulau Ubin 

Many Singaporean dads (especially those nearing the Merdeka generation) like to tell nostalgic tales about the good old days when irate primary school teachers would throw exercise books out of the window and kids would go fishing in nearby drains.

If you have a dad who is a kampong boy at heart, lucky you, because it doesn’t cost much to make your dad happy.

You could simply spend a day fishing, cycling, visiting Chek Jawa or feasting at seafood restaurants on the island. The transport fees will be $3 for the bumboat one-way and an additional $2 if you’re bringing along a bicycle. The entire trip will probably cost under $50, unless you decide to splash out more for seafood. 

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5. BBQ for the kampong boy dad

If that’s too much of an effort and you cannot spare a full day for the man who taught you how to cycle, then perhaps consider a family barbecue at East Coast Park.

A barbecue pit will cost between $16 and $20 for weekends, depending on the location. Book and pay for your barbecue pit online, and then let dad show off his grilling skills. For the food itself, you could either prepare from scratch or get ready-made BBQ packages.

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6. Quality time at the museum for the history buff dad

So your dad’s a history buff who just can’t stop sharing his opinions about what things were like in ancient China and Peninsular Malaysia even if he wasn’t actually there himself, maybe a good experiential gift would be a trip to the Asian Civilisations Museum or the good old National Museum.

Entry to both museums are free for Singaporean citizens and PRs. Otherwise, a standard ticket to the National Museum costs $15. An adult ticket to the Asian Civilisation Museum costs $8. Feel free to argue about who really founded Singapore until the cows come home.

7. Go on a casino cruise for entertainment

We don’t mean to stereotype, but gambling seems to be a popular hobby among Singaporean uncles. If your father already has an addiction problem, don’t indulge him. But if your dad just enjoys it once in a while within reason, maybe you can take him to the races or go on a casino cruise.

The first race of the day at Singapore Turf Club starts at 6:20pm, and you can be sure dad will be cheering in Hokkien for the horses he’s bet on together with all the other uncles.

If your dad is Singaporean, going to the local casinos will mean paying a steep $150. That’s a lot considering it’s for a place where there is a likelihood that you will lose even more money. Maybe you can consider tagging along on a gambling cruise ship like Aegean Paradise, which is cheaper.

The departure fare for the Aegean Paradise is $48 per person on weekends with no cabin, and if you want to stay a night, you can pay $40 per night for a cosy interior cabin that can fit 2 pax.

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8. Army goods for the dad who loves DIY and the great outdoors

Your dad is constantly outdoors, doing gardening, home improvements, camping or a type of outdoor sport or the other. Something practical that he can use could be a comfortable foldable armchair from Decathlon or a Maxpedition serrated foldable knife from Hock Gift Shop.

Or, you can head over to read Clara’s selection of Hock Gift Shop items that are great for Father’s Day.

9. Car accessories for the dad who is in the car all the time

If your father is a private hire driver, taxi driver, family’s chauffeur, or someone who meets a lot of clients, a good gift could be something practical that they can use in their car every day.

For $50, you can get a brand new dash cam that is equipped with full HD as well as front and rear cameras. Or, if you’re dad is secretly into boy toys like drones and holograms, he’d be over the moon when he receives this car speed projector that projects dashboard information on the car windscreen.

Another car accessory that private hire drivers will probably love is this back storage hanging bag. The extra tissues and water would probably earn him glowing customer reviews. Do shop around for the right size that will fit your dad’s car model. 

10. New knives for the chef

I know many dads who love to cook up a storm in the kitchen. For dads like that, new kitchen tools like this Joseph Joseph set which includes a 6-inch Chef’s Knife and a 3.5-inch paring knife is a great gift. It even comes with sheaths that have sharpeners in-built in them.

What are you doing this Fathers’ Day? Tell us in the comments!