Guys, Looking for a Great Everyday Watch? Here Are 5 of the Most Popular Out There


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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end investment-grade timepiece to look good going out. There are plenty of stylish, attractive and of course – affordable watches out there to wrap around your wrist.

But if you’re a stickler for buying what’s “popular” right now (no, I’ll resist the urge to refer to you as a “hipster”) or you’re just looking for a great gift for a relative of your significant other, we’ve got the 5 hottest “everyday” watches on this list.

According to Elizabeth Hsu, owner of Brightime by Championtime, these are the most sought after “everyday” watches for the guys:


#1 Luminox Colormark Series

Photo: horloge.info

Retail Price Range – $350 to $900+ depending on the model

Luminox is known being very much a “man’s watch.” They’re big (but not heavy because of the polycarbonate and carbon composite construction), very durable and eye-catching with their prominently coloured dials and numbers.

But what sets Luminox watches apart from many other men’s watches is only noticeable when you turn out the lights – each watch comes with bright tritium inserts that help you tell time in the dark.

Also, for added “cool” points, Luminox watches are also standard issue among many Special Forces units including the elite United States Navy SEALS.


#2 Tissot T-Touch/T-Race Series

Photo: Zales.com
Photo: Zales.com

Retail Price Range – $500 to $1,000+ depending on the model

Tissot has a storied history dating back to 1853 in Switzerland. It’s a brand that’s noted for its mix of classic luxury models and models utilising cutting edge technology – like the T-Series.

The Tissot T-Series has a touch-sensitive sapphire crystal face that allows you to use several watch functions including a timer, compass, barometers, altimeters and even a thermometer!

The watch series is noted for its ultra-modern and classy look, making it perfect for both the home and office.


#3 Seiko Diver Series

Photo: en.wikimedia.org
Photo: en.wikimedia.org

Retail Price Range – $160 to $800+ depending on the model

Seiko is another watch brand with a storied history dating back to 1881 Japan. Unlike Tissot, it developed as more of an “everyman” watch brand. However, it’s also known for being an innovative watch maker as well, as it developed the world’s first quartz watch.

The Seiko Diver Series of watches have been in production since 1965, and have gained a reputation for being an extremely durable watch that many active divers routinely use.

Of course on the appearance side of things, the Seiko Divers Series makes for an extremely attractive and affordable watch option that looks good anywhere.


#4 Casio G-Shock

Photo: en.wikipedia.org
Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Retail Price Range – $120 to $600+ depending on the model

Casio is another Japanese watch brand that we’ve all grown familiar with. That’s probably because it’s a brand that has created some of the coolest innovations in the watch business (c’mon, who didn’t want the “calculator watch” right?).

One of those cool innovations that actually became a huge revival for the company was the G-Shock Series, which is an extremely durable shock-resistant digital watch that Casio came out with in the early 80s.

Seriously, the Casio G-Shock offers something for everyone’s taste when it comes to colour, functionality and appearance – but they all have that same unbreakable toughness that makes them unique.


#5 Daniel Wellington Watches

Photo: dailyrepcodde.com
Photo: dailyrepcodde.com

Retail Price Range – $160 to $280+ depending on the model

Daniel Wellington is the quintessential “hipster” watch brand that’s appearing on more and more wrists this year. All you need to do check out the multi-coloured nylon strap with the huge inverted “DW” on the face to know you’re staring at one of the hottest watches out there.

Of course, there’s no real “history” to the Daniel Wellington watch brand as it was only founded a few years ago. However, what makes this watch brand so popular is that it combines a “classic” looking dial with a brightly coloured nylon strap to create a look that can fit both the home and office.

However, if you’re looking for just a straight up classic look, Daniel Wellington also has models featuring the classic soft leather band too.


These are 5 of the most popular watches out there, but what other brands/models would you add to this list? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook! For even more useful information on everything personal finance, visit MoneySmart today!

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