Cat Cafe Singapore Price List 2019 – Plus Bonus Dog Cafe!

cat cafe Singapore

Cat cafes… Good or bad, you decide. Personally, I don’t like the idea of businesses profiting off (perhaps involuntary) cat hugs. But as a fanatical cat lady who would never pass up a chance to snuggle with cats, I can totally understand the appeal of cat cafes.

It’s easy to boycott the ones that are unsanitary and have animals that are obviously sick and/or distressed, but cat cafes in Singapore are nothing like that – they’re clean, serve fancy food and have seemingly happy felines begging for love.

I’ll leave the decision to you, but if you do decide to patronise a cat cafe, here’s how much cat cuddles cost at the 3 cat cafes in Singapore.

Cat cafe Price
Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa $12 for 1st hour / $5 for every subsequent 30 mins
Meomi Cat Cafe $13 for 1st hour / $5 for subsequent 30 mins (includes a cup of juice or tea)
The Cat Cafe $15 per entry (includes soft drink)

(And just in case you’re into dogs too, here’s how much it costs to visit the one dog cafe here.)

Dog cafe Price
We are The Furballs (WTF) $10.90 (Mon to Thu) / $12.50 (Fri to Sun) for 2 hours (includes a drink)

Note: Avoid using flash cameras and do not disturb the kitties while they’re sleeping. Most cat cafes have house rules to protect their cats; break them and you risk getting thrown out (and maybe even a scratch on your face)!


Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa ($12 for 1h)


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Unfazed by the Cuddles Cat Cafe scandal in 2014, there have been many cat cafes popping up in the recent years, only to shut their doors shortly after.

Which is why it’s particularly impressive that Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa – the first cat cafe in Singapore – has survived this many years unscathed – the cafe opened in 2013, but has had no scandals whatsoever.

Cafe Neko No Niwa houses 13 lovable cats, and charges a $12 (first hour) for customers to play with them. Although it is the cheapest, the cover charge does not include any drinks and/or food items. Those are charged separately – soft drinks are from $2, coffees and teas are from $2.50 and desserts are from $3.50.  

Address: 54A Boat Quay Level 2, Singapore 049843
Minimum age 7 and up
Price: $12 for 1st hour, $5 for every subsequent 30 mins


Meomi Cat Cafe ($13 for 1h)


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Located in the CBD, Meomi Cat Cafe is another popular cat cafe with 7 felines. It may seem slightly more expensive at $13 for the first hour, but the cover charge includes a cup of juice or tea.

I’ve personally never been there, but the online reviews seem to suggest that Meomi is not just a great cat cafe, but a great cafe in general. Past customers praise the friendly service as well as the food, which include cakes and other desserts like waffles and ice cream.

Do note that Meomi Cat Cafe closes twice a month (on random days). You can check their Facebook page for updates.

Address: 668 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188801
Restrictions: Minimum age 6 and up
Price: $13 for 1st hour, $5 for subsequent 30 mins; includes a cup of juice or tea


The Cat Cafe ($15 for 1h)


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Like Meowmi Cat Cafe, The Cat Cafe opened in 2014 and is also in the CBD. The Cat Cafe has 15 resident cats, all of which are ex-stray or adopted cats. The cafe was founded by a couple who shared a love for cats. They also share a love for coffee, which is why The Cat Cafe prides itself on having not just coo-worthy cats, but yummy coffee as well. The food menu also includes pastries and other light bites. 

The $15 cover charge is the most expensive of the three cat cafes, but is a one-time entry fee which entitles you to play with the cats as long as you want. Most people don’t spend more than an hour at cat cafes, but if you’re at The Cat Cafe, you might as well. It also includes a soft drink, and you can top-up the difference if you prefer coffee, tea or juice.

Address: 241B Victoria St, Singapore 188030
Restrictions: Minimum age 6 and up. Children 6 to 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult
Price: $15 per entry; includes a soft drink


Bonus dog cafe – We are The Furballs ($10.90 / $12.90 for 2h)


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I don’t know what those “the world is split into dog and cat lovers” people are high on – I love all cats and dogs. And if you’re like me, here’s a bonus pet cafe for you! Introducing We are The Furballs (WTF), a dog cafe in Singapore.

WTF has 10 dogs, including popular toy breeds like poodles, French bulldogs and mini dachshunds. It’s the most affordable (compared to the cat cafes), charging only $10.90 (Mon to Thu) / $12.50 (Fri to Sun) for 2 hours of furry fun. It also includes a drink.

Address: #07-07, Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067
Restrictions: Minimum age 10 and up. Children 10 to 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 and up).
Price: $10.90 (Mon to Thu) or $12.50 (Fri to Sun) for 2 hours; includes a drink


Have you visited a pet or cat cafe in Singapore? Share your favourite one with us in the comments below!