Is it Possible to Enjoy an Entire Weekend in Singapore For Under $100?


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So the weekend has come around and you’re determined to make up for having wasted the entire week in the office. From Friday night to Sunday evening, the world is your oyster… except for the fact that going out get can expensive pretty fast! So is it possible to go out every day of the weekend and still spend less than $100? Let’s see.


Friday night dinner and drinks

FIVE Izakaya Bar at Collyer Quay
FIVE Izakaya Bar at Collyer Quay

People tend to go all out on Friday night after surviving a gruelling week at the office. But if you go broke on Friday night, the rest of your weekend will be misery. So we suggest taking it slow and looking for budget options on Friday. If you intend to stay out all of Saturday you can be sure you’ll end up spending even more, so conserve your resources.

Since most people just drink Friday night away, avoid having an expensive dinner that might end up in the toilet. A quick, inexpensive meal near your office followed by happy hour drinks is an affordable way to cap off the night. Here are some places to try:

  • Vanilla Bar & Cafe – Located in between Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar, this place is great for CBD folks. You can get a full meal including all-day breakfast for between $10 and $13. But the best thing is that Asahi Draft goes for $10.50, while jugs go for $35.
  • Most people know that the cheapest drinks in the CBD are at Five Izakaya Bar, where you pay $5++ all night long on beers and housepours. Before that, nip into Thai Smile Cafe on Circular Road for a plate of pad thai for under $10.

Cost: $30 for dinner and drinks


Saturday afternoon activities

Singapore Art Museum Gallery
Singapore Art Museum Gallery

With the entire day at your disposal, there’s a lot of potential to spend a lot of money. The trick is to plan something in the afternoon after lunch so you can save a bit of cash by eating at home. Unless there’s an event you really want to attend, keep your afternoon activities inexpensive—that means no trips to Universal Studios and so on. Here are some cheap things you can do:

If you can avoid it, skip the fancy Saturday night dinner by doing research on affordable joints like the following:

  • Yayoiken at Liang Court – Delicious Japanese bento set meals from $9.90 to $15.
  • Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice at Far East Plaza – Way cheaper, not to mention better, than the overpriced food courts on the Orchard strip
  • Jai Thai on Purvis Street – Authentic Thai food for about $15 per person.

Cost: $15 for entertainment + $15 for food


Sunday brunch

Victor’s Kitchen


You don’t want to go out too late on Sunday, or else you’ll have a hell of a time trying to haul yourself out of bed on Monday. The solution? Brunch, say 99% of Singaporeans. Whether you’re into a hearty Cantonese brunch or opt for something more atas, you’re spoilt for choice. Because we don’t believe in paying $30 for eggs, here are some of the more affordable brunch places that will keep your spending over the entire weekend well under $100.

  • Victor’s Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza (Bencoolen St) – This little dim sum joint has been around for a long time, and serves up affordable dim sum at reasonable prices. Expect to pay about $12 to $15 per person.
  • Flock Cafe at Tiong Bahru Estate – One of the more affordable cafes, you can get simple dishes like scrambled eggs on toast for $10 or less.

Cost: $15

Total: $75

Verdict: Yes, it is totally possible to go out every day from Friday to Sunday and still spend less than $100. In fact, we’re sure many people out there can do it on far less than the $75 we came up with here, but we just wanted to provide a realistic picture of the typical Singaporean weekend.

How much do you spend each weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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