5 March Holiday Activities to Do With Your Kids for Under $50

5 March Holiday Activities to Do With Your Kids for Under $50

The March school holidays are around the corner. If you’re a tiger parent from hell, feel free to keep them locked in that cage you call their room and make them finish their holiday homework. The rest of you parents, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a day or two off from work to spend with your children. And by that I don’t mean just giving them iPads and playing multiplayer games with them from the office. Seriously, get out there and discover what activities Singapore has to offer to your family.

Here are 5 things you can do with your family during this March holidays for under $50.


1. Family Tchoukball

If you’re anything like my parents, you’ve been keeping your child away from sports. Mainly, you’re concerned that your children are made of glass and the slightest physical contact will shatter their bones into tiny pieces. Fair enough. You want a team sport and a sporting environment that’s enjoyable but also avoids injuries. No, golf is not a team sport.

Tchoukball is a recently innovated ball game that combines elements of handball, volleyball and squash. Although it’s exciting and fast-paced, because there’s no physical contact and no need for aggression, it’s actually a relatively safe sport. Instead, elements of teamwork and co-ordination are emphasised, making it an ideal sporting activity for the whole family.

Bishan Sports Centre is running a Family Tchoukball Workshop on Monday, March 16th. The price is $28 per parent and child pair. However, if you still have ActiveSG Credits, you can use it to subsidise 30% of the cost or about $19.60 per pair.


2. Forest Adventure

Singapore’s only treetop obstacle course is a great excuse to spend some outdoor fun with the whole family. No matter your fitness level, this is a great way to spend two hours. Located in Bedok Reservoir, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the water by crossing bridges, swinging across trapezes and then ending it “flying fox” style as you hang from a long zip line across the water!

It’s a great confidence booster and the best part is it’s fun for all ages. The Grand Course is meant for both adults and children, with a minimum height requirement of 1.4 metres. Participants under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult. If you have children aged 5 to 10, consider their Kids Course instead. The only requirement for the Kids Course is that children must be at least 1.1 metres in height. If your little ones are REALLY little, and don’t meet the height requirement, there’s even a Mini Course!

The Grand Course is priced at $46 for adults 18 and above and $43 for juniors below 18. The Kids Course is priced at $32 for an hour, and accompanying adults pay $20. The Mini Course is $15 for 3 rounds.

Now, if you have The Entertainer App, you can get two one-for-one coupons for the Grand Course and one for the Kids Course! That means up to 6 people can enjoy the Forest Adventure for half the price.


3. KpopX Fitness

Nothing emphasises the draw of Korean girl groups and boybands quite like seeing young children learning how to dance from Youtube videos of 2NE1 and 4Minute. Instructors Linus and Boon have taken this one step further and put together a 50 minute medley of 14 K-Pop songs that combines dance, aerobics and cardio exercise.

During the March School Holidays, they’re offering the Family Bonding course daily at several locations across the island. This is a customised dance workout that’s suitable for both young and not-so-young. So bring your kids aged 5 and above.

The price is $20 per person. However, if you still have ActiveSG Credits, you can use it to subsidise 30% of the cost or about $14 per person.


4. The Playhouse

If you actually do spend loads of time with your children and now want an excuse to get AWAY from them, then bring them to The Playhouse. Located at Rochester House in Rochester Park, it is an entire bungalow dedicated to children between up to 11 years old to have fun. There’s an indoor and outdoor playground filled with all kinds of playsets, games and loads of space for your children to just be children. In fact, parents are not encouraged to be with their children inside The Playhouse.

Instead, within Rochester House and right next to The Playhouse is Rochester Café. It’s a full service, bistro style restaurant that serves prime rib, duck confit, fish and chips, as well as a wide range of pastries, fruit juices and ice cream for dessert. So while your children are having the time of their life, you parents can enjoy some ‘alone’ time without feeling guilty about “abandoning” your kids.

The Playhouse is open 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm. Playtime rates are $8 for 1 hour, $10 for 2 hours and $15 for an unlimited time.

With the Entertainer App, up to 6 kids can enjoy a one-for-one Unlimited Pass at The Playhouse. Parents, you aren’t forgotten. The App also gives you a one-for-one deal for main courses at Rochester Café.



5. Soccer Golf

Nothing says parent-child bonding like combining two activities that separately define adulthood and childhood into one awesome activity. Soccer Golf, if the name wasn’t painfully obvious, is a mishmash game that requires the accuracy and precision that is associated with both golf and soccer. So while it follows the rules of golf – rewarding overcoming obstacles with fewer strokes, it’s done using the control of a soccer ball, which brings its own set of skills.

Whether you wanna play cooperatively or competitively with your children, it’s a great way to spend an hour or so per course.

Soccer Golf will cost you $35 per person for a 18-hole course, but with The Entertainer App, you’ll get one-for-one deals for up to 6 people.



Do you know of other enjoyable activities you can do this March holidays for less than $50? Share them with us.