3 Best Credit Cards for Singapore Clubs, Bars and Pubs (2019)

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These days, the only kind of clubbing I do is when burglars break into my house. Then it’s “Say hi to Mr. Golf Club, punk; take that, and that, and oh my lord is that you, Dad?”

But that isn’t to say I don’t know clubbing. Heck, I’ve puked in every club toilet in the country. Yes, I know the price of drinking alright…to the last dollar.

And now, I’m ready to present the best credit cards for clubbing in Singapore:


3 best credit cards for Singapore clubs, bars and pubs

Credit card Benefits for clubs, bars & pubs
Amex Platinum Card Free entry to Zouk, 1-for-1 drinks at selected bars
DBS Live Fresh Card Free entry to Zouk, 10% to 20% off on drinks
CIMB Visa Signature Card 10% cashback at clubs, bars & pubs


Amex Platinum Card – free entry to Zouk & free drinks galore

American Express Platinum Credit Card

American Express Platinum Credit Card

Card Benefits

    • Complimentary green fees and privileged access to over 40 clubs in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
    • Complimentary drinks at over a dozen of Singapore's most fashionable bars including Gem Bar, Maison Ikkoku and The Mad Men Attic Bar
    • Eligible for use with Apple Pay

    First of all: The American Express Platinum credit card isn’t for kids hoping to score free drinks to get wasted. It’s got a minimum income requirement of $50,000 and a non-waived annual fee of $321, so you know it’s for the more sophisticated crowd.

    If you’re not turned off by the annual fee yet, the Amex Platinum card really has some legit nightlife privileges that you won’t get with other credit cards. Yup, free entry to Zouk – including Member’s Lounge – is in there. But there’s also a slew of other deals at some of the coolest bars in town:

    Singapore club, bar or pub Amex Platinum Card benefits
    Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall Free cocktail with any purchase
    Anti:Dote Free cocktail with any purchase
    Chye Seng Huat Hardware Free craft beer with any purchase
    Chuan @ The Sixtieth 1-for-1 for first drink
    Conrad Lobby Lounge 1-for-1 Gin Experience
    Cool Cats 4 free cocktails with purchase of a bottle of spirits
    Court Martial Free cocktail with any purchase
    Fish Pool Free champagne cocktail with minimum $50 spend
    Gem Bar 1-for-1 for first drink. 10% off bill (except Fri & eve of PH)
    Horse’s Mouth Free cocktail with any purchase
    Madame Fan Free cocktail with any purchase
    Nutmeg & Clove 1-for-1 for first drink
    The Auld Alliance Free house whisky with any purchase
    The Secret Mermaid 1-for-1 for first drink
    Smoke & Mirrors Free cocktail with minimum $20 spend
    Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar 1-for-1 for first drink
    Zouk / Capital Free entry (including Member’s Lounge). 10% off selected drinks

    If you really wanted to, and can actually be bothered to hop around these places, you could get totally knackered for a fraction of what you would normally spend at any one of these joints. But that’s not the point, of course.

    The card also comes with two other lifestyle membership cards which boast some ridiculously good dining offers, so if you happen to be the sort whom the bartenders know on a first name basis, you should seriously consider getting this card.

    Read the full review of the American Express Platinum Credit Card here.


    DBS Live Fresh Card – free entry to Zouk & discounted drinks

    DBS Live Fresh Card

    DBS Live Fresh Card

    Card Benefits

      • 5% cashback on online shopping and when you pay using Visa payWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay through your Card
      • Additional 5% cashback for the first 6 months with S$600/month min. spend when signing up within 8 Jan - 31 Mar 2018, Cashback cap at S$60/month
      • Complimentary entry to Zouk before 12am for the first 100 pax
      • 4 house pour drinks at S$40 (U.P: S$56); Valid till 28 Feb 2018

      Okay, we get it – you probably don’t want to pay an annual fee just to get free entry to Zouk, because that kinda negates the whole “FREE” thing.

      Well, look no further than the DBS Live Fresh Card. This is the only credit card in town with free entry to Zouk (too), and there’s a first-year fee waiver. Hooray!

      Flash this card at Zouk before 12am and you get free entry if you’re one of the first 150. You also get 1-for-1 drinks at Redtail from 10pm to 2am. Other Zouk discounts you can get with this card include:

      • 4 housepours for $45 (U.P. $56) at Zouk / Phuture
      • $100 off min. spend for table booking at Zouk / Phuture
      • 10% off drinks at Capital

      So if you really are fond of Zouk, or have a secret desire to be an Alcoholics Anonymous success story, this card is the best on the list.

      Oh right, before you write this credit card off as a one-club wonder – it’s actually quite a practical credit card for day-to-day use too. You can get 5% cashback on online spending and (offline) contactless payments. (As if you’d be in a fit state to use any of that the day after.)

      Read the full review of the DBS Live Fresh Card here. Zouk perks apply to the DBS Live Fresh Student Card too.


      CIMB Visa Signature Card

      If clubbing at Zouk isn’t your thing, but you enjoy the occasional fine, not-so-occasional drink at your favourite bar or pub, you’ll be intimately acquainted with just how overpriced alcohol is in Singapore.

      The CIMB Visa Signature Card can help ease the pain a little. You get 10% cashback when you swipe this card at nightspots – clubs, bars, pubs, KTV lounges and so on.

      Note that there’s a minimum spending requirement of $600 (same as the DBS Live Fresh Card). But honestly, that’s not hard to meet given the ridiculous price of beer in Singapore.

      If you have trouble meeting it, you can always buy that girl/guy you fancy a drink. You won’t get that money back, but it’s probably better than paying for your friends (in which case, you’ll also never get your money back).

      Do you have a go-to credit card for going to clubs, pubs and bars? Comment and let us know! 


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