Can’t Live Without Music Apps Like Spotify? You’d Be Silly Not To Sign Up For Singtel Music

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The days of patiently waiting for your music to finish downloading are long gone (hands up if you still remember this!). These days, millions of songs are at your disposal with the click of a button or a simple search. Not to mention the technology that goes behind helping you discover more music or find similar tracks to those you have been listening to. All in all, listening to music these days is a breeze compared to the past.

As a result, music apps have seen huge growth in the last few years, and arguably, none have led the charge more than Spotify. Having been in Singapore for 5 years now, the platform doesn’t just give users access to an unimaginably huge library of songs, but it has also been a massive proponent of local music.

For those of you who are still enduring ads playing in between songs and haven’t jumped on the awesomeness that is the Spotify Premium bandwagon, this is where Singtel Music comes in, and you really don’t have an excuse anymore.


Singtel Music – Your Gateway to More (and Cheaper) Music

Singtel Music’s offering of music apps goes way beyond Spotify. With subscription offerings for Deezer, KKBox, TIDAL and Saavn as well, you can take your pick of your favourite music apps, and save up to $38.80 a year on your subscriptions. But saving money isn’t the only benefit (although it’s a great one) of a Premium subscription.

Using Spotify Premium as an example, your subscription gets you ad-free music and the ability to listen to music offline. And let’s face it, no one really likes being interrupted with ads as they rock out to their favourite tunes.

But more than that, a Spotify Premium subscription via Singtel Music also allows you to listen to endless hours of music with no data charges. Yes, you read that right. Your music streaming won’t consume any data at all. And in this age where everyone hoards their data like some precious jewel, this is definitely a huge bonus. Coming from someone who is perpetually listening to music throughout the day and even at work, this is definitely something that is extremely valuable to me.

The same thing applies for all the other apps on Singtel Music as well, and the best part is they are all going at a discounted rate of $1 for the first 2 months. For a Spotify Premium subscription via Singtel Music, you also get to enjoy a subsequent discounted rate of $7.90 per month (usual price of $9.90/per month), with a 12-month commitment term. Here’s a breakdown of the different apps and cost savings:

Music App Subscription for 1st 2 Months Subscription thereafter Savings per year
Spotify $1 $7.90/mth $38.80
KKBox $1 $7.90/mth $38.80
Deezer $1 $7.90/mth $38.80
TIDAL $1 $7.90/mth $38.80
Saavn $1 $4.90/mth $20.80

Subscribing to Singtel Music is truly a no-brainer because you enjoy greater savings, plus you get the added bonus of not consuming any of your mobile data.


What happens if I already have an existing Spotify Premium account?

If you, like me, are completely clueless about this and the biggest worry you have is losing your carefully curated playlist of 90s boyband songs and your favourite karaoke songs, then fret not.

You need not set up a new Spotify account, nor risk losing any playlists you might have. Linking your account is a simple 4-step process, and you can find the switching guide here.

I can attest that this was a simple process that took less than 5 minutes, given how easy it is to connect to your Spotify account. So unless you have a better reason to not save more money and data for doing exactly what you’ve been doing all along, what are you waiting for?

Interested in cheaper, data-free music? You can easily sign up for Singtel Music here.