The 4 Best Selfie Sticks to Capture Amazing Moments With

4 best selfie sticks singapore

The term “selfie stick” might sound vulgar, but it’s actually just a long tool used by innocent, pouting teenagers and twenty-somethings. Yes, I’m talking about that thing they fix their cameras and smartphones to so they can hold them far enough away to take a photo of themselves.

You might already have noticed the lack of selfies here on MoneySmart. We assure you that could be attributed to our lack of research on the selfie stick market. But those days have come to an end. Here is a comparison of some of the better known selfie sticks on the market.

Cheapest: Monopod


Someone is probably going to butt in and say this selfie stick doesn’t have enough functions or that it extends to less than 2km, but whatever. So long as the camera doesn’t fall off the stick, it’s a winner in my book, mainly based on its price, which is the lowest I could find. It also extends to a decent 108cm, which is average. Comes with a Blutooth shutter.

Maximum length: 108cm

Price: $4.99 (now $2.49 on sale) + $1.50 shipping on Qoo10

Trendiest: Narcis Selfie Stick


The Narcis Stick should really win an award for catchiest name, at least as far as selfie sticks are concerned, and probably deserves to be bought solely based on that. I say solely, because at a whopping $39, it costs even more than my actual phone, which was free. Equipped with Bluetooth for Android and iPhone.

Maximum length: 109 cm

Price: $39

Most high tech: Looq Super Selfie 2 G


I suppose this is what you would call a “premium” selfie stick, since it’s so darn expensive. Well, actually it also claims to be the world’s first selfie stick that doesn’t require battery, wifi or Bluetooth to run. However, we note that the super selfie extends only to a paltry 60.96cm, which is bad news, since any self-respecting selfie fan knows how important it is that your face not look big in photos.

Maximum length: 60.96 cm

Cost: US$42.99

Best value for money: Yunteng


It doesn’t look as nice as the others and its name makes it sound like it’s a counterfeit of something else, but the Yunteng selfie stick offers the biggest bang for your buck, well, mainly because it stretches to a whopping 125 cm. That’s 2cm taller than I was in Primary 4. And since that and the free Bluetooth shutter are pretty much the only things we look for in a selfie stick, it looks like we know what to beg Santa for this year.

Maximum length: 125cm

Price: $7.99  ($2.99 with discount) + 2.99 shipping on Qoo10

Do you have a selfie stick? Wait, are you even into selfies? Let us know in the comments!

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