Where to Watch the NDP 2019 Fireworks for Free (Plus, Cheap Staycations Under $300!)

NDP 2019 fireworks

Depending on how much you love Singapore, you might or might not really care about the National Day holiday (9 Aug). But the one thing everybody loves — regardless of race, language, religion or patriotism — is the National Day Parade (NDP) fireworks.

NDP 2019 fireworks — dates, timing and venue

This year, the colourful display will go off above the City Hall area, as the NDP 2019 will be held at its OG location Padang (instead of the Marina Bay floating platform).

Fireworks are estimated to go off from 8pm to 8.20pm on the 6, 13, 20 and 27 July, and 3 and 9 Aug 2019. If you want to catch it, you have 2 choices: either head to a free public spot, or pay to access a “private” area within a restaurant, bar or hotel.

Where to watch the National Day Parade fireworks for free

If you don’t want to pay to see the NDP 2019 fireworks, here are some free areas that are open to the general public:

Road name or area   Free fireworks viewing spot 
Fullerton Road The Merlion Park and One Fullerton stretch of restaurants 
Marina Bay The Promontory and Marina Bay Sands  
Gardens by the Bay  Bay East Garden

Merlion Park

The Merlion Park at Fullerton Road has the best view, which means it’s also the most crowded.

Marina Bay

Other popular spots include The Promontory at Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands and the Bay East Garden at Gardens by the Bay.

One thing to note though: because they’re free and open to public, these spaces are usually flooded with people. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

If you’re thinking of heading there, make sure you go early enough to “chope” a spot, and be prepared to jostle with crowds. Those who are afraid of squeezing with sweaty, rowdy people can just forget it.

One Fullerton

If you don’t mind paying a little, there are some nearby restaurants and bars along One Fullerton that you can consider — think The Pelican, OverEasy and etc.

There’s also the 1-Altitude rooftop gallery bar, which promises a spectacular view of the fireworks from the 63F. You’ll have to pay a cover charge though. Similarly, you can try LeVel33 at MBFC — to reserve a table with a view, a minimum spend of $70/pax is required.

Best Singapore staycation hotels near the Padang

Now, this year’s National Day holiday happens to fall on the Friday before the Hari Raya Haji holiday (in lieu) on Monday. That makes a super long 4-day weekend.

Normally I’d recommend escaping town, but airfares are crazy expensive for dates between 9 to 12 August 2019. So maybe you can consider a staycation instead.

Many hotels around the Padang have guest-only areas (like rooftop pools and etc) that are perfect for catching the fireworks. While some — like the Ritz-Carlton and Marina Bay Sands — obviously cost an arm, leg and several non-vital organs, there are some affordable hotels in the area as well.

Cheap staycation hotels in Singapore — under $300/night

Here are some staycation options under $300 per night:

Cheap staycation hotels in Singapore Cheapest room for 9 to 10 Aug 2019 
Destination Singapore Beach Road   $165/night, Superior Queen room 
Naumi Hotel $234/night, Habitat room 
Marina Mandarin $294/night, Deluxe room 
The Westin $297/night, Deluxe Double room
Swissotel The Stamford $299/night, Premier Room King
Fairmont Hotel $299/night, Fairmont room 

Note: Above room rates are the cheapest ones, taking into account certain promotions like early bird discounts and etc. Depending on room availability when you book, the rates may go up.

The cheapest hotel nearby is Destination Singapore Beach Road, at $165/night for the Superior Queen room. You probably won’t get a room facing the fireworks, but as a guest, you can go up to the rooftop pool. It’s quite far away from the Padang though (it’s at Beach Road).

Nearer to the main CBD is Naumi Hotel at Seah Street. It’s $234/night, and likewise, you’ll have to go up to rooftop infinity pool to see the fireworks.

Marina Mandarin‘s cheapest Deluxe room is $294/night. You can probably catch the fireworks from the common areas, but if you want an in-room viewing experience, you’d need to pay $900/night for a Bay View room that guarantees fireworks outside your window.

The Westin, Swissotel The Stamford and Fairmont Hotel also offer similar room rates under $300/night.

Best staycation hotels in Singapore — for those willing to splurge

If you’re willing to go all out, here are some of the luxury hotels near the NDP 2019:

Best staycation hotels in Singapore Cheapest room for 9 to 10 Aug 2019 
Pan Pacific $320/night, Deluxe Balcony room 
Conrad Centennial  $387/night, Grand Deluxe King room 
Andaz Singapore  $423/night, Standard room (1 king bed or twin beds) 
The Fullerton Hotel (One Fullerton Rooftop) $441.16/night, Premier Courtyard room 
Mandarin Oriental $499/night, Deluxe or Ocean View room 
JW Marriott South Beach $530/night, Studio room 
Marina Bay Sands  $599/night, Deluxe room (2F to 9F) 
Ritz-Carlton  $1,230/night, Deluxe Marina room
Fullerton Bay Hotel  $1,388/night, Deluxe room 

I personally think it’s quite crazy to spend this much because then you might as well book a trip to Bali or something.

But if for some reason you really, really, REALLY need front row seats to the fireworks — maybe you’re proposing or something? — then yeah, you can try these hotels.

Ready to go? Don’t forget to check for NDP 2019 road closures.

Whichever option you decide on, I recommend taking public transport (over driving). Sure the trains may be crowded, but I’d rather tahan for 20 minutes than drive through a 2-hour traffic jam.

In addition to the small roads around the Padang, quite a few major roads like the Nicoll Highway and Esplanade Drive will be closed off too. For the full map and closure timings and dates, please refer to the official NDP 2019 traffic advisory.

Where are you going to see the NDP 2019 fireworks this year? Tell us in the comments below!